Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. The mean people who use those confession blogs on tumblr to be bullies and make the hobby members seem horribly unfriendly.
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    2. Pet peeves/rant:
      When someone is on a waiting list but doesn't enter delivery dates.
      When something on the MP get's sold but isn't removed from the MP. It may seem like a pain to do but it is part of the whole deal.
      Forgetting to do feedback, if you can't think of anything, look at other's feedback pick one that sounds right then copy/paste - how hard it that?
      I think that's it.:)
    3. When a seller doesn't respond to an offer to buy an item, and still bumps the sales thread. (This only happened to me once, but still.) I realize people can sell or not sell to whoever they want, but I'm not sure why someone would ignore an offer. I know to avoid that person's sales threads in the future, anyway.

      Also, as others have said, sales threads with grainy, small, or poorly-lit photos.
    4. What annoys me is when I find pretty fabric, but have to buy more of it than I need because the store don't sell smaller cuts XD
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    5. Oooh, rant thread! Fun stuff :)

      -Finding the perfect sculpt for a character and then realising it's the wrong size
      -The same for clothes, I can only ever find what I need for my big dolls in Minifee size and vice versa
      -Like a lot of other people: graveyarding sold stuff and also removing sold items from ongoing threads (thankfully the mods are keeping a very good eye out for those, thank you mods!)
      -Paypal fees. They are not, nor will they ever be, the buyer's responsibility
      -Insane markup prices on second hand dolls, in particular ones that aren't even limited (Fairyland, grrr!)
      -Wonkily positioned eyes, or eyes that let in no light and therefore make the eye sockets look like dark holes (unless this is intentional, of course)
      -Wigs where one or two hairs keep falling in front of the face while taking pictures (and flyaways, aaah!)
      -Anonymous or otherwise slanting of other hobbyists and/or their dolls. Be nice!
      -Like has been mentioned, I really don't see the point of a sales thread with no pictures or 'pics coming soon', but if anyone can explain this phenomenon to me, please do!
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    6. This is what the thread should be about! :thumbup

      Haha, thank you so much! :D

      This. So much this. Why bother posting the picture when it's not something you're proud of or something remotely appealing? :lol: I always make sure the pictures I post of my dolls are always ones where they're looking their best, because no one wants to see bad pictures :(

      Dirty children xD haha, this made me laugh! And that sock/underwear thing has got to be the weirdest pet peeve :P But you're right, I sometimes feel kinda weird when dressing my doll in some outfit and realising she has no underwear on.. it looks uncomfortable so I feel uncomfortable myself :lol:

      Again, about the photos. People don't realise this but the sales photos play a huge part in selling a doll or item. This applies to everything, not just in the doll hobby as well. If you capture beautiful photos for your ads, it will encourage people to look and consider buying it. People love good photographs ;) As a blogger, I noticed that nowadays, most blogs are about the photos, not so much the writing, and the most popular successful ones are those who's pictures speak the words, beautifully edited and just plain fun to look at! Why is the doll hobby any different? They are in the end, dolls that are supposed to look aesthetically gorgeous, they surely must be represented much better than, let's say, a picture of a coffee cup on Instagram :P

      Oh yes, also when you find one with an amazing pattern, but realising that it is wayyy too big to be used as a doll outfit, because it will get cut off and basically not show at all xD
    7. I haven't been around bjd land enough to have many yet - but the ones I know from my off-topic dolls are:
      1. Poorly lit or unfocussed photos! (Mostly in the sales context.)
      2. Sellers not giving basic info on their items or not answering direct questions!!
    8. ^^ I have a few...

      ~ Anonymous hate on "bjd confession blogs" and bullying

      ~ Seeing people who have their dolls displayed in front of a window without any curtain... Not just for a brief moment but as a way too store their dolls. (I'm so afraid my doll turning yellow I keep her in a box in my closet with the doors shut...)

      ~ People who get angry and are very outspoken about people who sell their dolls easily, It's not your decision... If someone is unhappy with their doll it's their choice too sell and not yours. Please keep in mind that they are human beings, don't judge them only based on how many dolls they've bought and sold!

      ~ People not responding to sale, GO, etc threads. (especially if you Pm'ed them a second time too make sure if they got your message... it's their responsibility as a seller.)

      ~ People who can't handle seeing a naked picture of a doll...

      ^-^ i'm sorry if you feel addressed but these are just some things that i personally disagree with...
    9. The manic murder doll eyes.

      The Chelsea grin I get commissioned to mod a lot. Chelsea grins are very traumatizing and painful to live with. I don't know why you would want that for a doll you love. .....and usually it's for a slightly cringe worthy OC doll. Like a dark elf uke slave with telekinetic powers or some such. Luckily the one's I'm doing now have real backstories and the grins make sense. But I'd really love to do something besides that one specific horror mod.
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    10. As a noob I hate when listings cite a selection of dolls that the item fits because if I have even heard of the particular doll I have no idea of their measurements. So it's Google time. What's wrong with "these trousers have a 25cm waist and are 29cm long"?? Sure, list which dolls they fit but for those of us working from the manufacturer's measurements that's like me offering to sell you a pair of jeans with "well they fit me" as the size!

