Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. At the moment-how utterly impossible it's proving to find a YO-sd sized doll that doesn't have super thin lips or enormous bug eyes. I keep scrolling through Doll-Zone and Souldoll in the hopes that perhaps this time something will pop out at me (as they're the two companies I've found with the closest aesthetic to what I'm looking for), but nope. I'm sure I've looked through a few dozen different companies at this point and it's feeling more and more like my future Doll Leaves Connie will be a true one hit wonder.
    2. When dolls being sold for second hand have like three pictures maximum. Like, I want to SEE in detail what I'm buying, not one or two overhead shots that make it hard to see the faceup or damages. Also, poor lighting, unpleasant angles, and misleading photos/descriptions (fully dressed doll in main photo, but only selling the clothes).
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    3. I find it super annoying when you PM someone about a split and are the first to sign up for your item, but the host decides to let someone else get the item for whatever reason. Because of this I missed out on a pair of limited Rosette hands that I could have used with Zephyr, my Rosette Marguerite. >_<
    4. This. And I stay out of recast-friendly groups as well. That said, small things still annoy me probably more than they should: charging PayPal fees rather than just adding them silently into the asking price, dolls showing clear damage but the text and asking price minimizing this and speculating how easy it will be for the buyer to just remedy, resin 'matches' that are quite visibly off. The last is subjective, I know and probably more skilled painters than I can make it a much better match but let's be honest about the actual naked match/tones before painting. There are so many good things in the hobby though that I do try to let my peeves rest more these days so I can focus more on enjoying my dollies and just venting here occasionally. ;)
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    5. I find too close a match irritating as very few actual people have a face exactly the same shade as their body, so I prefer a bit of visible mismatch if possible. I don't go out of my way to get it or anything - and clothing covering the body it's bound to get a bit of a mismatch after a while anyway as the face, being more exposed, will naturally yellow more anyway.

    6. Canada Post and their unmeetable demands for reimbursement for wrongly charged Customs fee. I was charged Customs on a doll I already own and had sent off for a face-up and to have his legs/feet repaired so he could stand (which is a whole other rant about companies sending out obviously defective products and then blowing you off when you call them on it). The artist marked the package coming back to me as "repairs, return to sender" as I asked (and had been advised to by my lovely postal lady) and I still got nailed.

      Canada post stated that they'd only refund me the fees if I could prove that the work was done under warrantee and that there was no Canadian company that could do the work. Jerks!
    7. Iron_Dog, that would make me angry too! That's outrageous!

      My pet peeves:

      When a doll company that already had the best, most beautiful, double elbow and knee joints just suddenly decides to replace them with those ugly peanut double joints. Why?!? Just because all the other doll companies are using them?!? Hey _____, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"! :x

      When a doll company removes joints simply for aesthetic reasons. HELLO, these are JOINTED dolls, they are supposed to have joints! That's one of the reasons why I buy/collect BJDs, because they ARE highly articulated. :|

      When a doll company purges all their more mature looking, as well as their more stylized MSD sculpts, in favor of more realistic, and more baby faced sculpts, and now all their MSDs look like toddlers, and they all have fat, pudgy baby noses. :doh

      Not sure if it's so much a peeve, more of a possible worrisome trend I'm afraid I'm starting to see. :eek:

      Which seems to be this growing trend towards baby doll type BJDs. I'm not into real babies, or baby dolls. Never have been, I prefer tweens and teens, which is another reason why I buy/collect BJDs. If I wanted baby dolls I'd be collecting those Reborns! :barf
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    8. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't know how to properly take care of their dolls and don't do the research on the subject in general. :| I have a "friend" who was inspired by my doll, and they plan to buy one as well. They also have absolutely no clue about the responsibility factor in the hobby, so it just kinda irks me.
    9. "properly take care of" - is likely to be different for different people.

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    10. People buying without research and then damaging their dolls means more eventual mod/restoration projects for me :D
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    11. When I say "properly take care of" I mean as in not knowing that direct sunlight could damage the doll or playing with them too roughly that the strings break. Sorry for not clarifying :kitty2
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    12. Okay, as someone said above, i also agree with these

      •pay paypal fees, from strict or rude sellers

      •secondhand dolls and used doll clothing having marked up prices

      •every doll related thing costs so much more money than even human items AND that there are NO doll shops antwhere beside the internet

      •Noone understands why i like dolls and people think they are creepy, but they are soooo NOT!!!
    13. I don't think it has quite hit pet peeve status but this current trend of artist (and even some popular companies too) giving their dolls big puffy pouty lips. I didn't mind it when it was a small handfull of dolls but now it seems like every new sculpt that pops up has those puffy lips! I'm sure it will die out as fads do but I'm utterly baffled at where it even came from.
    14. -Companies who don't have pics of the naked and blank doll on their site
      -Shoes being sold but the measurements aren't listed
      -Crocheted clothing that's totally not in scale
      -Wonky eyes. Really?
      -When the sculpt isn't listed in people's pics in the desc/ tags/ etc. I mean I know there's no obligation to do so, but it anoys me so much when I'm curious about the sculpt but don't want to be a bother and ask haha
    15. OMG your barfing cat emoji is making me literally laugh out loud!!! Also because I'm one of those people who like the realistic toddler-looking dolls with baby noses :chibi ahahaha
      But reborns kind of freak me out...

      My biggest pet peeve is when people don't list the doll sculpt, or at least just the brand, when posting on Flickr. Also when people prevent downloading of their Flickr images, because I like to save pics by specific sculpt reference or faceup inspiration, and if you disable direct downloading I'm still going to take a screenshot and acquire the image that way. You're just making me go through extra steps so why bother :horror:
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    16. I can't remember the sculpts of several of my dolls without looking them up - I have a better chance if it has a sculpt NAME (although remembering it is by no means guaranteed) but have no chance at all if it has a number instead.

      If I had to stop and loo up the sculpt details every time, I'd never share a picture in the first place. I doubt I'm the only one in this position.

    17. At the moment... Tiny. Little. Buckles.
      Tiny little buckles are my nemesis. >_<

      I'm finally getting around to finishing the red and black outfit for Dante (My Bishonen House Steve, who somehow ended up being a ridiculously smirky, chibi version of this guy. 'Still not quite sure how that happened. I'm pretty sure I wasn't consulted. :lol: ) and the ludicrous collection of assorted belts and buckles on the vest, pants and coat are driving me batty. I swear if I have to reposition one more belt, I'm going to go full Dance Macabre on this thing.

      (I guess I'd have no choice but to start calling my seam-ripper Rebellion after that. XD)
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    18. When a brand new doll from a reputable company arrives with wonky eyes staring off in opposite directions. Really? For these prices?

      Lack of adult faced and bodied tiny (<8 inch high) dolls for use with standard 1:12 scale dollhouses.
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    19. -not being able to find a 1/6 doll with mature features that's still in stock.

      - companies not listing neck/ head circumference or even any measurements at all. Am I supposed to guess? This is important stuff here. :|

      - not being able to find a face sculpt with wide nostrils or a big nose on a female sculpt. And wide thin lips. It's always ultra-feminine faces so I tend to look towards male sculpts sometimes to try and get the androgynous female look I want.

      - finding the perfect head... In the wrong size. XD
    20. Such limited stocks of nearly all dolls. There are several I'd buy in a heartbeat if I could get them. Also, shoes in 55 mm size.