Supia Boys Discussion

Nov 15, 2011

    1. Don't worry, @animemom you helped a lot. Thank you!

      @Alewife The Granado Lads looks good. It's a less muscly body than their others, which would suit his character better. (Plus, easier to find clothes.) I was hoping I could find a European dealer who does layaway for the body, though. Considering it takes a while to get both manufactured, I wanted to order at about the same time, but I can only afford to pay the head in full right now. I just noticed that Granado only sells their bodies on the 1st-3rd every month, so that also makes things a bit more complicated. But in general, are Granado good and stable posers?
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    2. @toveb they don't seem to have a European dealer, just Chinese and Malaysian (Dolk, Legend Doll, Macaron Doll). However, they do take a 3-payment layaway on their own site. I believe Legend Doll does layaway too.

      I don't have the Lads body yet, but my other Granado guys are very good posers!
    3. [​IMG]

      Just throwing in some Zenka since this thread has been so quiet :)

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    4. Thank you for the eye candy! It has been too quiet here.
    5. Zenka is one of my favorite boys :love I just can't get enough of his beauty ❤
    6. Awe, your welcome :)

      Thank you so much :) I'm just so amazed sometimes how photogenic he is. I've learned a lot about photography from taking doll pictures, lol!!!
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    7. He's beautiful!

      On a side note, I still haven't ordered Zion. You know how it is: life happens. But he was my lock screen for so long.
      I'm wondering, should one avoid ordering resin during the summer due to the higher humidity?
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    8. I have ordered several Supia dolls in the summer with faceups and never had a problem.
    9. Thank you :)
    10. [​IMG]

      Just thought I'd wake this thread up a bit with a little more of Zenka

      "The pirate and his pistol"

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    11. That was an excellent idea!
      Thank you.
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    12. I can't believe I only recently found Supia boys to be a thing >.<;; I've always had a weak spot for the Supia girl sculpts but (for some completely irrational reason lol) never paid any attention to the guys xD But now I fell head over heels for Jacob ♡

      Supia boys don't seem to be that incredibly popular though...? It's not neccessarily easy to come by a picture spam of them... I'm loving everybody's contributions though even more! @KimC Your boy is ridiculously cute and good-looking! *-*
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    13. Awe, Zenka and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts Sasha of the Crows. When I saw the Jacob sculpt I fell head over heels for this boy. I knew he was going to be Maia's (Muse sculpt) soul mate and best friend. It turned out as I hoped and they are forever in each others <3
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    14. Well, I finally took the plunge and ordered my Zion head. Now to decided on that body...
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    15. Congratulations, @toveb , you'll love him!
    16. It's funny, because everyone I show him to also says that! He seems to radiate something special.
      I also decided to get a Telesthesia 68cm body for him, hoping that will work out. Always so scary when ordering from separate companies like that.
    17. @toveb What don't you like about the Supia body? What kind of body do you want?
    18. I have nothing against the boy body from Supia per se, but I understood it didn't hold poses well and was recommended to get a different one instead. I even ordered jointed hands to go with this one.
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    19. You might watch Art-Bimong. He's working on an updated male body and the classic normal skin matches Supia's normal skin well
    20. That would be a dream, but sooo expensive for this size.