Switch Doll Ryun : R

Apr 25, 2018

    1. I just recently bought a Ryun from Switch and I haven't seen many other people that own his sculpt. Is he just not very popular? I did get him secondhand after all. Anyways, I'm just looking for other owners to ask questions and converse~
    2. Here is a discussion thread for all Switch heads:
      SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

      I own two Ryun:R... one in normal and one in mocha (he still needs a face up).
      Ryun:R was my first Doll from Switch and I like him very much.

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    3. @Saiyaku Your boy is very handsome! :love

      I also own a Ryun:R, his name is Louis and he was my first Switch boy too ^^ Here are the last pictures I took of him:

    4. omg! he is handsome!