Supia Tanned Roda and Rosy

Oct 14, 2006

    1. Oh My God. That is awesome news! I won't be able to get her this ordering period, but I'm sure I can scrounge up the money to get her during their Sept.-Nov. period. I just hope she's as dark as the last batch they released.
    2. I ordered one tan rosy on october. Did not received yet, Supia did not answer hotmail email. Is somebody else having the same problem?
    3. Supia replied to my emails, but I had to resend it tons of times. >.> My Supia has arrived, so I guess yours will, just wait and keep sending them emails. ^^
    4. Hello. I am wondering if anyone who used to post in this thread has user pics of a Tan Supia Roda? Thanks!
    5. For anyone who still reads this thread: Supia is releasing their new 'light tan' this February!
    6. OMG WEE!! I must get in on this, especially since uh... taxes are coming in and they are cheaper then Iple :P WOO! So happy now :D
    7. Supia told me there was a delay but they will release tan skin this month!