That one turn-off

Aug 2, 2012

    1. For me, a turn off is a sad-looking doll, one with a down-turned mouth. Another is when the eyes are down-turned at the outer corners. I love sculpts that have almond-shaped or skinnier/Asian looking eyes.

      Another turn off is when the hands are too long or big relative to the rest of the arm/body. I've seen ones with hands as big as their faces! That's way too big for me, especially if its all fingers.
    2. Don't care for busty girls. I prefer a neutral face and not fond of what I call the double jointed dolls (square knees and elbows).
    3. Regardless of how you're choosing to use it, "double jointed" is a proper term for a type of jointing using a separate "peanut" between the two limb pieces, rather than a cup on one and ball on the other (single jointed). It is not aesthetics based, and there is a wide variety of aesthetics in both single and double jointed dolls.
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    4. I don't really have any doll turn-offs. The only thing I can say for sure that turns me off is BRIGHT ORANGE faceups. I will not pay a company to do a faceup if I see their sculpts have orange mouths. One time I liked the promo shots for an IpleHouse doll and bought him, and he came with orange lips and orange blush on his cheeks. PUMPKIN ORANGE. lol! It made me hate my doll until I got him wiped and got someone on DoA to give him a nice faceup.
    5. Oh man I don’t like puffy faces, full smiles with teeth showing, overly wide/close set eyes, or grey resin. There are expections to every rule but I know I’ll never buy a doll with those qualities.

      Oh. And half closed eyes. I forgot all about that lol
    6. Really pointed chins/tear-drop faces. IMO they look very weird from certain angles for photos.
    7. I don’t like open mouthed dolls, or dolls with teeth (not including fangs) and dolls with really squished profiles. I just can’t bring myself to like it. Also the way too pronounced breasts.
    8. I also don't like open mouthed dolls that shows teeth!!! I don't know why but that just makes me cringe a little inside.
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    9. I hate muscular sculps. Thin and chubby are fine, even the thin dolls with a 6 pack, but big bulky ones are a no go for me.

      I also don't like dolls where the face is frozen into a weird expression. Normally I don't lik a doll with anything but a neautral face (with some exceptions) but it's ones with a very weird expressions that will always be a 100% no, like IOS Infernale or some of those yawning heads.
    10. Joints that are aesthetically clearly meant to not be moved and have an edge to sit straight. Like for exemple iplehouse's torso joint. Looks bloody awful when your doll is leaning!
      also this new trend to have built-in siliconne discs or beads. If your doll requires them to hold a pose, that's bad design. I also really don't like how they feel when moving the joints, and I don't look forward to when they'll have dried up and I'll have to fill up all those holes with hot glue. Just no.
      And joint locks. They also don't feel great when handling the doll, and are strangely limiting for something that is intended to help with posing.

      I have a lot of feelings about doll engineering :XD:
    11. As others have said, I don’t like dolls with overly happy/sad faces. I don’t mind them, it’s just that I wouldn’t buy one for myself.
    12. Dolly elbows XD I just think they're so ugly, but I can live with it.

      The really chubby "baby hands" on dolls with big boobs. They just creep my out. >.>;
    13. oversized fakey breasts on dolls are a big turnoff. actually i dont like most sculpts' breast shape so i dont know that ill ever get a girl with any bust lol....

      dolls with super baby-baby faces. the more it looks like an irl baby, the more i detest it. i just really dont like how babies look.

      and lastly, teeth .... they creep me out, especially if theyre super distinct. open smiles i dont like for this reason either. ill lump ahegao type expressions into here too; even seeing clothing modeled on a doll with one of those faces turns me off to the product...
    14. * Like a whole lotta people here, I think zeppelin-sized boobs are pretty awful on a lot of otherwise lovely doll sculpts. It doesn't bother me on statues, maquettes, or action figures (usually), but it can be off-putting on a doll.
      * Ski-slope noses. It's surprisingly common, and I don't get the appeal.
      * Eyes spaced waaaaay too far apart. It's really cute on some anthropomorphic dolls, but it's just disturbing on pseudo-realistic human faces.
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    15. * Too short arms
      * Ugly ankles
      * Anime sculpts (I like realistic)
      * Badly sculpted torsos (abs looking like squares, flat back...)
      * Too small, flat or otherwise ugly butts
      * Small, chubby hands on adult bodys or too small hands in general
      * Too big heads, bobbleheads
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    16. Giant headlights and the appearance/flexibility of the knees.

      I think it's extremely tacky when I see these dolls with very thin and frail bodies, but somehow have these MASSIVE things strapped to the front. For the knees; I want my doll to be as poseable as possible, so when the doll has knees like a barbie (can only bend it one way) and not the extra joint for the kneecap its a real turn off.

      I'm also picky with the head sculpts. I am into the realistic dolls but they have to have a regal air for me to consider them. The cutesy one's are adorable, I just don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a doll that I can't make beautiful. That's not to say I don't like them though. :)
    17. Open mouthed dolls - in general I don’t want to own one. They don’t bother me but thinking of cleaning out that mouth as often as I enjoy redoing face-ups makes me unwilling to own one.

      Large eyes / odd jaw lines / lack of definition in the nose or especially ears - I’m really picky about faces and tend to lean more loosely US-comic than anime in what I look for. And ears make or break a sale for me. A flat disc isn’t going to cut it, I want details. Also if a company covers the ears in every shot I’m less likely to purchase. I do give the larger eyes a pass on my tinies.

      Heavy face ups that don’t reflect elsewhere on the doll - this one is probably just me, but for example I always feel dissappointed when I see a doll with heavy freckling or the like and it ends at the face. Nothing on the arms, hands, or elsewhere to reflect the entire face being heavily customized.
    18. One big turn off for me is when the eyes are too big. I love anime sculpts, but when a company puts out a sculpt that isn't supposed to be anime, and the eyes literally engulf the face of the doll, it's a turn off. I also don't like it when a doll's body (specifically male) is too skinny and lanky, but he has a six pack in the middle of his stomach. Like, a really defined six pack. His arms are still skinny, but he has a six pack. My only doll, Elliot, is really pushing those boundaries, but I've seen worse. Another thing is dolls that have yaoi hands. If I can't fit a sweatshirt overall doll without having to remove their hands, it seems kinda irritating.
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    19. I hope I can explain well but....I really don't like it when male bodies have the torso jointed right underneath the pecs. It makes the pecs looks weird and too pronounced in my opinion? I like when the joint is a little lower, like where the ribs would be, leaving room underneath the bottom of the pecs.
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    20. I strongly dislike the curled full upper lip a lot of these male dolls have that I would otherwise like. It’s too reminiscent of the creepy scientist from A Nightmare before Christmas. Every time I see these beautiful boys with these ridiculously full waved curled lip I think of the scientist being agitated at Sally’s escape and his lip quivering. :ablah:

      I also dislike a lot of the male bodies. They’re either string bean thin or obviously on roids. Where’s just your average dude bod. Hah, maybe people don’t want that?

      For girls I’d say a lot of the faces are too “precious” or animated for me. Even the ones that attempt realism don’t mesh with my realistic male doll faces.