Surprisingly Positive Things People Have Said!

Oct 7, 2007

    1. My husband is super supportive which is fantastic.
    2. I went to a anime convention today and got so many people tell me how beautiful my SD OnlyDoll Pepper was! I even had one girl take a double take when I was looking at manga and she just could not handle the cuteness. :)
    3. I was super nervous getting into this hobby and took all kinds of round about conversations even telling my mom about my first doll and was even more worried in telling her my second was going to be a gift from a cousin I am especially close to. However my mom has never really given me a problem with them and has been plenty supportive. But I was still kinda blown away by something she did a couple weeks ago now.

      I mentioned to her, that months a go that second doll of mine, Jin my Dearmine Oz, had fallen and chipped his face up. I guess I wasn't completely clear because she got this more horrified look on her face. She thought it had been a resin chip! She was really concerned about it and that made me feel good because I think she kind of understands how much I love these little guys I have. Same day actually she helped me pick up a small prop for my other doll and was so thrilled at how he fit into the canoe.

      Even my dad has gotten better, he rolls his eyes less when I show off something I've sewn (which is the only time I show my dolls to him) and I think he likes that I have a growing, slightly haphazard skill there. Its a lot better than him ribbing me for having dolls! :lol:
    4. Haha, I SO know that dad thing! Mine is the same way. But even He Who Disapproves Of Everything That Costs Money is slowly but surely realizing dolls are not a pointless waste of money and space :lol:
    5. My friend's parents call her dolls their grandchildren--with no exposure to the community and how true that can be for some people! It's super cute! My dolls are apparently also grandbabies. I love that family. X3

      I think the best reaction I've had was a few days ago; my brother was carrying his girlfriend's dolls (my girls were packed up, but she doesn't have a carrying bag for Loz and Yazoo) and some ladies stopped us on our way back from a photoshoot to ask if we were taking our dolls for a walk. They seemed really interested, and chatted us up about them for a few minutes. They thought they were wild. We told them a few companies to look up and had to go on our way, but it was really cute. (...And then I fainted because high altitude, but. That was a whole different story. XD;;;; )
    6. My roommate asked if I would set up my dolls in a little scene so that he could do a photo shoot of them.
    7. A friend of mine from my other "main" hobby (LARP) is staying with me for a couple of days and saw the doll shelf ... (we play a group of elves with a couple more friends)

      He: "why didn't you make a tree house?"
      Me: "They're human."
      He: "There's always polymer clay."
      Me: "Nooooh! They stay human."
      He: "But maybe they're into LARP too! You gotta make them little prosthetic elf ears."
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    8. My Dad finally took an interest in my dolls, before he just rolled his eyes and changed the subject but he finally got to meet my Island Doll Amy named Clara and was very impressed, then he asked to see the dolls I'd just purchased and was very complimentary.
    9. someone asked me the price of the doll and she was shocked and asked who bought it? and i said i used my money and she said thats very good! using your own money.....hahaha
    10. I have an online friend that has been reading my stories for about 14 years. We met when I was 17 and in high school in an AOL chatroom! LOL. We have been chatting this whole time throughout the years and have been friends through many different interests and life phases, moves, etc.

      When I started to get into BJDs I didn't tell her at first because I was afraid of her reaction. Finally, I just told her, and she loved them. I realized I should have told her a long time ago, and my reservations were silly. She is just as excited as I am when a doll comes in and loves seeing my photos. It's another thing that we can share together as online friends :)
    11. I've actually only ever gotten bad responses at school (and even then it wasn't everyone, there were some really curious people that liked her), nearly everywhere else I've taken Nadeko people have either been indifferent or they've come up to me to say how pretty she is
      I was especially happy when I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods with Nadeko and this middle aged man came up to us and asked me about her and said that we were both beautiful and that we looked alike (even though we look nothing alike) ^^
    12. I've got a surprising reaction to some of the clothes I've sewn for my doll. They can tell it was beginner work, but they still said I was a great start.
    13. In summer there was RPG -convention here in Finland. My friend was taking measures of Väinö's feet (she's making shoes for him), and some staff -people came closer. I kinda panicked, I could tell they had something to say about him, and was ready to grab him, but they just came to tell he looked beautiful :sorry Over all, I heard lot's of praises that weekend. Some were from people I did know, but there were lot from strangers too O__O
    14. Resurrecting this, as recently I've had some fun reactions from people, including when I brought my LF Ante to a hair appt this Summer and everyone in the salon was simply taken with her! They all wanted to see her, with stylists stepping away from in-progress clients (and sometimes those in-progress clients leaving their chairs with haircuts and dyeing in progress) so they could see her and hold her. When I went in for my most recent appt, some of the ladies even asked if I had a doll with me, and were disappointed when I said I didn't. I will bring my LF Tan Chloe in for my next appt. ;)
    15. When Johnny was new I took him everywhere. This of course meant that he accompanied me to food outings, long drives in the country, and to family get-togethers. My grandmother met Johnny and to my surprise she wasn't a big fan. She turned to my uncle and said "Isn't he the ugliest thing?" My uncle, who thought Johnny was a girl at first, looked him over and said "No, I don't think he's that bad." That shocked me since my uncle is pretty self-centered and doesn't usually remark about my dolls at all.

      Grandma wasn't trying to be hateful, by the way. She was very positive towards my other two dolls, and I'm pretty sure she'll love Johanna too. When I asked her what was wrong with Johnny she told me his dishevelled wig threw her off. LOL
    16. I don't usually talk about the hobby in real life, but I've gotten amazing feedback on Instagram. My brother's fiance follows my doll account, along with a few other people from my life. And having BJD hobbyists I love and admire follow my account and comment means the world to me.
      My family not only accepts my love for dolls, but love seeing new clothes I get or ways I've customized her. My little siblings especially think she's amazing.

    17. That sounds like heaven!!
    18. Resurrecting this because of the lovely manager at the fabric store, who noticed Hyacinth while I was looking through their pattern books for a new dress pattern. She ended up talking to me for about twenty minutes about dolls in general and BJDs in particular, and I gave her a post-it note with a couple of dealer websites on them. Turns out she's a bit of a doll fan/collector herself and has made clothes for dolls at our local doll show.

      (Seriously, though, my dolls are such divas! Hyacinth charms literally everyone who actually looks at her for more than a few seconds, I don't know how she does it.)
    19. I have had some nice reactions on facebook to the pictures I've put up and couple of friends who have visited admired my small collection honestly though I think they just happy I'm not waffling on about my model horses as much any more :lol:
    20. I have only ever had positive reactions from people. When I brought my doll to an anime convention, people smiled when they saw him and people recognized that he was a bjd. They were very interested. When I held my bjd panel later that day, it went smoothly and the people who were there were very interested (although they did look kinda confused). I even remember passing by some cosplayers that were dressed up in the same cosplay I was (Mabel Pines and my doll was Dipper Pines) saying to each other how cute my doll and I were. I really love showing my doll to everyone and I'm not really scared of getting negative reactions cause not everyone will understand how I feel. Wowie, I went on a long rant, but basically, I have only ever encountered positive reactions. :lol:
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