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Nov 15, 2011

    1. I love him! May I ask you which dollzone body did you use for him? I am planning on getting Giyom head too and I am looking for bodies that would match.
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    2. The body came with a Yuhan head and he's around 65cm tall so not really sure what they call body.
    3. Oh thank you. I checked on Alice collections and it seems to be the B60-005 body, I am surprised it works with Giyom. Did you face any problem with the neck difference? Because according to AC the neck for this DZ body is 9.3cm, and my understanding is that supia boy neck is 11cm! I wonder if these measurements are correct, coz I find your doll looking perfect! I wouldn't tell there is any difference between the head and neck!
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    4. @Mona_Amin The neck fits head pretty good. Might be slightly smaller, but this does allow more movement then if I bought a thicker neck body. I can take photos to show the difference.
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    5. Yes i agree! It looks perfect to me! Thanks for sharing :) That was so helpful
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    6. Happy to help. He won't be Shigure since I found a Hue head, so maybe Ben will be a good name.
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    7. Zenka's gone Steam Punk traveler!!! I think he's headed to 1872 ;)

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    8. @KimC That outfit really looks nice on him! :XD:
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    9. Awe, thank you so much Maechen, I really appreciate that.
    10. @KimC he looks beautiful. He'll be a hit in 1872. :love
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    11. Thank you Alewife, I'm sure all the Victorian ladies will be very willing to entertain him, lol!!!
    12. Recently, I have been toying with the idea of getting an SD-size boy and one of the candidates is a Supiadoll Zion. But I can't seem to find any recent reviews on the male 65cm double-jointed body. I see from this discussion that many owners are hybriding. Is the body not very good?
    13. I personally never cared for the Supiadoll bodies. Found they don't stand very solid and posing can get tricky. They are beautiful, but just not worth it. If they would make changes might consider them again, but doubt it this late in game for me. I am sure others will weigh in on the subject @toveb
    14. Actually I love the supia boy body. I had a little trouble at first. Partially I wasnt used to a larger size doll and also I believe his upper body weight made it hard to pose him ( his upper body at the hip ball joints kept slipping from the weight causing him to constantly fall forward ) but once I glue sueded those areas he stands and poses perfectly.
    15. Thank you, @animemom and @KimC for your input. It does sound like the body is a little unbalanced in weight coupled with an unsupportive joint design in the pelvic area. This would probably annoy me to no bits, to be honest, even if I am fine with sueding joints on unruly dolls.

      The next question would logically be: what body should I hybrid him with in that case? I saw someone recommend Dollstown, which is a company I have loved for a long time. I think I only owned an MSD from them once many years ago, so I have no experience with their bigger bodies. I have also looked at the Telesthesia 65cm Uncle body. Do you think that could work resin-wise and does it have a good reputation for posing?
    16. For Supiadoll normal skin I found Dollzone NS works great, also the bodies are great posers and stand very well. The resin match to Dollstown isn't good even fresh skin was a bad match. Plus Supiadoll makes big neck opening but even 17 year made him look like a pin head. Dollzone is best choice I have found.
    17. Oh, after digging through their News section I finally found the measurements! 11 cm, right?
      I also found the old resin match thread for Supiadoll and there was a post from 2017 that said Telesthesia NS Yellow was a very good match for NS Supiadoll. But that was 2 years ago. It seems to be the bigger body (75cm), since it has jointed hands.

      DZ has four different "normal": white, pink, yellow and peach. Which one would you say is my best bet, the yellow perhaps? And also, what is the difference between the 003 and 004 body? They seem to be about the same measurements. ET: Nvm, the 003 has a neck circumference of 10cm.
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    18. Sorry @toveb but I don't have enough knowledge to answer your questions. I can tell I got a normal skin on the pink side, not yellow as the Supiadoll Giyom head was first to arrive and I could see it was more on pink side. As for neck opening the measurements on Supiadoll said 11cm but the neck on Dollzone body was about 10cm maybe 10.5 but as you can see from my photo it was perfect.

      [​IMG]FS: Supiadoll Giyom head on Doll- March Madness Deal by Marie, on Flickr
    19. I've been considering the Granado Lads body as a hybrid. I have a Zion head on the old (sadly discontinued) Granado 68cm body and it looks good, so I'm assuming the Lads will work too. Granado Bronze is a pretty good match with Supia tan, and the two NS are quite good too. :)
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