Surprisingly Positive Things People Have Said!

Oct 7, 2007

    1. I decided to take Sigrid with me when I went to visit my old high school art teacher. She’s a Skyrim themed character and both him and I are Skyrim nuts, but I wasn’t sure how he’d respond to her. Long story short he fell in love. He fawned over her face and eyes and outfit and called her beautiful and impressive. That was honestly the best reaction I’ve ever gotten, and it came from someone that really mattered to me!
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    2. So I recently saw a post about negative comments and feedback hurting your feelings. And I definitely have had my share of that. It's no fun. But I was wondering, have any of you experienced unexpected support and love for the hobby from someone you totally thought would not like it?

      Like my mom is a veeery picky lady, she likes what she likes and really dislikes what she doesn't. But she is SO proud of my dolls. Everytime her boyfriend comes over she insists on showing him the new things I've done with my dolls. Even when he's seen them a hundred times. It just warms my heart and makes me happy, because I thought I'd get most of the judgment from her.:kitty2 Anyone have something like that?
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    3. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any support from friends or family. My family doesn’t really know and my friends aren’t really interested. Surprisingly for me DoA has really been the best support I’ve had so far. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and it’s encouraging that I’m not the only person my age or that I’m new to the hobby. I was even inspired to get a new doll and try shelling my own character.
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    4. As for me starting the hobby, I have already encountered negative comments about it. They refer to it as "toys" and I am too old to have dolls "again". I do not get much support and I'm fine with it though. As long as I enjoy and I am happy with what I do. In spite of that, I really appreciate my sister for openly understanding our hobby and she enjoys it after I have explained the uniqueness and overview of the dolls. Well, since it's really hard to showcase the beauty of the hobby, I have been seeking for groups that share the same interest like DoA. Whenever I have questions in mind, this is my go-to spot and members here are really nice and helpful. I do hope that our hobby will expand more and let other people become aware of it in the future.
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    5. My husband is really supportive of my hobby (and obsession) he brags about me (and the dolls) to sales people when I'm buying something to use in my dolly world. My two sisters are really supportive as they remember me playing with dolls for hours when I was younger, even though I only remember tiny bits of my childhood. It makes me feel so good, and happy that it has been a lifelong passion and they are okay with it.
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    6. @orenjiina I'm sorry you don't have anyone in person to be supportive, but I'm super glad places like DoA exists. And I hope you always feel welcome here!

      @inordi19 I'm happy to hear that your sister likes it. (Maybe you can convert her  ;))

      @SteamWitch I love it when I hear about people's spouses being supportive, because it's too easy these days for spouses to shove each other's hobbies down. I guess I'm just really scared to be open about my dollies with my fiance. He knows about them, just sparingly.
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    7. My mother's reaction to my doll was my biggest fear! :shudder
      I know she's always been accepting of almost everything I like or do, but since I've never been much into dolls before BJDs I couldn't predict how she would react in this specific case.
      She never said anything bad about it! But she obviously didn't feel comfortable at all when my 70 cm boy was just sitting somewhere near her or when I wanted to bring him with us on holidays. Surprisingly she changed her mind quite quickly, a few weeks after his arrival she already started to buy little things for him (mostly little decorations like plastic flowers or a tiny tea set) and offered to teach me how to knit scarfs and simple sweaters for him even though I never asked her to!
      My grandma always asks what my doll is doing whenever we talk on the phone, it's kind of funny. I guess he's almost like an official family member by now. :lol:

      I'm pretty sure my father would have been very dismissive about this hobby, way too much money for useless stuff! But well, fortunately dead people can't complain anymore. :roll:
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    8. I am lucky my parents are supportive of my dolls. They even know them by name. And my family who know about them are also interested in the things I make for my dolls. My mom is always wanting to make clothes for my boys and she is very exicted now I am getting my first girl!!

      I had negative reactions from some of my friends and other people which was hurtful. Some people say they are scary sometimes or comment on their cost. However once I talk to people more or they see them they are often interested in how they are made.

      The first time I talked about my dolls to people my friend was very supportive of me he studies fashion and he was talking of all the clothes I could make for my dolls!!

