Sugarble Limiteds discussion part 1

Mar 1, 2010

    1. Nah, I agree! It wouldn’t be too hard to make work, and I would be happy to put in the time to mod stuff. They have sold the tails individually before, so I don’t think they’re too worried about them not also having torsos with them.
    2. “Hello! This is SUGARBlE.
      First, I apologize for the late reply.
      The sugarsleek types has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
      We are sorry for the bad news and inconvenience.
      We hope you have lucky and joyful days ever.
      Thank you.”

      An unsurprising response, but disappointing all the same. :(
    3. Aww, Sugarble has put out the sad news that they're closing the business. That's also quite disappointing for those of us who were hoping that they might bring back the naga tails ):
    4. :(

      I wonder what it means for anybody who ordered the shortlived new dolls. Hopefully those orders are fulfilled with no troubles.
    5. I was wondering that as well, i'm assuming they still intend to fulfil remaining orders?
    6. Aww, man. That really sucks. I'd brought my naga boy to a doll meet this Sunday past and I basically barely saw him for the entire meet because he was being passed around so much (I'm the only one in my local group who owns one) and one of my doll friends adores him so she cuddled him for a good portion of the meet.

      Yet another of my dolls ends up on the company closed/vanished list *sigh*. I swear, 3/4's of my collection is made up of limited/discontinued sculpts or defunct companies.
    7. It was at least nice that they announced the closing. So many companies just disappear..
    8. It is sad they are closing. They had such lovely dolls and their customer service was great too :(
    9. That is sad... I'd always hoped they'd bring some version of the nagas back, too. I would have loved to buy a little emerald-tailed girl for my god-daughter, since she likes my black and white pair so much.
    10. I must admit that I wonder if they’d still be closing had they brought the tails back. There’s so much interest in them.

      But the announcement is appreciated. At least they’ve closed sales ahead of time too, which will probably help their workload.
    11. It's very sad, I love my Jupiter girl and would have loved to get another girl. ; A;
    12. That is sad news!

      Just keep your eyes out for people selling naga tails... they DO come up now and then. And maybe someone else will buy the molds and make dolls?
    13. Wow, I'm really surprised to hear they're closing so soon after starting a new line (and I had the impression there were plans for more sizes and sculpts). Must be some kind of emergency for it to be so short-notice.
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    14. Hello, I hope there are still some of you out there with Surgarble knowledge to share. A friend of mine gave me a Sugarble Sugarsleek glamour body. I did some research today and found body measurements and I hot glued the body today to help with the legs being so kicky but my next task is to get this girl a head and some clothes. I thiiiink the resin is Normal pink but the body seems to have yellowed but if it has it yellowed evenly. Any advice on companies that have good resin matches and places where I can find clothes that will be compatible? Any advice would be most appreciated :)
    15. Sorry, i havent had time to take newer photos of my girl.
      Personally found that some pullip dresses fit, and some Azone dress fit. Sadly pants will not fit due to having big butt.

      but Moxie Girl clothes do work also. I have a pair of pjs that fit like a dream for my girl.
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    16. It is so long since I posted on this thread. I took my little Naga boys out of the cabinet today and took some photos. I can't believe I got them over 5 years ago.

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    17. They're beautiful! I'm sad this company closed before I found them. It looms like they did amazing work.
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    18. @Kavarr , theyre awesome! So unque

      I never take any photos but I have one of the Sugarble heads on a Doll Chateau body. Shes like a hobbit baby :XD:

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    19. I waited too long to buy the purple naga tail but I did get a green one when they were selling the last parts. I also got grey upper body parts! I really need to get her assembled!