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The most expensive thing you've bought for your doll

Dec 2, 2016

    1. Hi,

      What's the most expensive thing you've bought for your doll? Not just limited to clothes or accessories. Maybe an expensive curio cabinet to keep your dolls in? Maybe you could post a picture of the said item as well, I'd like to see these fancy things we pamper out dolls with. I just started the hobby and haven't got anything for my doll yet so I'm curious to see how you pamper your dollies.

    2. An airbrush and compressor for faceups. It's never been used... I just got my craft room organized so I can set it up, and now we're moving soon so it hardly seems worth putting it all together just to tear it down again.
      Ah well. Someday...
    3. My whole doll room to be how it is, cost around $400. From storage cube units (8) to the plastic bins, fabric bins to store everything. To furniture for them, seating and display pieces, as well as the props, rugs and boards to level the spaces. It was well worth it though.
    4. Jono's guitar was 160 USD before shipping. I think that's probably the most I've spent on a single doll item. It's a pretty awesome prop, I must admit. He also has a guitar case for it, which was 60 dollars. I bought them together.

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    5. A DSLR, bought mainly to take pictures of dolls. :lol:
    6. 90 dollars for one outfit would have been to much to me, but now I'm looking at outfits that are 160!xD But hey, I don't spend much money, don't even buy morning coffee or dinner out like most people, so why not spend the extra money I make on something like dolls! After I have enough to get two dolls the next thing I'm saving up for is a ton of clothing and fabric so I can make them some too! I'm also eying a little mini book shelf and couch....

      So yeah, I really don't have much now, but my guess is the clothing or furniture sets will be the most expensive. That might change though if I want a better camera to take pictures of them.
    7. I spent over $500 remodeling a bedroom into a doll room with deep shelves for permanent dioramas, plus the money on all the little props and such.

      On a single thing, $200 on Dhani's wedding suit and $100 on Luc's compound bow that has been nothing but frustration every step of the way.
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    8. So far it's a $100 burgundy stuffed Victorian chair I got from a fellow collector for my 70cm boys!
    9. The most expensive single item I've bought my dolls was more practical, I guess-- it would have to be the pink MSD carrier bag. None of my individual outfits/extra body parts/furniture/props has been as expensive as the carrier.
    10. Um...a $400 onepiece which comes with a wig. It's really like wedding dress but not exactly.
    11. Hmmm... A classic, victorian style telephone table and seater (dark wood with wine red carpet, in really good condition), which was 50 pounds (near $63) and my camera, which was 250 pounds (near $318) around a year ago, but I want to buy a better camera to learn photography (it's halfway: also for me and for my dolls).
    12. So far, the most expensive single thing I ever bought for one of my dolls was a custom-made "Red Alice" dress (as I call it). This here (striped hat by me, dress by Amaeta, socks and shoes from Taobao):

      It cost me - what was it, 150 Euros I think and it's worth every single cent.
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    13. That's a very realistic looking guitar. Super cool!

      I love the fabric of the dress and it's a cery lovely color too. Is the corset made of leather?
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    14. Thanks. The red is awesome! :) The corset is made of faux leather - it can be laced in the back so you don't have to fiddle with the tiny straps.
    15. It's not here yet, but I recently commissioned a 170 USD wig from Amadiz Studio. It's a little scary because I don't know what it even looks like, I just hope it turns out perfect. I have owned dolls cheaper that that, after all.
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    16. I bought a room box and furniture and I got her an eve cat. The room box with furniture and accessories was probably close to $300 and the eve cat was almost $500. In honestly, part was paid as Christmas gifts but most expensive by far.
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    17. So far the most I've paid for a single doll item has been forty-seven bucks for a white kanzashi. Those things don't appear to be widely available for ball-jointed dolls so I bought it. There have been other orders that cost more, but those orders were for two or more things at once (eyes and the like).

      I am currently eyeing a seventy-dollar wa-lolita dress, though. So soon I may have a better answer for this question!
    18. I have purchased three miniature park benches for my doll family - one that fits my MSDs and two for my SD-and-over sized dolls. All three totaled up at about $75.
    19. Currently it's a 45 dollar wig- but I'm just getting the basics at the moment. I'm already eyeing up some more expensive stuff to get in a week or so (a set of chalk pastels for faceups and a long, luxurious wig for 90 dollars). I'm sure I'll find some gorgeous outfits or shoes to spend even more on eventually but that's all for now :)