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Nov 15, 2011

    1. @animemom congrats on the order :) I can't wait to see him, and also very curious how he'll look on the Dollstown 17 year boy body if you decide to get one. If I hadn't gone for an Iplehouse Rania hybrid, I probably would have gone for the Giyom sculpt.
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    2. That's amazing! Who did the mod job?

      This is one of many reasons why I'm getting more and more into elf sculpts. What sculpt is the girl? She's so cute :chibi
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    3. Hi and thank you. Maia is a Muse sculpt with an artist faceup.
    4. @animemom I forgot to get back to you, sorry! Dollshe fresh skin is not the best match with Supia NS. Supia is darker and more pinky/peachy. It would be in blushing distance if you wanted to try that.
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    5. Thanks @Alewife for information. I have a normal skin Dollstown as well as fresh skin here so when the head does arrive I can see which is closer. I already know I will be getting a Dollstown 17 year boy body for head, if body has to be blushed more oh well.
    6. I'll be interested to see the combo. :)
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    7. Hey all! I just finished (after several days of browsing) going through every single active BJD creator or dealer site that I found listed on DOA, and came across Supia for the first time. When I saw Jacob, I just knew... he has to be part of my doll family someday! I'm a little picky about facial sculpts but somehow he fits what I want in every single way. I might not be able to get him for a while, but I wanted to share my excitement! :XD:

      Also! @Alewife ... what a handsome face!
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    8. Due to neck size I have had to pick a oriental skin 15 year boy body as the 17 year was to thick. But I am also getting a Dollzone YuHan and his neck and resin might work even better, so they will share head and the Dollstown 15 year boy body will get a floating head I already have here from Dollstown. So fingers crossed all will settle in okay.
    9. @Cecelia thanks! Jacob is really cute-- he's on my someday list too. :)

      @animemom it sounds complicated, but you're sure to work something out!
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    10. I can’t find the measurements for the supia boy body anywhere. can someone please tell me or link it to me? The body looks PERFECT for my DM Jaeii head.

      If I could even just get the neck size and maybe shoulder width?
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    11. Thank you! Idk why they don’t just put it on the product page lmao. I think he’ll be perfect for the hybrid I’m doing. Might need to sand down his neck or invest in some silicone kips, but his proportions are amazing
    12. Here is my Supia Zion. Technically it's a woman :XD: - she is on Spiritdoll Proud 1st ver. body, but since it's originally male head, I decided that it's ok to share her photo here :)

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    13. I finally got my body last week. The head thankfully I didn't fall for and my Supiadoll Giyom head fits perfectly and the resin match is pretty close. I am thrilled. Now the real work begins with finding the right wig for that domed head and of course the face up. These are for now.

      [​IMG]Shigure 3.0 by Marie, on Flickr
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    14. He is so cute!
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    15. How do you think? Is it possible to create a good hybrid from the male body of Guu-doll and the head of Supiadoll Giyom?
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    16. Not familiar with the company for body so can't say weather it would work or not. Just know Dollshe, Dollstown wouldn't work. Thankfully the Dollzone body did.

      Thank you. He might also get the jointed hands I bought last year so he will be even more awesome for the gaming group I am forming.
    17. New dollzone body (68) is perfect! I will keep it in mind, thanks.

      I will be very interested to see his finished image!
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    18. For some reason I haven't been getting notifications from this thread...

      @peregrina I never thought of making Zion into a girl, but she's so soft and pretty. :)

      @animemom Giyom is a cutie. Looking forward to seeing what you do with him!
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