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Sep 13, 2017

    1. Hey Sugarble dolls' owners! What are your thoughts from handling Sugarble dolls?? I'm thinking of getting Hellena but has some concern in her standability and ability to pose so I'd like to hear from anyone who has have Sugarble dolls before.:) Also which one is your favorite?:XD:
    2. I have Hellena and I love her. I think she poses just fine. She even stands well with her high heels. My only complaint is that the magnet in her one hand/wrist sticks out too far so her hand isn't against her wrist. It looks awful but it's only the one hand and probably a fluke. I'm pretty sure I purchased one of the first Hellena's so they have probably perfected her now.

      But if you like her, you should get her. I really like mine.
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    3. There's a discussion thread here for the Sugarble dolls: Sugarble Limiteds discussion part 1

      Also, keep in mind that there were two different bodies for the Sugarsleek--I have the renewed body on my Aiko, and it looks lovely but is a pain in the rear to pose. I have no experience with the old body, though. Just make sure you find out which version you're dealing with for both buying and discussing (@Dark Angel must have the old body, because my girl doesn't have magnets in her hands...?)
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    4. It's good to hear that she stands well even in heels. Sometimes dolls with heel feet just don't stand at all lol.
    5. :nowords: Is the renewed body Sugarsleek S? Or am I confusing myself lol I guess I have to find out about this with her current owner. But may I just ask how weak is the new body's posing ability?
    6. @Kittzel is right, I have the older body. (Which I'm glad they got rid of the magnets in the new one because they're a pain in the butt.)

      It's like I said, I'm pretty sure I have one of the first hellenas. Chances are, you'll be getting the newer body.

      There are several things you can do to make a doll pose better. Sueding, wiring, restringing. DoA has tons of useful information on that kind of stuff. And maybe even tutorials on YouTube.
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    7. Hmmm I'll discuss this with the seller. Thank you for your review! It was really helpful! :XD:
    8. R or S refer to the heads-- the Sugarsleek S heads were smaller and more mature and the Sugarsleek R heads were bigger and more childish. As for the body, it was re-designed in 2012 for a "better range of motion" and more detailed hands and feet. I think either head type fits either body, but it seems like the "S" line was also released from 2012 so they wouldn't have come on the old body anyway. However, any sculpt available pre-2012 could be on either.

      My "new" body Aiko has always been horribly snappy, with her arms popping out of the elbow at weird angles (they're meant to spin a little because it gives them a relatively good range for a single-joint, but if they go backwards or something then obviously it looks strange) and her legs collapsing WAY too easily. I messaged Sugarble once asking about how they make them hold those poses in the company photos, and they said that the sealant in the body blushing gave a little extra friction.... So maybe some new strings and some sueding or something would solve it?

      TL;DR: her upper-body is perfectly fine, though you may need to re-set her elbows sometimes, and she actually can stand but it takes SO much fiddling and she collapses at the slightest nudge. UPDATE EDIT: I just loosened up her strings and it's... better. Still not fantastic, but her legs don't kick as badly now and she can hold a standing-with-one-leg-out-a-bit pose better
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    9. Ahhh I see. Seems like there're a few imprefections here and there. Thanks for the super thorough review! I appreciate it!