Things about this hobby that you find hilarious?

Apr 30, 2021

    1. Similar to the thread about funny BJD stories:

      Is there anything in this hobby you never stop finding funny?

      There are rant threads and horror stories. I want to start a thread about the more amusing aspects to collecting BJDs. (Please! This is not to make fun of anybody! Just hoping to inspire some light-hearted silliness.)

      I'll go first - I think detachable male doll genitalia is hysterical. I read somewhere else that one collector used all of their "extras" as refrigerator magnets, which - I would love to see a picture of that.

      Also - the "no splits" when people are listing heads only in Marketplace. I know it's a requirement, but I always giggle at the visual of a buyer and seller agreeing to a split and then arguing over which way to slice a head. With a cake knife, of course.

      Anyone else?
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    2. Penis doll. I can't remember who makes them, but they are cute and hilarious!
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    3. I find the height difference in different companies hilariously frustrating honestly...
      You’d think if someone tells you “my doll is 50cm” from one company and another person from a different company goes “my doll is also 50cm” they would be the same height but no.... not true based on the company...

      I’ve seen so many comparisons in height from a simple 4 cm off and how MASSIVELY different it is.
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    4. I find it a little funny (and a bit frustrating) how doll clothes and accessories are more expensive than human ones. And the funnier thing is, I’ve reached a point where I don’t even bat an eye when I see the prices (just add to cart, head empty). My sister saw how much I paid for a dress once and almost had a heart attack:XD:
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    5. So, so many things...
      Mino using her guy-doll's spare "bits" as fridge magnets very much among them.

      "press papilla good feel"...

      The doll that looks like anatomy...

      HZ's weird little chibi-dudes...

      Ours is a strange hobby. :lol:
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    6. Yeah definitely the jointed male parts. :XD: I have the extra part for my Dollshe Mystic body in a box with extra hands and stuff, and I laugh every time I'm looking for something and come across it. :lol:
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    7. @BlackCatNova seriously. $45 for jeans for me? Are you crazy?
      $45 for jeans for a 40 cm doll? Add to cart.

      @Haru's cat maybe you should put it on your fridge! At least you'd always know where it was!
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    8. Often people talking about mods they did make it sound like some kind of horror story, until you realise it’s about a doll. Taking such quotes out of context (or simply forgetting it’s a dollblog you are reading) can be really funny.

      Both funny and sometimes baffling is comparing sizes. My 26 cm girl wears the same wig size as a friends 70 cm girl, but her dresses are very similar in size to another doll that is only 20 cm. And then there are the sizing tags here. A 30 cm doll and a 9 cm doll both go into the tiny section even though one is triple the size of the other.
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    9. I'm going to expand on the optional/jointed male manbits thing—those crazy/cool hilarious alternative option bits. Trouser snake, elephant 'fountain(?)', a hand acting like an Adam and Eve leaf—those are the funniest ones I can come up with off the top of my head.:lol:
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    10. Granado's sense of humor kills me. Their April fools posts are the best. Plus "handy" will never be not hilarious.
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    11. Agreeing with Enitnerolf, the unintentional body horror that is disassembly and restringing. Spouse's office and my studio/craft room are the same room and they have asked nicely that i cover up the "creepy headless neck stump with a hook in" while I do a faceup on the same doll's disembodied head. :eek::XD:
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    12. I crack up every time I'm installing eyes or messing with the head and the eyes end up pointing in wacky directions
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    13. Expensive doll clothes really are funny. A long time ago when I was a bit unaware of average BJD prices I remember seeing an $80 dress and thinking, naively, that it was the doll itself...
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    14. My BJD's eyes falling out or going in different directions if they’re left in the box for a while. Also, headless bodies being dressed for some reason is funny to me.
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    15. I look forward to the Granado April Fool's post every year!

      I'll throw myself in with finding detachable/weird optional boy parts hilarious, how can you not? And just every mention of parts is funny, too. Box of heads, spare bodies, jars of eyes...
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    16. I find it funny how dolls can have a "personality" of their own. They kick, they swing their arms, they lean, they cuddle, they tilt their heads in ways that feel like they're expressing feelings. Even though I know they're just resin and string, they have personality unlike any other type of doll I've ever owned!
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    17. Oh man definitely thirding the funny eyes.

      Unboxing my boy was pretty funny, looking back. I was so excited I liveblogged it to my (very patient) mother, and Ara did some funny poses while I tried to squeak him out of the box. Then I got one shot that showed a bit too much hip and had to edit on an underwear emoji to cover him up!

      Also, just talking about them sometimes. You get the unintentional horror and then also like "Poor thing is sitting around the house buck naked." Or worse, "I can't take them out! They don't even have a face yet!"
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    18. Doll boobs. Sometimes the size and shape perplex me, other times I'm pleased a chest comes with cleavage so no one has to floss the bust clean.
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    19. Oh boy, getting pinched by resin joints while moving body parts around and almost crying in pain is hilarious when I think back at it (it wasn't funny when it happened.. my tender finger skin got stuck in some joints and I'm pretty sure I screamed out in shock).

      Or just seeing a doll with their arms or legs bent in the most unnatural ways while trying to pose them. Putting a head on facing the wrong way just for giggles. And of course eyes facing in strange directions :lol:
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    20. Yeah, the removable...ahem, equipment on the male dolls is hilarious to me. My latest addition came with some extras of his own and my mom happened to see and we both got a good kick out of it.

      Also, I think intentionally putting the "wrong" things on dolls is amusing. Like when you're experimenting for hybrids and put a head on a body that absolutely does not work... it's really funny seeing the wrong proportions, like a tiny pinhead on a big body with wide shoulders. Or eyes, dolls with eyes that are just a tad too big have a sort of uncanny but also hilarious thousand yard stare.
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