Supia (MiniSup) Mini Discussion Part 2

Jul 12, 2020

    1. I hope nobody minds me reviving this thread with a newish picture of Epiphany :aheartbea


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    2. malvinas Glad to see this thread to be bumped with pic of the such a gorgeous girl!
      I wish I had some money to send Hannah for face-up or had some talent for face-upping, but don't have neither one. :sigh
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    3. I'm happy to see that some people were trying to revive this thread. I just finished reading the entire thing over a few days and today I ordered Hannah in light tan with smoky make-up. I love seeing everybody's pics of their beautiful Minisups but I have not yet seen that specific combination. I'd love to see some Minisup spam while I wait for my Hannah :love
    4. @malvinas she is the perfect start to a new thread. :D
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    5. Oh I hadn't even realized my post had been moved to a new thread! I'm so happy to see we finally made it to a part 2!

      @Hmac58 congrats on your order! I hope you will post pictures of your new girl when she arrives!

      @Alewife thank you! I really love my girl and am glad people enjoy seeing her!
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    6. Wow she is beautiful @chibi-kagu! What a great pic :)
    7. Hi, I have a question for anyone who has a MiniSup. Do they come with flat feet and heel feet? I've asked that question by email to SupiaDoll but I have not received a response. I'd really like to know because I'm still waiting for my tan Hannah and if she doesn't come with heel feet I will order some to be shipped with her. Thanks :)
    8. @Hmac58 thank you! And if I remember right, they just come with flat feet, but I'm not 100% sure. Have you tried contacting them with Q&A section? I think most companies replies more there than an emails.
    9. Just to update, I did get an answer to my question about heel feet. Asking it in the Q and A section on Supia's website got me the information that heel feet must be ordered separately and are not included with the basic doll. Since my Hannah hasn't been shipped yet, I was able to add heel feet to her order so they'll be included with the free shipping promotion. She should be shipping soon. I can't wait !!
    10. Hello!^^ I have a question for those who have gotten Minisups recently, from the new casting service that Supia has been using since sometime last year (if your doll came sanded, it is likely from the new casting service).

      Does your girl stand on her own?

      I got my first minisup body weeks ago, and both her lower legs looked positively warped, making her look ()-legged, also the ankle balls of the feet had gone up too far inside the lower legs and dilated the resin of the legs visibly. You know, like the resin hadn't cured properly before they strung her up. I contacted Supia with pictures of the legs and they replaced the leg that looked the worst with a perfectly straight leg. But now that leg is longer than the remaining original leg which is still slightly warped, and she still won't stand. That leg doesn't even touch the ground.
      Stressed out I decided to try to amend things myself rather than wait for Supia for weeks and weeks again - I boiled the warped leg and tried to straighten it a bit. It does look odd still, but now she can at least stand a little bit, with endless patient positioning...

      Are all the newer girls more or less like this? Or do yours stand fine?
      Thank you!^^
    11. @Mandagore it sounds like you got a doll with two bad legs. :( I haven't had that problem with mine. Maybe Supia would send you the other leg as well?
    12. @Alewife I guess you are right! I ended up asking Supia as well if the body is known to have difficulties standing, and they told me that I received a whole body made out of faulty resin, and they will replace it. Initially they thought it was only the one leg that needed replacing, but now on reviewing it, it seems they saw that the whole body is having problems. They were very nice about it and I am thankful this long story will hopefully come to a happy end soon!^^ Apart from that body I only have big Supia dolls, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect...
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    13. @Mandagore I'm glad you got a happy resolution!
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    14. My tan Minisup Sujin that I ordered in the beginning of May finally came in. They added a free tan Minisup Dorothy head and wig, I guess as an apology for the long wait? Their bodies don’t go on sale, as far as I know, so it will cost me basically the price of another full doll to get her her own body eventually, but that’s ok! I’m totally fine with them sharing for now! I did their faceups today, and gave them names. The Dorothy on the left is Lola and the Sujin on the right is Mishka.

      [​IMG]Lola and Mishka by Nikki Kelly, on Flickr
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    15. Congratulations! Supia sells bodies separately in the parts section.
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    16. Yeah, I know. I just meant they don’t go on sale when the full dolls do, and end up costing the same as a full doll, if that makes sense.
      And thank you! <3
    17. That does make sense.
    18. @dxgirly Congratulations, they both look gorgeous! And that's nice compentation for such a long wait. Also that Sujin pic want to me order one. :roll:
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