Thick Art Doll Bodies (Mini Size)?

Jun 3, 2020

    1. I really like the Leekeworld Art Bodies, the ones that are thick thighs. However, they're sold out and I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know of any other bodies like this that are available? TIA
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    2. Myou has a msd sized body that’s rather pear shaped. It’s not as thick as a Leeke body but it’s a similar shape. I think it’s the type 2 body.
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    3. Summerbird BJDs are amazing. I have both the Leekeworld Art and Summerbird body and love 'em!

      You can find Leekeworld art body pretty well on the secondhand market. Summerbird is harder to find.

      Are you looking for more mature thickness or immature? Because there are thick 1/4 but they are stylized like thick baby-like features. They're called 1/4 BB.
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    4. Oh yes I should have specified! I would like mature/adult 1/4, which makes this even harder. Can you recommend other places to look for the Leekeworld art body? <3

      @Elomina thank you!

      @sugarcactus oh my gosh the summerbird body is wonderful!
    5. Right!? Everyone is waiting for another pre-order from her. :( I hope she's okay and hope all is well.

      Another artist doll people like is Rap1993. Those are more wider hips than thick thighs.

      You can always find thicker thighs like in Iplehouse JID (the previous type they offer as their new type is rather immature). I have seen people hybrid more MSD looking heads on Iplehouse FID bodies (fashion sized doll) and Raccoon Doll bodies (also fashion sized doll) to give them a more mature, full body, and they tend to be very thick looking. They are not pear-shaped like the Leekeworld body though.

      *Fashion size dolls are basically doll proportions that match SD but shrunken down to MSD size.

      As for Leekeworld art bodies, unfortunately the secondhand market like here on DoA, IG, and Facebook are the only places I can recommend.

      Another doll from Theory BJD Moon came up recently too:
    6. M.Theory Moon showed up in the news section here on DOA just the other day, and she seems to have a very stylized pear shape! Pretty sure she's just opening for preorder.

      EDIT: haha nvm, sugarcactus beat me to it!

      Unfortunately by the nature of it being an art body it's sort of difficult to find this style of body readily available. :sweat Dust of Dolls' Roze line has a similar silhouette... but they're also pretty rare and VERY expensive, so. :huh?:

      I could almost see Ango-Doll's big baby style body achieving the same effect if you did some creative frankensteining and modding? But that's opening up a whole 'nother can of worms.
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    7. I looked for curvy dolls too, I ended up with a 1/6 scale for my mini me. She's a Morningstar Dolls Fransisca.
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    8. Argodoll on instagram just announced a plus size 1/4 scale body. If it's like their 1/3 scale one, she's going to be beautiful!

      Legranddoll also made plus size 1/4 dolls. Unfortunately, she is closed, but you might be able to find one second hand.

      I also recommend maybe checking out Digidolls on instagram. Her dolls are more stylized, but they're curvy and cute.
    9. Argodoll's plus size 1/3 is amazing! I would love that in 1/4 size! Thanks for telling me <3
    10. Island doll has the Wind Island 39cm body that is both pear-shaped and genderless so it can pass for a female or male depending on how you dress it.
    11. There is always Lillycat Dolls. Wide hips and thick thighs, if that's what you want. The heads are really beautiful, which is why they are expensive, plus made in small batches. I have Ninon and Deavon, and I want more!
    12. I was just about to ask this very question here . They’re so unique! I’m thinking of ordering a Myou 1/6
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    13. Boudi dolls! They are curvy, they are not pricey (400$), and they are ready to ship. You can get a tan or choco for no additional costs!
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    14. They’re awesome!!