Supia 60cm Ballerina Body - What fits?

Sep 22, 2020

    1. Hi there! I thought I would start up a What fits? thread for the Supiadoll 60cm Ballerina Body since I didn't see one here.

      I just got one of these dolls and know there are a good amount of other folks who have them or have ordered them, so hopefully we can join forces and help out others!

      I will be taking photos and doing an in-depth try-on later, but preliminary findings are that Tonner Peter Pevensie size boots fit on their little flat feet, and some items made for Iplehouse nYID will fit. Measurements are as follows:

      Height (Body + Head) : 60 cm

      Circumference of Neck : 9.3cm

      Width of shoulder : 8cm

      Width of shoulder (From Arm to arm): 12 cm

      Circumference of Bust : 24.5cm

      Circumference of waist : 18.5cm

      Circumference of Hip : 29.7cm

      Length of arm(with hand) : 22.5cm

      Length of leg(with feet): 31.5cm

      Circumference of ankle : 7cm

      Circumference of wrist : 5cm

      Length of Foot : 6.8cm

      Width of Foot : 2.7cm
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    2. i've had a supia before and the ballerina body shouldnt be too different from the size. i know that feeple 60cm fits supia sds. should also fit the ballerina body, as for the 65 cm body i would say regular sd clothing would fit but not slim sd clothing.
    3. @TatterPunk, so happy you started this thread, you beat me to it! My poor Supia ballerina is still clothes-less as I cannot find anything that fits her (either too small or way too large). I am going to check you video too as I am curious what you think of her, I am having lots of problems with her posing although I love her esthetics.

      Also "little flat feet".... LOL
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    4. when you say you have issues with her posing are you saying she poses to much? or ..
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    5. @Syuka09808, she does not hold her poses well. For example, I cannot get her to sit as her back flips backwards, so she slides. She also flips when I try to make her stand. I can't get her to sit in 90 degrees. Overall she is so heavy, that I have trouble handling her. I hope this makes sense because she is my first SD sized doll and it could be me?
    6. The sitting is definitely an issue. You may need to loosen her stringing a little bit. They tend to come SUPER tightly strung. I had to loosen my arm strings before I could change out her hands to the jointed ones I'd gotten. I think she does a little less of the tilting back now that her leg/torso strings aren't as tight too.
      Sitting though. . .that I believe may be a small design flaw. I did address that in my video. She's very. . special. . in how she can sit.
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    7. ACBJD stuff

      This shirt fits fine
      No splittting/bubbling in front, plenty of space

      This jogging suit fits:

      I have a lot of ACBJD clothes that I will try on and report back :D But I feel confident that most tops will fit, stretchy pants, but not necessarily non stretchy bottoms. SD size :)
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    8. Ah i see. I have yet to buy the ballerina body as i am i super intrested in the looks but didn't know how the actual poses would be. For someone who has never had an Sd yes i would say even for me and i have many they can still come pretty heavy. I hope maybe sueding the body might be better for posing Idk.
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    9. @Syuka09808 I guess mine isn't tightly strung, though I've had her a while now. My memory sucks :P Anyway, I just noticed that when I sit her down, she sits fine and will lean way forward BUT she is using her thigh mobility joints. I mean, I guess she isn't too tightly strung, I find her easy to move??

      Please forgive me the state of my sewing room, it's a bit insane at the moment :doh But here are some pictures of my Ifit on the Supiadoll 60 ballerina with clothes on. I find her so easy to move, even with clothing on! OK, her clothes are bizarre, I know, but she isn't nakkid! LOL. I found that kerchief in a pile and put it around her neck to hold on to. Ugh, too lazy to set any kind of photoshoot up, sorry.

      Here Ifit is not using her mobility joint, but does have her chest engaged forward for sitting straight

      Here I plopped her on my home made laptop caddie in high heeled boots and she is even leaning to the side, but stands solidly

      Here is a horrible picture of her with her thigh mobility joint engaged

      She is one of the easiest dolls for me to pose, but I do think I need to shorten the neck if Ifit is going to stay on this body. I'll try some other heads first, but I do like the broader shoulders for Ifit's head. Anyway, I hope that helps??

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    10. Thanks for the photos @IngieBee, beautiful clothes and her poses are great, even the ones where she sits look good.
      @TatterPunk, I think I have to check her stringing too (that's a first for me) as I found changing her head and feet really difficult.
      Re the 90 degree issue, Sea Hedgehog made a video about modding the upper legs, it is on her YouTube channel.
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    11. Hello my fellow Ballerina body owners! I got my doll recently and it took me a week to figure out how to make her sit in 90 degrees... She should be coming with a manual :)
      If you are struggling with this like me, the trick is to turn the hip joint 45 degrees inward, as if to put her in a "suwarikko" pose and make sure the string gets into the channel... you also need to tilt the torso forward a bit, but overall this is pretty stable position.

      I will be sewing for her myself, but I have problem with shoes, her feet are so wide they don't fit most of my SD shoes D: I'd love to hear your recommendations!
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    12. OMG Thank you! I still think she needs some sueding perhaps, but she actually sits like a lady now!!
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    13. I have tried it too and it works! Thank you so much @nano!
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    14. Hummm shoes eh, @nano ? Lets see, aside from the boots you see her wearing above, which are no longer available, but I did get them on etsy at TANVIdoll I got , [​IMG]

      Here are lots of small pictures, but you can see them all by going here: Realistic SD BJD / Supia Doll SD | The Impish Elf

      I'm very lazy and just put the shoes on one foot, took a craptastic picture and that was it, LOL. I'm having energy issues lately :(

      [​IMG] These flat feet do not require heeled feet. For all those ugly heels, she can wear heels no problem! I think these were SartoriaJ or Iplehouse shoes :)

      [​IMG] These are a little shorter on the heel and don't look as nice from the side [​IMG] but they do fit, even the back, gap is unavoidable. The other photos where you see me holding up the shoe, it has the Supia 65 doll's heeled feet inside. I think the S65 requires the heeled feet?? I got them from Fatio again

      [​IMG] Again, the heel fits, but looks like shoe is too big. This is due to the heel sculpture They are cool though as the "buckle" is a clever hook for easy closing!
      Vintage Mary Jane in SD/ MSD size in 3 colors BJD shoe

      [​IMG] these cute pumps are low enough to show the heel.

      Fatiao - 1/3 BJD Super Dollfie SD Lace-Up Cons canvas shoes (Size 6.8cm) Not currently available, but this is where I got them

      [​IMG] Again from Fatio, these links aren't going to age well!

      What god aweful pictures! But these are the shoes I have on hand that fit. All of them are tight in the length If you go to the link I posted above, you can view larger pictures plus the front views

      You know, I just realized that a touch of baby powder is probably harmless to everything, but would help things slip on and off a bit better!
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    15. I am glad I could help! :)

      @IngieBee thank you so much for the pictures and links! :aheartbea
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    16. don't forget you can click on the link and see them in bigger pictures and from the front :)
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