The Most You are Willing to Pay for Clothes?

Nov 9, 2017


Price Limits for Customs??

Poll closed Nov 23, 2017.
  1. $500!

  2. $300!

  3. $150!

  4. Less than $100

    1. I’m currently trying to decide if I would spend 150ish on a cute maid outfit from purple dream because it’s so cute but yeah I don’t think I would buy a dress for myself at that amount. I have spent that much on like clothing lots though. If I were to buy a custom outfit I think I would mind paying more but it would have to be something I really wanted.
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    2. Fullset?
      Zero! I don't buy full sets. I don't understand doing so; I enjoy the hobby by creating my own characters, doing modifications, etc, and trying to create a character for a full set doll would likely end in it being put on the marketplace because I couldn't bond.

      I hate buying shoes. They're the bane of my existence. For a pair of plain white converse for my SD, it cost me $30 plus shipping. :| That's more than I spend on my OWN shoes! I prefer to pay $15-30 at most, not including shipping, because most of my dolls aren't fantasy styled or anything like that. They don't need special shoes. I've found some really cute ones for $15 for my yosd that go perfectly with her cupcake-style lolita dress, and recently I bought a REALLY nice pair of glossy white combat boots on the marketplace for like $13!!

      Dresses vs shirt and pants?
      Dresses alone I would pay maybe $25-- but I've found an etsy seller who sells full set lolita outfits for yosds for like, $35 total-- including headpieces, dresses, purses, bloomers, and stockings, so I really like going to them. They're so high quality, too! For a full set like that I'm willing to pay up to $50, but since I've found this seller, I've been spoiled.

      For shirts and pants, I get pretty frustrated. My dolls like modern styles and buying a pair of nice jeans for them costs like $40. I'll spend up to $55 just for the shirt and pants.

      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats?
      I'm not usually interested in these. I have paid $2.50 for a knit beanie (on sale).

      Custom outfits for your doll?

      For custom outfits I'm willing to splurge a little. I've made arrangements to commission someone here on DoA for a special outfit for a character doll I'm shelling. Since it's relatively simple (a nice shirt and cloth overalls), I offered up to $80 give or take some change.

      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments?

      I don't think I'd ever put clothes on layaway.
    3. I’m willing to pay in excess of $500 but only if the quality is truly worth it! I went on a shopping spree for Nine9Style and Leekeworld shoes which ended up being quite pricey. I appreciate clothing that has the detail and embellishments that human clothes have. I bought two pairs of boots from Switch (each about $60) and the quality is amazing. If it’s something like that then I am willing to pay.
    4. I am willing to spend no money on BJD clothes. I do buy shoes, and a very limited amount of accessories. I suck at sewing and it's become a real chore for me over the years, but I've always been kind of a nut for proportionate or in-scale-looking clothing pieces. That is also why I don't normally set up dioramas or props for my photos, and because I'm lazy and don't sew much, I prefer taking nudes or extreme close ups. Most BJD clothes I've seen have huge zippers and/or buttons or closures of any type which seem too big (IMHO), which annoys me. Clothing for true-to-scale 1:6 action figures normally have in-scale buttons or other closures particularly zippers, so I do purchase some of those for OT dolls and figures, and also Azone stuff, because of the superiors quality at affordable prices for the latter. I'm willing to purchase clothes for those toys because they look proportionate and depending on the brand, well tailored to fit the doll/figure and look realistic or in-scale.

      I know getting smaller sized closures for larger dolls is a pain in the gut, first hand. When I was making an outfit that required a double separating zipper in size #2 I had to settle for a size #3 and it wasn't from YYK, so one of the pulls broke off. Luckily I had some spare YYK pulls on hand, in size #3 so I was able to replace it successfully (but it was a royal pain in the lower back!). I feel like with BJD (as oppose to 12" fashion dolls or action figures), most people making clothes for them just trim zippers to length without noting how big the pull and the teeth are and just caring about the length alone. I mind the actual size of the teeth and pull, because I think it looks disproportionate, more so on smaller sized dolls. Most also don't seem to care about how large a button is, vs how big they usually are on real-people's clothes. Those are some of the major reasons why I have never been willing to purchased BJD clothes, and I also own super unpopular sculpts with odd proportions. I've never seen a BJD clothing item I feel looks tailored for the doll they are modeled on, so I doubt they would look remotely nice on any of my dolls. The other reason I don't purchase BJD clothes is because I don't like them wearing the same stuff over and over, but since I stopped sewing much as I've gotten older, I've kind of have to most of the time (reuse clothes I mean)... although, I take more nudes than anything for that reason among others. (:
    5. Fullset? If it catches my eye, I'd love to spend $200-$300.
      Shoes/boots? Usually $10-$20. But there's one particular shop on Taobao that I'm willing to spend like $100 to buy from. Excellent craftsmanship.
      Dresses vs shirt snd pants? Shirt/pants for sure. Around $10-$20.
      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats? I LOVE coats as I love them irl. The more the better. I can spend like $200 to buy a coat for my doll but I have to stop. No more coats, must, control, myself. As far as I like sweaters as well, it seems they are hard to find (for class 80 dolls).
      Custom outfits for your doll? $200-$400
      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments? Nope.
    6. Are you willing to share the name of the Taobao shoe shop? I’m always looking for good shoe makers!
    7. There you go! =)

      The shop only makes outfits/shoes for Hid/Eid sizes. All the items are very, very limited and they are very hard to get. (prices shown as 9999 mean the items are sold out. Items with "尾款" description mean you can only purchase them if you've ordered them in advance.)
      Today they'll release some new shoes for Hid/Eid and the order starts at 7 pm (local time so I think it's GMT+8).
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    8. I'm never willing to pay for doll clothes more than I pay for my clothes. Just, never. It doesn't make sense in my head, I'm sorry. I absolutely suck at sewing, but I'm much more inclined to do my own doll clothes than paying more than $100 on them. I absolutely appreciate the effort and creativity of doll clothing sellers, but I am not their target public XD
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    9. I can't sew at all. My BJD is a little girl so she just needs little girl clothing. I wouldn't spend more than $100, including tax and shipping for an outfit for her.
    10. $300 for a dress set excluding shoes but the quality needs to be breathtaking.

      $500 for a suit of armor!
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    11. It's so beautiful!
    12. I don't know skills such as sewing, and I like to dress dolls in different clothes, so I've spent a lot of money on clothes.