Sugarble Limiteds discussion part 1

Mar 1, 2010

    1. A while after getting my naga girl I realized having a naga wasn't quite how I had imagined. They look real cool but they wasn't my cup of tea after all. So she got rehomed :sweat It was also a little bit too much for me to deal with her tail because of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis. I don't have a whole lot of energy to deal with dolls that are either complicated or have too many parts.

      Now I regret not ordering from them many years ago when it were still long until they discontinued all their sculpts. I regret not getting Meyo. So I'm really hoping they will continue to do fantasy sculpts. I really loved them!
    2. I really really love Alice's face! I love that she show some teeth<3
    3. I'm so glad to see Sugarble finally back! Alice is a cutie, and I'm really curious about her outfit; it looks like my kind of colors from that little sneak peek). Personally, I'm hoping they do bring back the same slim "mature tiny" style... I love the aesthetic of my Sumire (Aiko on the old renewed Sugarsleek body), but the engineering of her legs is just SO strange. If they have the same aesthetic with joints that don't spontaneously dislocate and spin around like an exorcism scene in a horror movie, I might consider getting her a friend... or maybe just a new body.
    4. Did anybody order Alice? Admittedly I didn't care for the look once the full doll was revealed. I'm only into mature tinies. Plus it doesn't sound promising for bringing back the nagas! Oh how I wish I'd had the cash during the sugarsleek goodbye sale! :'D
    5. Yeah, not my tastes either... but they've got several more empty sections on their site, so hopefully more lines will surface in the future.
    6. The body is cute but I am not sure about this head. Interesting but not enough to push to the top of the wish list.
    7. I'm still trying to get my emerald naga boy together (yeah... it takes me a LONG time)... So no new Sugarbles for me (maybe never, actually---I have 2 already, and that's a lot considering the rest of my doll hoard). I'm happy when I see dolls that don't make me throw money at them. :sweat
    8. Ah hah! I always keep an eye out for tiny bodies with nice slim aesthetics like the Sugarsleeks because Sumire's legs frustrate me so much... And I just noticed the Dollzone B27-004 body. Too bad I can't afford any doll purchases right now, because it looks like it would fit really nicely (neck is listed as 4.8cm compared to the Sugarsleek's 4.7cm). Has anyone tried hybridizing a Sugarble head onto another body?
    9. I have what I just discovered after a couple of years of owning her is a Christine, I always thought she was a Juniper, but just now looking through their old site I came across Christine and for sure that is her because mine even has the same outfit and shoes!

      I actually find my girl is a pretty good poser, but she's not on the sugarsleek legs, she has hooves. I have her proper legs and feet so maybe I'll try them sometime and see what you mean.
      I love the sugarsleek bodies though, it's so beautiful I really hope someday they will bring them back because they are just so sweet. I also hope one day I can find a fullset Juniper so I can have her and Christine together.

      [​IMG]June (sugarble Juniper) by Raewhitewolf, on Flickr
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    10. Sometimes Sugarble gives several names to the same sculpt (I think according to the faceup?)... The basic heads have numbers. At least that's what they have done for all the original heads. Not sure if they will change that for their re-booted series of dolls.

      For instance, on my Naga, I have a Patrick (faceup and sculpt), but the head is a No. 2-R, and he shares that with Rudy and Chloe (different faceups).

      I hope Sugarble don't continue to do that with their latest dolls--it's very confusing!

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    11. @april I think they are doing it with their latest sculpts! Both Yeriel and Elisha are labelled as NO.2 so I think they're continuing to reuse sculpts for new face-ups and outfits.
    12. What I can see of her arms and fingers look a little bit chunkier than my Sumire... maybe you have the first run sugarsleek body and that's why her posing is better? I know the renewal body had a bigger range in the elbows and knees but maybe the first body was more stable.
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    13. You may be right, she could very well be on the older body.
    14. It may be futile, but I’ve emailed practically begging for an opportunity to buy the naga parts again. :XD: They’re probably tired of hearing about it, but I’m just gutted that the sugarsleek goodbye sale happened at a bad time for me! The demand for nagas is so high, and supply so low, I doubt I’ll find one on the marketplace before it’s snapped up.
      If only anybody else did a naga tail so well!
    15. The nagas are very well engineered and if you have a little patience, you can get them to "stand" on their tails unsupported. I'm always a little puzzled when a company stops making a popular doll when the demand for them is still going strong.
    16. Yeah, I’m puzzled about that too. It looks like the demand is there to me, I see WTB posts for sugarble nagas a lot. I don’t think they’d have a shortage of orders if they opened up an ordering period for them.

      The design is what draws me especially; there’s a few other nagas out there, but their tails are much too short! I love that the Sugarble one is a good size. It’s still on the short side for what I’d consider “realistic” (ha), but it’s long enough to still look right.
    17. When I stretch Nassano out, he's roughly 40cm long from the top of his head to tail tip. I love that they numbered the tail sections so should you unstring them, putting them back together is not the nightmare it could be.

      I have a friend who missed out on the final sale (darn that RL responsibility stuff) and she really regrets not being able to have purchased one. She always asks my to bring my boy to meets and when I do, I don't see him for the whole meet because she has him *laughs*.

      I think if they opened an order period even just once a year for the nagas, they'd get a ton of orders. Even if they only offered the basic/standard colours of WS/NY/NP, I'm sure they'd have their hands full.
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    18. For sure, I know I’d be ordering. I feel like they’re more likely to do it if plenty of people email, but it’s coming up to two years since their discontinuation so I’m not sure how often they get asked about it any more.
    19. I figure they discontinued the tails because they stopped making the body it was designed to fit... Hopefully in the future they can modify the waist part to fit the new body? Or maybe it would take too much overhaul to make the tail engineering work without that weird hip configuration the sugarsleeks had.
    20. I'm not a sculptor but I would think it wouldn't be too tough to modify that body/tail connector piece to work with the re-designed body. But I'm probably talking out of my hat here.