Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. For me it has to be import charges. There is no shop in Ireland (that I have managed to find, and I have looked) that sells my favourite Iplehouse so I have no choice but to buy directly from the company or on the secondary market. The import duties are very high and I usually wind up having to take time off work to go and pay the duties and collect the parcel. If it goes over a certain value I also have to go and get import documentation and that takes even more time and money. It takes the edge off the excitement of receiving the doll. On eBay there is the Global Shipping option on some auction items so the import duties and documentation are handled by a shipping company before delivery, I would love to see that option available on the companies websites, take the worry out of buying the dolls.
    2. Some things that annoy me...

      -When you buy something for a particular doll, and it doesn't fit right.
      -When I smudge the watercolor pencil when I'm doing a tattoo on a doll, and I can't remove all of the smudge because it will ruin the design and make it look worse.
      -It's been said multiple times already but the bullying on anon confession blogs. There is no need to point someone out just to say their dolls are ugly or that they take repetitive doll pictures. Let's focus on what we like and have in common instead.
      -When you're about to take that perfect picture, and your doll falls over as you're taking the shot.
      -Lastly, not having enough money to buy all of the dolls I want XD
    3. I wish that when I send a polite inquiry about a sales thread, the seller would reply to me! Even if it is only to say, "The item has been sold" or "no thank you".

      When I post a WTB and someone sends me an offer, I get annoyed when I reply to them and then they ignore me and don't even say thank you.

      And it's been said a million times... Paypal fees. If I'm buying, they're not my responsibility.

      You're not alone, I'll second that!!

      Linda S.
    4. I have to agree with pretty much everything in this thread! Not sure if that is a good thing or not>.>. A few more:

      -after having this happen to me 3 times in one week: people who contact me all enthusiastically wanting to buy something I have for sale and wanting to know the shipping, I reply and then it's "oops, can't afford it after all/lost interest, sorry", and sometimes I have to poke them before they reply at all. I get that money is tight, mine is too, but please just make sure that you have the money on hand or at least know you're going to be able to keep a layaway commitment, it saves both you and your seller so much disappointment

      -trying to find clothes that fit my Doll Chateau adult-01 girl=_=

      -companies that give away heads or faceplates with their events but refuse to sell their bodies separately (that means you, Fairyland)

      -so many companies making shoes that only fit high heeled feet but hardly any company selling said feet separately
    5. Hee hee, some of these really made me laugh.

      My biggest gripe is a thankfully rare type of DOA member who contacts you about the doll you have for sale, they act all keen, ask a million questions and then head on over to your Flickr account as though they are in a sweet shop and start picking out other items you own to see if they can brow beat you into adding those into the sales price when they aren't even for sale. I just find that rude beyond belief and it has happened to me more than once.

      The whole "Pay me the full original price I paid for this doll I immediately regretted buying and I also expect you to reimburse me the shipping charge/Customs Tax I had to fork out to get this doll I bought on a whim... AND ... you know what - pay me the bl**dy Paypal fees too while you are at it!" attitude of some sales threads on the completely FREE market place! Needless to say, I just avoid those.

      Mostly though, I think a lot of the size, price, measurements issues are just part and parcel of being involved with BJDs and don't bother me too much... small price to pay for all the eye candy ;)
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    6. Haha, sorry about that :lol: Obviously they don't have to look picture-perfect even when they're on the shelf lol!
    7. -I too have a problem with things not being marked as sold, or sellers not responding.

      - Wait times. With no store around me, I feel like "waiting" (for even the tiniest thing) is taking over my life.
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    8. Wow, that's crazy! I've never come across anyone like that, thankfully! I guess my pet peeve is ordering something from a shop and receiving something else entirely. It's happened to me at least half a dozen times now. Makes me wonder if people are sending me the wrong items on purpose, lol.
    9. I don't have much experience yet in this hobby. But I've found that so far my two biggest pet peeves are 1) When I'm about to take a really good picture and all the sudden my light changes. Just, out of the blue the sun's gone and it's a gross grainy shot. Or my girl falls over, and I've got to set the whole thing up again, thus allowing the light to change. And 2) Spending a solid five to ten minutes repositioning her eyes, only to realize that I didn't squish the putty down enough, and two seconds later her eye falls inside her head making her look like a twisted horror movie doll.

      Mostly comical reasons (unless she happens to fall over while I'm working on a hard/grainy surface, then I panic, hehe) but they happen just enough to make me huffy lol.
    10. Ive got a few pet peeves ^^;

      I really dislike it when people try to ask me about my income or financial status or try to make me feel bad for owning expensive items/sculpts. This is especially problematic that Ive stopped going to meets altogether since I felt like my dolls, clothing, car etc were dissected and discussed like Im not even there. Its just really rude to bring that kind of information up and it makes me feel really awkward.

