Supia Tanned Roda and Rosy

Oct 14, 2006

    1. That's exactly what happened to me. I was content with my mini girls and tinies until I found Rosy and that was it. I changed my mindset overnight. I always tried to keep to the smaller dolls because of space, but, she convinced me to take the leap and see how it is to have a bigger girl. I don't have her yet, but am hoping that she fits in with what I already have and doesn't seem too much like a giant. :hamster:
    2. I feel the same way as you two do. I was originally planning a group of only minis and a tiny or two (excluding the Zaoll Luv I want to add to my collection), but seeing the darker tan really really makes me want one. She's so pretty and detailed and I think she'd make a wonderful grown up version of my Bambicrony tan Emily.

      I hear that she wears 7/8 sized wigs so that wouldn't be bad at all-- she could share wigs with my MSDs.
    3. Thanks everyone for the advice! I might try to do that, and see if someone wants to switch to a darker tan shade. She is very lovely, with a bronze/ebony color onto her, but I was looking for something slightly less saturated.

      Miss Ally, be very careful... something similar happened to my tanning limwha Mano, the tan resin sometimes greens and starts where the resin is thinner.
    4. Dear friends, I want some advice from you! My new tan rosy has a problem: her face skin tone and body skin tone rather different, face more lighter. I think the reason is a lot of MSC on her face, but yesterday I used MSC on her body - no effect.
      Have you any ideas, what to do with this problem. May be I wrong used MSC...?
      see the difference:
    5. You'd probably have to do several layers on her body before it would match the head again.
    6. I had several layers, now body has matte effect, but still has the difference in colors.
    7. Interesting. Did you check the inside of the headcap? If it's the same colour inside as the body, then it might be a different kind of sealant being used. If it's a completely different colour inside, then it probably isn't the sealant.
    8. It could be a difference in sealant, or perhaps the sealant has reacted to become more cloudy. My Rosy came blank although her head was a slightly different texture/shade, more matte and less omgshiny than the rest of her. I've sealed her all over with MSC and she matches fine.

      1. Fresh from box
      2. MSC on head only
      3. MSC all over

      On a side note, if anyone chooses to seal their tan dolls all over I reccommend sueding all the joints, otherwise you get an annoying white dust from the MSC flaking (joint friction)
    9. My Rosy arrived yesterday and I am so in love. I am trying to find clothes and wigs now.
    10. Hi - Does anyone know when Supia will re-open for orders?
    11. Hi emmelia! Supia is open once again. The tanned Rosy I was hoping for seem to be no longer available though....
    12. PacificBlue- Hi & thanks! I am glad they are open, but am sorry there is no tan Rosy. Maybe they will offer her again later in the season & you can buy her then.
    13. I went on there to order her yesterday, but she is gone. I didn't think she was going to be limited, but I guess so.
    14. I don't know if this is the right place for this question or if it is even appropriate ( I did a search and came up empty) so I apologize in advance. Do 14mm eyes fit in the Supia Rosy head well? I've tried 16mm and I thought the iris looked way too big.
    15. The supia rosy is so pretty. I want a supia doll. * P * (<--drooling face)
    16. reply to CynicalSim
      really? thats too bad! shes such a popular doll, I would think they wanted to keep selling her!
    17. CynicalSim- I went on the site to see if I could order a Rosy & I got it to the shopping cart ok. I just did remove to empty it since it was just a trial, but it seemed ok to that point. Maybe yesterday was a glitch in the system? I would hate to see them stop selling any of their dolls.
    18. I just couldn't resist posting a pic of my Rosy. I think she is just gorgeous and has really converted me to SD size girls, although she packs quite a kick.[​IMG]
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    19. Gypsy- Your Tan Rosy is so lovely, I really love her eyes and that wig you have on her. Her outfit is really cute too especially with the hat.