That one turn-off

Aug 2, 2012

    1. When I saw my fist pukipuki in person, I was enamored of the adorable size and posability. I have firmly banned myself from getting dolls under 20cm due to the difficulty of sewing in so small a scale, and fear of losing said dolls.
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    2. My two big ones are laughing dolls and unrealistically sized body parts (like huge boobs). I also don't like sad looking dolls, dolls with really round eyes, or sleeping dolls. I prefer my dolls to have a "fiercer" look than being generically pretty, but it's not a huge deal.
    3. Giraffe necks + when you can see the "dome" of the neck approaching even if the head is on it (I had this issue with my first doll Maya, DZ Shoyo - a pic of her with "neck-dome approaching")

      Dolls with special facial expressions like extreme smile or extreme cry-face. I don't think they are ugly and some artists can turn them into beautiful dolls, but I don't want to own them beacuse of their lack of flexibility in moods. This means a character is "always cying" or "always smiling" what annoys me >.<

      Big boobs and chewing gum Vamp* is already mentioned often enough ^-^

      *when vampire teeth are looking like if the doll is having a chewing gum inside the open mouth
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    4. For me, my biggest turn-off is bubble breasts, where they just look like two circles slapped on the doll's chest from the front.
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    5. For me it’s large boobs too! Actualy, any too mature looking bust... I will only buy a doll if it has an almost non-existent bust... mature ones just not fit my characters or taste!
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    6. The way a lot of tiny faces are very flat and wide, the features are very close to each other and feel very squashed together. I like them to have longer faces with space for more proportionate features.

      Ugly joints for the sale of mobility, like the jointed neck on some Dollshe bodies, and how some bodies have part of the back of the knees carved out just so they can kneel.

      Also anime style faces aren’t my thing, but that’s just my personal preference.
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    7. the best part of pukis is that you can find tons of Kelly/Shelly/Tommy doll clothes- no need to sew that small!
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    8. For the longest time one of my instant-rejection features was open mouths/exposed teeth. It's still a huge turn off, but there are a few exceptions. Another turn-off is excessively large/pointy noses, but at least that's an easy mod. I also won't buy closed/slit eyed dolls unless there is an open eyed version to go with it. I like the option to change between them but I just don't have a place in my dollverse for a permanently asleep doll.
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    9. Sculpted expressions and young looking faces on beefy bodies! I also don’t like crazy beefy bodies- the Granado Titan makes my skin crawl lol
    10. For me, probably a weird lip sculpt!!! There's a certain type of lip sculpt that I HATE lol
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    11. Giant, unrealistic and really round breasts. It just looks so weird to me!
    12. Turn offs would be dolls with too skinny bodies cuz they can't carry my fave style of clothing well, dolls with large features but small faces and heads too small on big bodies (I see a lot of SD17 dolls like this)
    13. I’m not a fan of the open mouthed sculpts or the ones with their tongues out. I just....I can’t get past it. The vampire fangs resting unnaturally on the lips is a no go for me as well. The over exaggerated pear shape of some dolls. And eyebrows.....I don’t know how to properly explain it, certain styles of eyebrows are just a massive turn off. This one, thankfully, can be amended with a new faceup.
    14. Very Childish faces in adult bodies , especially if the faceup is a little bland.
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    15. I don't like duck lips and dolls with this certain dull Selfie-Girlie-Expression. Also too symmetric faces, they look so lifeless to me.
    16. Adult hands that are pudgy or not very detailed. Same with feet too. It seems kind of a shame to have such detailed faces and bodies, and then have the hands be so...blah.
    17. I have a lot of turn offs... for me would be the following
      - incredibly stick skinny body
      - child head with adult body
      - plain bodies/bodies lacking detail (looks cheap)
      - ant head on body
      - long or thick necks
      - odd shaped lips
      - white skin
      - nose that curves like a water slide/pointy nose
      - doll any bigger than 60cm (I love seeing them, but won't ever own them)
    18. Unrealistic hands-- and/or, hands without sculpted detail -- stiff, straight pointy fingers like the artist couldn't be bothered or was inept -- oh! and hands that are cut off mid-handpalm for a joint! Dreadful. To me the hands need to be just as expressive as the doll's face. Also because like the face, it will be the part of the doll that's visible always, and will be important in photos,
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    19. Unproportionally large breasts, also grey resin; I've worked with sculpting materials that are grey, so grey dolls just make my brain think 'unfinished sculpture'
    20. I found I am not a big fan of teeth something about a doll with teeth just puts me off . And also dolls with too much expression I feel like I can’t just have them sitting around when they have a certain expression like they gotta be doing something idk tho lol