Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. I agree with this for anything your trying to buy:
      "Sellers not making an item sold/gone. To me, it is the worst feeling in the world when you find something available, contact the seller, only to find out it is already sold a long time ago"
      Yup that has made me cry many times

      Out of Stock/Sold Out items because I'm new to the hobby and totally missed out on a bunch of dolls I wanted. :/

      Frustration with myself trying to faceup a doll and it turns out to look like Gollum or something
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    2. Oh, trying to find clothes and shoes for my 13" mature bjd. It's so hard. She's taller than YOSD and smaller than MSD. And the style -- she's not a little girl, she needs grown up - style clothes.
    3. 1. People who see recasts in every corner.....
      2. People who need to bully people over a piece of plastic ---- recast or's an object with only a subjective monetary's not worth hurting another human being over
      3. People who complain that recasting is stealing art, but then hacks up fullsets and splits dolls and doesn't see it as ruining art....
      4. Bad sales photos ---- too dark, bad angle, no naked photos
      5. Sold items still being listed as available
      6. Lack of professionally done clothing especially fantasy sets for mature small or tiny dolls
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      • Looking everywhere for a specific style of clothes, and not being able to find it.
      • Company sites that don't have fullbody pictures of their dolls
      • Company sites that dont list measurements
      • When customer service never responds
      • Hard to navigate sites
      • And elitists who look down on people who buy inexpensive dolls, do hybrids, or don't customize their dolls to the elitists' liking
      (the last one especially, since these dolls are supposed to be a fun creative hobby -- let people enjoy their dolls however they want!)
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    4. Maybe it's just me but...... when you want to trade a doll and the offers you get are ads that says the owner isn't open to trades... hummm.......
      and trying to get shoes to fit odd size little feet!
    5. That's exactly how I think!!

      I gave up to buy in some sites because its hard to navigate and the appearance didn't let me trust in their products quality. Some companies deciding to stop selling a standart doll without any reason also annoying me so much...
    6. Lol, BJD Bratz dolls!:mwahaha

      Lol, I figure it comes from the RL fad of actual real human women getting injections in their lips to make them look all big puffy, and pouty..... most likely.

      It's supposed to make them look sooo sexy!...... ppbbtt! :lol:

      Probably all goes back to that Moe Lolita concept of cutesy babyish looks and behaviors being considered sexy. You know, baby doll dresses, pouty lips, high babyish voices and speech styles, little girl hairstyles, etc. :wiggle
    7. not from here (don't know if it's here or not).

      People who post stuff for sale saying 'complete' but the pictures and descriptions do not show/list ALL items to make a set complete.

      I was lucky, I knew what was missing.... not everyone would. This isn't bad listing, this is deceit in sales ><
    8. I bought a "hat" from someone and when I turned it over it was actually just the toe cut off of a sock.

      That doesn't really count as a "handcrafted beanie," just sayin'....
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    9. :nowords: god i really don't have words for this idiocy...
    10. - Seeing limited clothing that is sold out and will never be available again... why is it still listed? Please put that stuff in a separate area so I don't have to have a broken heart! ;^;
      - Not knowing when I'll be able to make the money to get my new dolls, and never being able to stop obsessing about getting them.
      - People that believe dolls of only one size are good, and put down sizes they don't like. All dolls are awesome, even if you don't like them for yourself!
      - That I am only now taking the time to learn to sew, I should have started years ago! It's frustrating not being able to do more then the basics.
      - That people still seem to think badly of guys being interested in dolls. Why is it any different? They are cute and fun to have around.

      HOWEVER, I also like a lot, and I want to add in some positive to balance out the negativity!xD

      - That their are so many basic outfits that look just and/or even better then a lot of the limited outfits!
      - That I'm in a position that I can save money, and it's fun obsessing about getting them!
      - There are so many more people that like all doll sizes, and many that even if they don't still see the worth in all sizes!
      - That I'm willing to try sewing now and that I know I can ask my mother for help, as she is pretty good at it! That and I'm able to at least do the basics!
      - The people in the doll world mostly seem to be ok with guys being in the hobby, and these days it's a lot more acceptable for males to enjoy hobbies that used to be seen as purely female hobbies!