      I feel the same way about human clothes though.
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    11. "#1: When people don't mark their items as sold/gone. :...(:doh To me, it is the worst feeling in the world when you find something available, contact the seller, only to find out it is already sold a long time ago :x"

      definitely one of my biggest peeves too.
      if it's been sold very recently, I can understand. you were busy preparing the doll for shipment and maybe also fixing the last few details with the buyer and you forgot to edit your thread. that's fine.
      but it's happened to me once that the doll had been sold nearly a year ago! D8< in that specific case the person didn't even bother to take down the sale after telling me it was sold. wtf!

      - people who don't write what mold/body their doll is in the picture description.
      - crochet summer dresses and crochet bikinis. I admire your crocheting talent, but that just looks weird.
      - sites that have very vague size reference for the clothes they sell. I've encountered a few sites who list many dolls who are very roughly similar in size (ex: all slim-ish MSD), but not quite enough to share clothes properly. it's ok for T-shirts because even if it's a bit more loose or long it still works fine, but not so much for jeans :/
      - speaking of trousers : when sellers put a long shirt that covers the top part. if I can't see how it fits at the waist, I'm not buying! it might be too low, too high, too loose or just poorly put together. I need to see the whole thing!
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    12. So many sales related things :o

      I'm most frustrated by not being able to get hold of a sculpt, once I have managed to find one that fits my character. I'm very picky when it comes to body types / height, and as much as I love Iple, their determination to only sell their dolls as a whole can get annoying. I'd love to be able to buy a head and find a different body for it if none of Iple's bodies fits the OC in question, without needing to go through splits. (Don't get me wrong, I already own 2 SID girls, 1 EID and nYID girl each, and an SID man and I'm happy with their bodies, but I need one girl to be a bit slimmer and one guy to be less muscly yet the same height as the SID) ... yeah. First world dolly problems. :lol:

      And the size thing. Don't get me started on the size thing. Why oh why can't there be mature male sculpts that don't need a 70cm or taller body? :sigh
    13. I'll echo the confessional/bullying/general nastiness blogs. Why be so down on other people? If we all had the same taste and liked the same things, it would get really boring after awhile. I love seeing everyone's dolls, even if they're not ones I would get, and what they do with them.

      People defending recasts. Seriously, it's wrong. Period. I know how I'd feel if someone took one of my original (OT) dolls and started selling copies. :(

      My one little gripe - finding clothes for small dolls that aren't styled for toddlers or small children. A lot of them are as cute as cute can be, but all my small doll characters are adults - or ageless, anyway.
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    14. When I look over at the shelf and see half of my dolls are sitting in the way Nova demonstrated in the first post :|

      When I see people complaining about drama and elitism in the hobby all the time--seriously, where are these people hanging out? Can't they just avoid places/situations full of drama? On the other hand, I think some people just attract drama to themselves, either in the way they treat others, the company they keep, or the way they perceive neutral situations.

      When I want to compare doll measurements, but no two sources list the same information... One will include the length of the back, and the other wont, one will list the arm length and the other wont, etc.
    15. The one main peeve I have is the way overpriced secondhand dolls. I see this a lot, and it really bugs me. But that's pretty much it.
      I do find it a bit odd that bjd clothes are as expensive as regular people clothes, but I guess the price is because of the time and attention to detail it takes to make these clothes. :)
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    16. Sellers acting like they're interested in your offers, and stay online while you wait for the better part of the day only to tell you that they sold it to someone else... During my MSD search prior to getting Noah this year, I had a seller do that to me and it hurt... A LOT I know they're not obligated to do trades but at least say: "Sorry I'm only interested in selling the doll not trading." don't act like your interested and then make me wait all day.
    17. My biggest annoyance: spending weeks making a wig for my doll only for it to slide right off her head every time I put it on her. Guess I need to get my hands on some velcro, or maybe double-sided tape....Oh well, lol.
    18. Woah, there's a lot of marketplace-related rant in this thread! :lol:

      For me it's mostly the dolls themselves, like posing problems or messing up face-ups and having to redo them.

      But I second the lack of feedback. Especially nowadays you have to trust a buyer/seller, so to build said trust everyone should take a few minutes. ^^
    19. My biggest peeve, is finally finishing that super awesome face-up...
      ...and then promptly mangling it somewhere, when I go to stick the wig on.

      But I've no one to blame but myself for that one, being clumsy. x.x;
    20. My one peeve, I can't see that anyone has mentioned it so perhaps it only bothers me, but it's sellers who use 'Full Set' in their title though actually they have dressed and wigged the doll in clothes that are not the 'full set' at all.
      Then sellers who offer 'random' wig, eyes etc. Please I just want to know what I am buying