      The funniest reaction is my cat who tried to sit on my dolls lap!!
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    9. My parents are mostly supportive. My dad helps me with restringing and stuff and my mum even bought presents for my dolls. My mum came to LDoll with me and was actually proud when people said they liked my dolls! My best friend likes them too, and I send her photos and stuff.
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    10. My dad is the same!! He keeps asking when I am getting another doll that needs restringing!! He really loves it when i get a new doll. My mom is planning to go with me to LDoll next year actually!!
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    11. We made an agreement since he doesn't have an expensive hobby, he takes photos of sunrises and sunsets. We both get a monthly allowance to spend however we want. It works out very nicely especially for me since PayPal credit is 6 months no interest I can pay off my big dolly debt over time.;)
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    12. That's too awesome!

      I'm super happy to see all the support! There's just too much negativity in this hobby. It makes me really happy to see all this parental love as well!
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    13. Just yesterday my cat was curled up in my HID Iplehouse boy's lap, sound asleep :kitty2
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    14. This is a great topic! My mom wasn't thrilled initially, but after I got my first doll, she was just so impressed by how delicate and detailed she was. One year for Christmas, she bought some outfit sets on my wishlist, and she loved how tiny they all were. I miss being excited and discussing my hobby with her; she always wanted to see when I had somehing new.
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    15. My mom totally freaked out when I mentioned how much Pullips cost (around $120), so I know she would NOT be okay if I ever told her how many times more expensive BJDs are! Luckily I don't have any doll-negative people in my life, though. My husband even carefully moves my dolls out of the way if they're on his chair <3
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    16. At first my family had a really negative reaction to the doll. Mainly how much I spent on them, but within my first year of the hobby they have warmed up to it. My mother especially, which came as a big surprise to me.
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    17. My parents were very against the hobby at first, due to the cost. I thought they'd always hate my dolls, but they've really come around! They even like to surprise me with cute props and furniture when they're at flea markets, and they've helped build furniture for them too. (My dad built a really awesome realistic 1/3 couch for my for Christmas one year, and my mom sewed all the cushions!)

      My husband is also super supportive. He doesn't own any dolls, but he helps me with mine, goes to doll meets and cons with me and even tries to learn as much as he can about companies and sculpts. He even speaks out against recasts! He's been great, and he was my cheerleader during the anniversary events this year.

      Lastly, and mostly, my sister, Christina_Xx. She had seen a BJD in person before I had at an anime con, and she ordered her first doll a week after I did. We've been in the hobby together since the start, and sharing the hobby with a sister is the best thing ever! We even tend to make holiday gifts doll themed. If not a new doll head, then clothes or wigs or something.
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    18. My husband and my daughter are super supportive of my hobby. My daughter loves my doll very much, and would like to have one of her own. She has not yet found her big love. But lately she has gotten heavily into anime, so maybe I have an idea...

      My husband suggested that I could have my own room with several glass cabinets for my dolls. Originally these were to be Ikea Detolfs. He looked them again, but then he found out that each shelf can hold 3 kgs. So he snatched Captain Rex with his stand snd put him on the scale. 5.5 kgs with armor and gun! He just said "Well, either your guys all have to diet, or we better look for other glass cabinets." No problem, there are alternatives.

      So side note: Ikea Detolfs may fit slim 70 cm dolls, but cannnot support the bulky, muscled guys I prefer!
      Thanks for your attention, dear hubby.
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    19. My partner is really supportive of my hobby since many are the OCs we've gamed as over the years. He was especially excited by some of my more unique sculpts like my Little Rebel Andre and DZ Mo-B. He seems to like the unique dolls more than the cutsey ones.

      My family was not very supportive though in their own way they all collect things. My sister and mother are the most receptive to doll things and often comment on and appreciate a well-styled doll or picture.
    20. My boyfriend is very superstitious about possessions and things like that, to the point where he doesn't even like my stuffed animals to be facing the bed, so when I got my dolls out of storage I thought he would be just as freaked out by them, but he surprisingly wasn't! The price tag takes him aback but otherwise he is quite supportive!