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Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread* - pt.2

Jul 13, 2017

    1. When "famous" (can you really be famous in this niche hobby?) or well-known/popular collectors accuse people of "copying" their dolls. And I'm not talking about carbon copy dolls (which do exist and I feel bad for the original owner for those).
      This happened to a friend of mine today, who chose to switch their doll's gender (I had sent them some wigs and clothes and they liked them better as a boy than a girl). The popular collector (who they had been talking with/looked up to) took it as a direct copy against them, because they're apparently the ONLY PERSON who can have X brand of doll as a boy. :roll:


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    2. wat.

      Small peeve, but still: Hard-to-read fonts / sizes / colours in forums. I just don't get it. If you want a reply from people, why make it extra hard for them to read your post? :huh?:
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    3. Cool sculpts and finding their limited.
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    4. When people ask if a doll in a listing is legit. And you marked it as legit, posted a picture of the COA, etc. I get being worried, but straight up asking if something's a recast when I clearly wrote legit is irritating. I could understand if they wanted more pics/receipts/whatever, but I've only gotten that stupid basic question. UGH.
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    5. I know it's totally irrational but my pet peeve is when so many preorders come out so close together. It is so hard for me to choose.
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    6. It's not really a rant, but the most annoying aspect of the hobby for me is the long wait times and difficulty of getting almost everything related to dolls - not only the doll itself but the sealant, clothing, wigs, eyes, shoes, even elastic of the correct thickness, everything must be ordered from far away.
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    7. I'm with you on this, and will add exceptionally poor grammar--not ESL, but things like l33tsp34k, txtspk, being soooooooooo speshul that you can't use real spellings, and the like. Similarly to the hard-to-read colors and sizes, it's not encouraging me to take you seriously as someone who wants a real response. The more conscious effort I have to put into reading your cutesy affectations in your posts, the more likely I am to just skip them and move on.
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    8. I absolutely agree with this. And when posts have no punctuation. That just...drives me crazy, I hate trying to read posts like that. I know it's just a forum for a hobby, but it's nice to type professionally and show some effort, especially on sales posts.

      Another small peeve for me is on sales posts when someone has a bunch of things like "I have pets, I have a varied shipping schedule, I have to have someone else drive me to the post office, etc." and have a bunch of other weird stuff concerning the sale, and their only explanation in the info section is like "I have a dog" and that's it. If there are weird things going on, I want to know about them! When you say varied shipping schedule, do you mean you'll only be able to ship on Mondays and Wednesdays, or that you go to the post office once a month? If you don't have a ride, can you get one easily? Or do you only have a ride to the post office every other week? Details, people! I'm fine with most of these things, but I need to know them before I inquire into a purchase.
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    9. Yes I co-sign this! It's so astounding how long everything takes. It's worth it, and lovely and gives me a chance to save money and practice face-ups, but at the same time... so much money spent. So much waiting.
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    10. The wait time from companies really annoys me too. It sometimes kills the hype for a doll, especially when you have to wait 6 months or a year. It can kill the hype enough that you find yourself falling out of love with the doll, if that makes sense. Especially if the company puts out lots of promotional pictures of it all up until the release.
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    11. I'm sure someone's mentioned it before, but one of the reasons I'm trying to make my own clothes is that so many clothes for sale don't have measurements! What does "msd" or "1/4 scale" mean in this specific instance, because not all msd sized dolls are the same! When a single garment can be $20-$40, I'd like to know it it will actually fit my guys before I buy it.
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    12. The scarcity of medieval fantasy clothing for dolls, cloaks are super easy to find but armor? tunics? LOTR inspired adventuring gear? arghhh. You have to comission it and dangit, I just wanna buy something off the shelf, I don't wanna have to design a costume every time.

      Those confession blogs, they're just nasty. In fact, all of the tumblr bjd community. There's some really awful people there who are so elitist and judgemental and just.. eugh, sod those people. I have no time for cattiness and looking down on something someone else loves because you don't "see the value". Get out.

      The wait times, they kill me. I'm not a patient person, I NEED instant gratification and UK dealers don't keep a lot of stock so impulse buys are tricky. I hate that "i have money and I want a doll but I want it nooooow" feeling, and then you search marketplaces and ebay but nothing you want comes up. *headdesk* the endless struggle lol.

      The temptation. Preorder for this head you liked is up. they've rereleased a doll you liked. There's an event for this company you were umming and ahhing on. ARGHHHH. I need infinite money!
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    13. I totally feel this. Finding pre-made historic/historic fantasy clothing is such a chore and there's generally a long wait for commissioned clothing, which is understandable, but I like the instant gratification of being able to buy in stock clothing so my dolls aren't naked for a year.

      Which brings a mini rant of my own on that topic. All my dolls require commissioned outfits! Many have styles that just aren't easily found pre-made or in stock, the rest have weird body sizes that practically nobody has. It's frustrating enough that many are naked since I'm a weenie when it comes to actually approaching shops/commission-takers about actually commissioning things.
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    14. RIGHT!?? And I am a terrible seamstress so IU really would rather throw money at someone to do it for me but the only options seem to be a huge long wait, really unreliable people or a price tag that'd buy a whole new doll erp.

      Sorry but I cannot justify £50 for a CAPE. I don't care how nice it is, it's a cape!
      I'm cheap.
      which... really doesn't help hahahaha.

      I'm gonna need a fantasy outfit for my new boy and he's enormous (70cm) and I still can't find anything *headdesk* not even expensive stuff.
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    15. My biggest pet peeve is waiting. Waiting for everything! Waiting months for a doll I want to work on now, waiting for clothing, eyes, wigs, shoes. Waiting for good weather for face ups. Waiting for monthly payments to save for a doll. Looks like I picked the wrong hobby. :sweat And yet, here I am, still waiting....
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    16. One pet-peeve I've recently developed is people not updating their entries on waitlists.

      How are folks supposed to get a feel for how long they should expect to wait if no one else modifies the list when they get a shipping notice / their doll is delivered???
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    17. Hell yes I agree with everything you said and I totally understand about getting paid once a month!!! It sucks!!! I have one more payment on my layaway for my Unidoll Dalia but I don't get paid until the 3rd. Luckily the store is in the US so once I make the last payment they she be shipping her same day or next day. Then I should have her 2 to 3 days after that.

      Then I will have to wait to get money to buy her clothes. I hate being poor!!! Wish I could sell my soul for a few million.:)
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    18. Dirty dolls on the marketplace. Seeing this a lot lately. And I don't mean staining, but like, crusty gunk. Yuck. How hard is it to give them a little wipe with a damp cloth?
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    19. How long fedex takes to actually deliver a package once it's shipped. Three hours ago, my dolls left a facility an hour away and I'm so impatient, I just want them here before I have to leave.
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    20. Yep, this salty bean has yet more to complain about.

      I've recently been very annoyed with trying to track packages. In the past six months, I've had at least 3-4 packages for which the tracking number was either copied wrong, or given with the wrong company, or was never updated, or just straight up didn't work at all, and it's super annoying. I'm not even someone that checks my tracking a lot, but if it's been a while and I want to check it, I'd like for it to work. (And now my tracking number from Dollits seems like it's not working... I'm just gonna hope it hasn't been put into the system or whatever yet. I don't care as much for accesstoes, but with $59 shipping for a full doll, this tracking needs to work. :sigh)
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