      People who beg me to sell something even though its not listed for sale, like say, I post a picture of my doll in a Klesis dress on flickr and then I get a PM asking me to sell it. The worst I've gotten was one person FMing me telling me that I should sell them my doll since I dont take too much pictures and that they would probably appreciate the doll a lot more. It was a huge WTF moment for me - equally hilarious too.

      People commenting in foreign languages on my pictures .. I would like to understand what they are saying ^^;

      Setting up a photoshoot and everything looks gorgeous - Lighting is all perfect, the doll is all neat and natural looking, the colors all complement each other, gorgeous. You then load the pictures and its all crap! All grainy, dark or you see that the eye putty was showing, stray hairs that weren't visible...UGH! Easily my biggest pet peeve.

      People selling a limited doll's body at a really high price when its not very different to the "standard" doll's body.. like I dont understand what makes Shinku's default body a lot more valuable than a new SD body that hasn't yellowed, especially that the default box is usually not included anyway. Its just a regular SD body.

      When a person replies to everyone's complements except answer the question asking about an item their doll is wearing or their faceup.

      I dislike how I personally come off online, I just feel it doesnt translate well and I can't be "myself" if that makes sense. I facepalm when I read what I type sometimes. I also am prone to edit several times since I see too many smilies or "!!!!" when I post - it makes me feel like Im Toby from Romy & Michele's High School Reunion.

      ..It kind of looks like a lot now that I typed it up! The more I typed, the more I came up with things that annoyed me.
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    11. Oh that's a good one too! If it isn't the company fullset, why not just add the word custom? It's so easy! :P

      And also, because this happened about six times over the past three days alone: when buyers ask questions about something you have up for sale, you go out of your way to answer them, provide pics etc. only for them never to reply again. Not even a "thank you, not interested after all". Ugh!
    12. Shoes being listed without measurements irks me, it's irksome.
    13. What is a snake tail photo? (I don't imagine people make a habit of photographing the tails of snakes!)

      Dude! I got my very first BJD and she has a pretty lace dress! I forgot the undies XD She needs them, with the whole anatomically correct body and all O.O""

      I'm brand new to the hobby so I dont have many pet peeves, but:
      - Derpy eyes, I agree. Super easy to fix bro.
      - People who hate on the stranger looking sculpts (like, bro, nobody's trying to MAKE you like it, drop it already...)
      - Really odd face ups in company photos (my new doll had the weirdest makeup on in hers! I'd have never gotten the sculpt if it weren't for other face ups online)
      - Super loose and tight stringing, yep, I am a victim of that... (and DUDE! I don't know how to fix it! :...()
      - People who believe (or act like they believe) that their doll is very much alive, it really creeps me out. Life like? Yes. Alive? Nope.

      You can fix most of that in photoshop! (or in Gimp, which is free and gets the job done just as well) :)
    14. That is seriously messed up! I'm sorry you stopped going to meets because of it. Incredibly rude!!

      I've never quite understood that one either, because unless the body has something unique to the original doll about it (unique body parts or blushing, etc), it's exactly like any other body of the same age once you remove the head.

      Linda S.
    15. I provide a couple photos of a discounted wig, that was never really used. This buyer then asks for a photo of the back of it--a black wig of all things LOL And then several more questions. Only later to say "no" which I half expected but still found vastly annoying. Just like when I was asked to unwrap new items and provide more photos, even though the manufacturer has images...only they don't purchase it. One time I did that and the cat destroyed the certificate.

      Also eyes rolling towards the back of the head.
    16. So much of the clothes for boy dolls looking like clothes for girl dolls.
      Hosiery that doesn't fit even though you ordered the right size!
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    17. The fact that I own 5 girls in the SD range, with body types/sizes that vary greatly (56cm-62cm, thick/thin, large/small bust, large/flat butt), yet still managed to end up with a professionally made lingerie set that none of them can properly wear.
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    18. I don't like it when the doll's face-up includes freckles and when they wear mohair wigs, I just think it looks ugly ><
    19. I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone "rescues" an "abused" doll. Normally this means the doll has lots of signs of play or general wear. To me, this should be considered a well loved doll, not abuse.
      When it's said, I sometimes wonder if the former owner might be reading the comment and how they feel about it.
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    20. -Buyers not letting me know their items arrived so I can stop worrying about it.
      -Sellers posting photos of a doll that's for sale, but no more. No information on the doll, no price, etc. (this pertains to other places, not here so much)
      -Sorry, but I'm one of the people who hate to have to pay a seller's Paypal fees.
      -Flyaway hairs during a photoshoot.
      -People posting wigs/eyes for sale as "SD-size" when wig and eye sizes can greatly vary for dolls of the same height.
      -People posting wigs for sale, but only show them laying flat down and to the side.