Supia Tanned Roda and Rosy

Oct 14, 2006

    1. I asked on their Q&A board 7/29 and they said that they're still trying to perfect it... so who knows? It is the rainy season in Korea, and that tends to jam up just about every doll company there.
    2. I asked, just to see if they had any updates. Here's the response:

      "hello,my supiafamily.
      now we can't give you a plans about makeing a tan color dolls.
      but we have a plan to sell it.
      thank you."

      Awwww...Sounds like they want to do it but don't know when it will actually go up for sale. Guess I'll just keep saving and forget about it for now. Then maybe I'll have a lot of savings for the tan dolls. Just wish people wouldn't say "it's coming soon" when "soon" means months and months away.

    3. I'm starting to wonder again if I want a tan Rosy rather than an ns one. I don't mind waiting, but I am wondering about the tone of supia tan this time around...

      Edit to add: The rainy season in S. Korea ends in September, so if that's all they're waiting on we could see a release this winter(well Fall, to most of you lol). *hopes* The artist at Supia does seem highly conscious of quality issues which I appreciate, and I'm willing to wait for. I do hope we get to see tan skin again. Supia tan is the prettiest I've seen.
    4. I finally have enough to get one of the tan girls, but I'm sad. I was really hoping they could have a month or something in mind so I don't feel like I'm waiting for nothing. It's hard not to be pessimistic with something I've wanted for so long.
    5. I can understand that they don't want to give a date and not be able to meet it, but I was really disappointed too when they said that.
    6. Just thought I'd add this "update"

      Dated 9/16/2009 on their Q&A board:

      Eva wrote :
      >hello Supiadoll, i was wondering when are you going to relase the dolls in tan skin. You said summer, but summer is over...
      >Thank you in advance for the answer :)

      i'm sorry my supiafamily.
      we are still making a tan color.
      so sorry we couldn't completed at color.
      we'll try to make it completelly.
      we'll coming soon with good news about tan color.
      thank you,and we are very sorry.
      have good day.
    7. Gragh, still waiting for them to come back with tan Roda... I don't even see her sale anywhere either...
    8. Seems like we've all either given up or just stopped checking. I still check the Q&A every couple of weeks or so. Here's the most recent question on their board:
      Ashley wrote :
      >I was wondering if the girls were going to come out in tan resin this year? I asked a couple months ago and at the time you said summer. But summer is long over now. :P Will they be ready for Christmas?

      very sorry.T,T(you are waitting tan girls...)so....sorry.
      now we are trying to make beautiful tanning color.
      but it's not easy.
      we'll make the tan color in this year!!!!!(promise!!! ^^)
      we are very thanks for your love.

      I hope they really do this by the end of the year. I already made a personal commitment: If they don't come out with them by the end of the year, I'll probably just use the money for something else. We'll see if I stick to that or not, lol.
    9. I have my beautiful girl on order now and was wondering if anyone knew if the suntan skin changes color or yellows with age, like some other resins? If this is the wrong place to post (oops) :doh
    10. All resins yellow with age and exposure to the elements/sun. Tan resin is no different, but as long as you treat them well and don't leave them in the sun, you shouldn't worry too much.

      These threads have a lot of info about tan-resin greening, which occurs in some dolls (most notably IpleHouse due to a fading of red pigments).

      The Supia tan hasn't been around long enough (or if it has, there were so few from the first batch that no-one's documented it) to say whether their resin has any particular weakness when it comes to yellowing/greening.
    11. Thanks for the info - I will have to keep her protected, although none of my dolls are in the sun. I have one other suntan doll, but I just got her, so there has been no change yet (fingers crossed).
    12. i've seen some really nice headbands from ninestyle and was wondering which size would fit rosy/roda.
    13. they have a really small head , MSD size would be ok i guess sine they wear 7/8" wig
    14. Hi guys, I missed out on this past tan Supia batch, but I'm hoping to catch the next one (if they do it again). I looked at quite a few box-opening threads and I noticed that the tans seemed to vary greatly from each doll. I saw nessa's girl and I almost dropped, that is THE tan/dark tone that I want for my Supia. I like the caramel color tan, but chocolate color is my absolute favorite. Did anyone else buy a tan Supia and find she ended up darker than what you expected?

      I'll probably post on their QandA to ask about the darker tone specifically but I'd like to see if the darker tone was more common.
    15. My Rosy is way darker tan I expected; I am actually a bit shocked, I am not sure that she will work for the character being that dark; she absolutely doe snot correspond to the pictures on the supia site, that were from the first batch of tanned dolls. I would gladly trade mine for a lighter one, but i doubt that is going to happen -_-U
    16. Nanyalin -- Sorry to hear that the shade was not the one you wanted. :( The first tanned Supias from a few years back had sort of a cocoa shade. From what I've seen with the latest opening box photos, the new tan is quite a bit darker.
    17. I'm sorry to hear that Nanyalin! You could try putting up a WTT thread in the marketplace. I'm not sure how many tan Supias were sold during the last batch, but it's definitely worth a try. Do you have pictures of how dark your girl is?
    18. about a year ago, i purchased a secondhand tan Rosy, i have had her out on display most of that time.... i have just recently noticed that her legs and feet are starting to change color.... they have that olive cast to them. i might try giving her a good cleaning, it could be that old blushing is not helping the color.
    19. Oh wow! That sounds a lot like the first batches of Limhwa tans that changed to an olive tone. Hopefully it's just the MSC and old blushing.
    20. Personally, I love the darker Supia tan. It's seriously making me reconsider having a collection of only minis and tinis. >< If they release a tan Roda in this new skintone, I am doomed.