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Nov 15, 2011

    1. My tan Jacob arrived a few days ago, but sadly had a bad break just above his right ankle -- not just a chip broken off but a crack all the way through the part, running more than halfway around the leg. Supia has promised to send a new right leg piece, and I'm looking forward to that. He is such a gorgeous doll -- I can hardly wait to have him all put together!
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    2. Glad to hear he finally arrived :D I had a similar problem with the leg piece on my Jacob. They sent out a new set of lower legs, left and right. I popped it on and have had no problems since. He is such a beautiful sculpt!!! I'll love to see what he looks like once you have him all together :3nodding:
    3. @Cynthia in FlintHills congrats on arrival of your boy.
      Haven't been here for a while. Here's how my Supia boy looks now:
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    4. He is a Kylo Ren cosplay doll, one of my two Kylo Ren bjds >_< This one is rather Kylo Ren as a disney prince, and he wears posh clothing (even though he's half undressed and all messed up mostly).
    5. I've been searching for dolls similar to Iplehouse's dolls. I'm working on building my Iplehouse family, but I'd love to have other dolls that are similar, from other companies as well. My search led me to the Supia dolls. And I'm in awe over how beautiful these dolls are!

      Currently I'm waiting for an IH boy Rania who will later get a slimmer hybrid body. But I'm so in love with the Giyom face sculpt that I think that I'll have to get him oneday! I got the idea of making my Rania and Giyom fashion model brothers or something. I've been getting so many new BJD ideas after I came to the Supia threads.

      I've already asked about the girl's head measurements, but I'm curious what the boy's head measurements are?
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    6. Lucky boy:) Where dId you get that awesome shirt?!
    7. Thank you :) I got his shirt from an Etsy seller called cottonhoney. I love this seller because thier clothes are well made, inexpensive and are a good fit.
    8. Wow, this looks like a painting! How did you do this? Is it a photo that's been photoshopped? He looks amazing!
    9. Aww thank you! Kylo looks sort of fancy on this photography. Haha yea this is a shot that's been photoshopped, and also lightroom'd to some degree. I didn't add anything to this photo as in painting though, but rather created dramatic colors and lighting.
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    10. @noirobscur Your Kylo Ren is gorgeous. I aspire someday to create stuff at such a high quality. He looks just like him too! Which sculpt is he?

      I've made a new wig for mine I believe since the last time I shared Aqqen, my Jacob here. He's with his bf Tahmos in this photo:
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    11. They look awesome together!! I like the similarities and differences between them and they compliment each other perfectly:3nodding:
    12. Thank you! Kylo is my favorite... mess of a character... I guess? It's good to have his smol copies. The sculpt of this doll is Supiadoll's Giyom.
    13. [​IMG]

      My Jacob arrived and he's perfect! They sent a white long sleeved t-shirt and a watch with him, which was nice~
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    14. Oooooooh, I love seeing Jacob in NS! Very sharp styling there, too.

      My good news is that, after originally promising to ship it a month ago, Supia says they'll ship my tan Jacob's replacement leg part this Thursday. Here's hoping . . . I would really like to play with him, [email protected]#&$^@H!*
    15. Thank you! He ended up a little more goth than I'd intended but I sort of dig it, haha.

      I hope you get your boy all in one piece, er... all in whole pieces... :XD: soon!
    16. He looks stunning solitary agent really loving that style!!!
    17. Hooray--my Jacob's replacement leg part arrived today! Of course, it's finals week and I won't have any time to swap out the new part for the broken one until after final grades are in, but it's wonderful to have the waiting over and done with!
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    18. Yay!!! I'm very happy for you. My Jacob's replacement leg is still working great and no issues. I can't wait to see yours :dance