Supia Girls Discussion Thread Part IX

Feb 21, 2021

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    2. Thanks very much for the info, IngieBee. I see I have much reading to do in the discussion threads. Lol. :love <3 :3nodding:
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    3. Hi guys -- I just got my ballerina body in the mail. She doesn't sit up straight (or anything close to straight). Also, her hips keep popping out when I move her. Is this normal?
    4. Someone did address it in one of the previous threads, here:
    5. My pleasure! Hope you enjoy your girl. I am waiting for Naomi on Ballerina body, can't come soon enough!
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    6. I'm glad this got posted again. I'm still trying to figure out this move to be honest, haha. I currently have my dolls pressed up agains a wall to keep them upright while sitting lol.
    7. Hum... wish there were notifications when the threads are ended and new ones begin, LOL Despite being the first to comment, I did that on the old thread, LOL :D

      I'm trying to save up for another 65cm body, and I think their last sale ended. I'm wondering how often they have sales at Supiadoll, so I can maybe time a purchase?
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    8. Yah, to get her to sit up, you need to engage her thigh joints (they allow for more bending) it seems they didn't give us a way to hook the body into the legs or anything. Make sure your ball slots are facing forward so the string can go through, but even then, she will lean back unless you engage those mobility joints in her upper thigh.

      Oh, I just read this, Interesting. I don't think it'd work so well for me unless my girl wears a dress (she has a pair of jeans on right now) with that, such manipulation is a bit hard, but the thighs do work . I'm going to undress her and check that out :D Thanks for pointing that post out :D

      That's pretty cool ^^^^ though she still leans back a little bit, but she's totally stable that way. engaging the thighs brings her more forward. Cool. All dolls have quirks, that's something I've learned :) Also I'm realizing this body has huggable qualities :D LOL. Not as soft as fairyland feeple60 but pretty nice :D
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    9. No one has received any Milk Brown dolls yet, right?
      I appreciate Supia's photos I want other owner photos of the new colour before I commit for another set of twins ><
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    10. @Meyneth not yet as far as I can tell. I ordered a supia Rosy in milk brown recently, will update here when I get her!
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    11. Milk Brown! When did this pop up? (Ok, last week, LOL) So they have two colors between normal and tan. I wish they went with a darker brown, but OK. Choices are always nice to have. :D
    12. Ahaha yeah it's a really recent release! The Milk brown (from their IG post) appears to have a more reddish undertone than the light tan resin, which I'm really into :D I'm super curious to see the Real skin resin now!
    13. I was going to paint my Heeji today, but I had a unwanted visitor in my room where I sleep and where my dolls are ( hate Wasp's and Hornet's ) and I was NOT happy. Now I keep checking everywhere in my room and now it is colder than the North Pole cause we have the AC on at full blast ( I would prefer if actual Snow came out the unit instead of cold air......) so yeah whole day ruined. Thanks Spring..:vein
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    14. Yeah, the Milk Brown looks more pink than the yellowy light tan. And the real skin is something I would I have preferred to have instead of the normal body I bought a while ago.
      I think the post said that they're discontinuing the light tan though?

      I feel this
      Wasps for some reason only build their nests on my room windows. No one else's room in this house... so I can never open my windows ><
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    15. Yeah it seems so :atremblinThe ballerina body is no longer available in light tan already.

      Ohno! hope you and your folks are safe!
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    16. Not sure when it happened but it looks like they started a new thread! And nobody's posted a picture yet, so here is my Rosie (dreamy eyes)
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    17. @IngieBee she's a beautiful girl!

      I like their new resin colors, at least on screen. A bit off topic, but I'm wondering if Real Skin would match the elusive Elfdoll Homme Skin. :)
    18. If you Google "decoy wasp nest diy" you'll find a bunch of different results- a friend of mine crocheted one and put it outside her window, and she hasn't had a real wasp nest there in years.

      I just ordered a two WS heads, Rosy and Dreaming Rosy, and I am so excited. :D I've been in love with the Rosy sculpt since I got into the hobby and I'm finally bringing her home!
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    19. Supiadoll has new skin tones so that just gives me more of an excuse to add more of the girls to my collection! :lol: They also made a post about it on the website. I really like the rose pink so I'll definitely have to get Esther in that skin tone ASAP! :abambi: I hope that more pictures of the Real color will be shown.

      @amphetamine Congrats on your new order! I hope it won't be too long of a wait for you. :3nodding:
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