Supia Boys Discussion

Nov 15, 2011

    1. I need to get my Supia boy out and see how he poses.
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    2. I've done some posing with my Zenka (Jacob) for photos but haven't really posed him in any sitting or active positions yet. What I have found is he needed a good sueding before I could get him to pose properly. I think it has to do with the weight of his limbs or maybe his stringing was too loose. Hopefully your boy will pose great but in case he doesn't the sueding has worked for me
    3. LOL, maybe I was wrong about the original bodies! I would love to hear more, once you get time to pose him.
      I do like how they are sculpted, so if it wasn't for the reviews I had read, I would definitely have bought a complete doll instead.
    4. Hello? Any Supia boys owners here, anyone?
      I've recently wiped off my supia boy's grumpy bloody face and repainted him into a fabulous diva:

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    5. Yep, still here. I have a Jacob with company face up. Here's an old photo...

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    6. Not quite yet. The body for my Zion head is on its way, but the head is still with Supia...