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Surprisingly Positive Things People Have Said!

Oct 7, 2007

    1. I think the price is the thing that gets a lot of people that are otherwise supportive :sweat
      I've been watching dolls for years and just started this year. My mom definitely wasn't a fan of my HID Iplehouse's amount. But once she saw him that was it. :3nodding:
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    2. I was honestly surprised at my fiancé's supportiveness...with all of my doll hobbies to be frank. He gets a kick out of showing everyone our new home and immediately takes them to my "doll room" to get reactions from people. He's tricked quite a few service people who came over to set up electrical things (the looks on their faces when they thought they were noisely going into a baby's room is priceless). He likes to brag about my dolls and it does make me feel proud :D (and not, weird!)
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    3. My friend when I was at university got really excited the first time I told him about my dolls. He is a fashion designer and he was talking about all the clothes I could make for them!!

      At my work I have some of my colleagues on facebook where I post my doll pictures and last week a girl I work with told me that she liked seeing every time I get a new doll!!:aheartbea
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    4. I used my dolls for something work related (long story but lots of fun) and one of my colleagues said she liked them, and the other said how beautiful she thought they were, so that was really nice :) so many of my immediate family and friends are scared or don’t understand it, so it was a refreshing change
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    5. This is such a cool thread! This is not completely about BJD's (but there were definitely BJD's present) but my local dolly friend group had a mostly Blythe meet in a very public location a few years back, and though we definitely got our fair share of stares, one lady came up with her husband and started asking us all these questions. She was never rude, just very inquisitive, and after several minutes of talking she said "I never knew the doll hobby community did stuff like this, it's so cool!" And went on to gush about how cute the dolls all were and how she was now thinking about getting one. It was great.<3
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    6. I was expecting my partner to think that my dolls were definitely a little creepy, especially Juliet, who's painted like an ice demon. But then a few weekends ago during our one day marathon of the extended Lord of the Rings (yeah, I know we're a little crazy), he asked if I needed help putting her back together, and wanted to do it! I really do love him , and eventually I'm planning on getting him a doll of his own:3nodding:
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    7. Though my parents disapprove of the price, my mother and sister both admire beautiful things and have come around on many of my dolls, especially the ones that are complete and done up in more flamboyant style.
    8. When I got my first BJDs, I feared my best friend would find them creepy. Instead, she asked to hold them and called them beautiful! I asked her to be careful and to not touch their faces and she was so gentle and fascinated with them, it really warmed my heart.
    9. My mother isn't enjoying how much I spend on my dolls (Especially since I gravitate towards big SD's), but she finds my boys very beautiful!! One day I had one sitting on the dining room table and I caught her fixing his hair and clothes! I'm really glad she isn't freaked out about them!
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    10. My closet friend has been so supportive and excited about my dolls. I didn't think he'd be all that interested in them to start with. But he's always sending me pictures from antique stores and thrift shops of things he thinks will be good props. He came over one day with a huge antique bird cage, so I could make a doll house out of it, for my tiny guys.
      I'm waiting for the day he buys a doll :)
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    11. Two separate friends have told me my dolls helped them get over their fear of dolls in general. That means a lot to me, since I'm all about undoing the damage Hollywood has done to dolls' reputation.
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    12. When my doll finally arrived, I was worried certain family members wouldn't like her. You hear stories about disapproving family and that got me a little worried. To my surprise, though, my younger brother (one person I thought would definitely find her creepy) loved her! He said she reminded him of a character from a show we both enjoyed and wanted me to get her more outfits.
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    13. That's awesome! My boyfriend is also very supportive, and though he doesn't really want a doll of his own, he loves a lot of mine. He even named my largest boy and got me a BJD for our one year anniversary (that we jokingly call his 'daughter'). It's really great to have supportive partners for your passions and hobbies, even if they don't fully understand it. <3

      Also, ONE DAY LOTR MARATHON? I salute you and I'm in awe lol
    14. I'm in a similar boat. My grandmother always loved dolls, and my mom is quite fond of them as well. Whenever she came over to my house she was always complimenting them and loved to hold them and such. She was not a fan of how expensive my most expensive doll was, but she just kind of let it slide lol

      I have gotten her some Monster High and Jdolls before though, and she loves them!
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