Themes within crew, or just a big collection?

May 12, 2018

    1. Most of my planned crew will end up falling in to one story that's very much a "slice of life" thing. Then there's my little green witch mori boy who is sort of an outlier doing his own thing in his own little world.

      As of right now I'm only planning three full dolls for my "main" crew: Two SD sized parents (one who is currently home, the other who is only a floating head waiting for a body) and either an MSD or Yo-SD sized child, but if the bug really bites and I come in to a fair amount of extra money for some reason, there's a whole cast of supporting characters in their story that I wouldn't mind shelling. My little mori boy is likely to stay on his own though since he's a solitary forest dwelling nature witch. Maybe I'd entertain the idea of getting one of those cute little animal bjds for him as his forest friend, but that's not a priority.