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That one turn-off

Aug 2, 2012

    1. I've realized there's a few things I don't like now and its made it really hard to find companies that make dolls that I like.

      *I don't like dolls that aren't tan because I'm tan myself and I like to have a doll that looks similar to me that I can relate to.

      *I don't like realistic faces, I prefer huge eyes.

      *I don't like dolls that have a mouth that's sculpted to always smile because I like to make my dolls have a neutral or frowning mouth. (I like to give my dolls a worried expression because I think it looks really cute.)

      *I don't like open mouths or teeth unless they're fangs.

      *I don't like really skinny dolls, I prefer dolls that have thicker thighs, torso, chest, etc. (Exception to this is if the doll is meant to be really young.)

      *I don't seem to like male dolls. I think because of my first point.
    2. There are three things in particular I can't stand:

      1.) Dolls that have disproportionately wide hips, especially when the rest of the body is disproportionately narrow. For one thing, buying/making clothes to suit such a shape is next to impossible.

      2.) Dolls with a young child's face on a mature adult body. I feel like there are pedophilic undertones to such a design, and am disturbed by that.

      3.) I'm glad I'm not the only one who is sick of seeing the oversized, unnaturally shaped flotation devices a lot of dolls have that are apparently supposed to be breasts. I mean, I understand that a lot of dolls are made with the anime look in mind, and I also understand that anime isn't realism, but come onnnn.
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    3. I really dislike dolls with a winking or really exaggerated facial expression... I guess it's kind of like uncanny valley but most of the dolls I've seen with those kinds of expressions *cough cough* fairyland *cough cough* are really ugly to me T_T
    4. I don't really like the enormous breasts either. I'll see a pretty female sculpt, and then be turned off entirely when I look at her body and the gigantic, balloon shaped breasts.

      I also don't like how a lot of the male bodies have super exaggerated muscles on their torso. Studying the human body, you realize that the only way a dude can ever get that sort of super ripped muscles on their torso is if they're flexing said torso 24/7.

      And gigantic yaoi hands. Dear god, those hands are a sin. I do not like those enormous baseball mits. Please. It's the main reason why I'm shopping around for a body just for my IOS Anarmonia. IOS tends to have those baseball mits. :'[

      Random veins on the body as well. It's just...a huge turn off for me when I'm looking at bodies and it has weird veins on it. Why? The body would look good without them.
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    5. Thin ankles and necks!! They just make the doll look like they are costantly teetering on the edge of faceplanting! Makes me very nervous so I’d have to say “no thanks”!
    6. Hm, there are a few things....

      1, As mentioned before: too large breasts. Like, watermelons.
      2, Open mouth.
      3, Not so detailed face (especially missing browline).
    7. Big breasts on anthros. Except of Dollchateau Madelyn.
      Too muscly guys. It's ridiculous, sometimes. Why they don't make more smooth guys?
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    8. I find that I don’t like mature dolls that have disproportionately huge heads, unless they’re stylized. I’ve also found that super skinny dolls, like the ones that look like a twig without a figure is another big turn off.

      Yeah and I’m the same with the boobs. I don’t like it when the boobs make the doll topple over.