Sugarble Limiteds discussion part 1

Mar 1, 2010

    1. They made some really cute dolls @elfy016 and were a really lovely company to deal with. They sent the dolls in their own little carry cases and put in little extras like candy. They even added the gold tail brushing to my little purple guy for free as a gift! Just keep an eye on the marketplace as one may come up. You could also put a wtb and you may be in luck.

      Your little lady is so cute and it looks like she has been busy in the garden @Cydril

      I look forward to seeing your Naga when you put her together @nancy_schroeder_ca
    2. While putting a WTB up in the marketplace can't hurt, I'd just like to emphasise some realistic expectations: I've been looking for one of their nagas since 2016, not a single scrap of luck. Anybody who owns one also now knows how coveted they are, and could ask any price, no matter how ridiculous.

      So instead I will recommend the company Asleep Eidolon! They unfortunately do not do nagas, but they do make tiny mermaids that you could mod. I suggest AE because most tiny fantasy dolls out there have tails that are far too short with few joints - which is what set Sugarble nagas apart - but AE mermaids have good tail lengths and a good amount of joints, and come in a variety of colours. It isn't the same, I know, but it seems safe to say that Sugarble aren't coming back by this point, and they weren't popular enough in the first place to appear on the second-hand market much at all. If it's a grail, don't let me stop you! If you're open to some flexibility though, following AE tiny releases might be your best bet at this time.
    3. It's a rather different look but Miracle Doll does a naga as well. The smaller of the 2 sizes is technically an SD as overall, he's 62cm. But as far as proportions go, he's more large tiny/small MSD. I believe you can get him with a choice of 3 different heads but I might be wrong about that. I have mine paired with a FL Chicline boy (40cm but proportioned very small). The larger naga is 108cm has a different head sculpt from the others.

      The tail has quite a few parts but the style of jointing is not done the same as Sugarble. Where I can sometimes get Nassano to stand on his curved up tail if I find his sweet spot to balance, I can't get Hylocereus to stand on his tail at all because his jointing style doesn't allow for it. I can't speak of how the larger naga they make stands/doesn't stand on his tail as I don't own one. But, if you're after a naga, Miracle Doll might be an option for you. The resin is very nice and their production time when I ordered last year was only about 2 months I think.
    4. Thanks everyone! At least I know there are options if I want to go that route.
    5. I hadn't thought about modding one of the AE mermaids in to a naga so that's an interesting suggestion! The AE mermaids do have the best tails in terms of length and being segmented so if you have some sculpting knowhow then it might be possible to make a snake tail tip for them. I agree that it would be a bit short looking but currently the best option for a basic smooth naga like tail, particularly if you want an MSD sized naga. :)