      Yeah, now I don't feel irritated at all! : D
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    11. - Please forgive me for mentioning off topic dolls, but... the Hujoo Amie and Azela sculpts don't get nearly enough love. I can see a ton of creative possibilities for them, especially if you're into anthros. Shame there are so few owner pics of them...

      - While I'm on the topic of Hujoos... I wish the Junkyspot forums were more active so I could have a place to talk about them. ;-;

      - I feel pretty insecure about my faceups. I worry that one day they might end up on some troll's website/blog and they'll have a giggle about how "ugly" my dolls are...
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    12. Lazy sale posts for dolls.
      I mind less for wigs and clothes because it's usually inexpensive, but when buying a $500 doll I expect the listing to be detailed!

      That means: take pictures specifically for the sale. Don't just use one picture from the photoshoot you did last year. I want to see the doll naked and bald and closeups of the damage and mods (if any)
      And fill the DoA form properly! I've seen people do the absolute minimum and it looks like
      Description: [doll] for sale.
      Made in: around 2005
      Yellowing: unknown

      ...... really? your doll is 10 years old but you're not sure it has yellowed even a bit? Usually at that age dolls are bright yellow, so "nothing to compare to" doesn't really apply <___< also what's the bust size? Heel feet? Are the ears pierced or stained from previous faceups? What about the original box? You really have nothing else to say?

      And of course that goes for companies too! It should be easy to find pictures of the body, the measurements, which hands are the basic ones (if they sell more than one pair), and at least one closeup picture where the face isn't in darkness, covered in hair or completely washed out from the light!
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    13. I'm only few months into the hobby and there are already tons of things that annoy me. Hope I get used to it over time.:sweat

      • Waiting times – this one is the worst for me. I’ve NEVER waited so long for a thing I’ve bought. If regular businesses made customers wait so long they would go bankrupt but somehow buyers in the BJD hobby are used to this and tolerate it.
      • Haters in the hobby – hasn’t happened to me yet but I’ve seen amazing artist receiving rude comments. If you don’t like it don’t view it and don’t comment on it!
      • Haters outside the hobby – again, if you don’t like my hobby, don’t comment. ;)
      • Scammers – I was shocked to see there are scammers in this hobby!
      • Irresponsible sellers – sending things late, cancelling orders, lack of communication… hasn’t happened to me but I’ve read so many people dealing with this behavior.
      • Overpriced second hand dolls - I'm talking about regular always available dolls with ordinary faceups, not the limited collector sculpts/customs faceups. I've even seen a doll offered for 450 while the original is 160 and the seller was complaining people ask him to lower the price. ;)
      • High custom fees - in my country it's 25% íncluding shipping + 10 USD fee and some people are still not willing to underdeclare.
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    14. Can I move there? Just had to pay an absurd 60% customs fee for a doll body.

      My own peeves include:

      - Sellers who won't ship internationally. Aren't we buyers already paying for shipping? What difference does it make for someone to ship abroad?
      - Doll companies who don't offer layaway. Hey, not everyone has $500+ just laying around to buy a doll.
    15. owch! :oAnd we thought we had it bad.

      ... good idea about what to do with leftover toes from sock sweaters, though. :lol: Not that I'd try and sell that, but I do like using re-purposed stuff completely.

      Not sure if I mentioned it already, but - not being able to find blank pics of a sculpt on company websites is annoying AF. Also, company faceups that make even the most manly men of sculpts look like fabulous princesses ... and then not showing blank pics. Not helping.

      And of course my all-time favorite - uploading pics of gorgeous dolls on dA or wherever, and not listing the sculpt name anywhere. If I can't find out what sculpt a doll is I'm not getting anywhere even if it's a match for an OC I'm trying to shell. :|
    16. 60%?! Oh my, I thought here it was bad. Here if you get unlucky you can get 40%, but that's the worst case scenario. 60% is CRAZY! *_*
    17. This! My number one pet peeve is people telling other people what to do with their dolls

      My doll, my choice. If I want to set it on fire then I can. If I want it's hair to be rainbow, then I can. If I want to mod my limited doll I can. You're welcome to have your opinions, and I think we all know where you can stick them. If I don't need to make an OC then I don't have to. If I want to make a stupid OC then I can do it. I'm going to do what I want an nothing you can say will stop me or even slightly influence me.

      All that said, I hit my squick factor when I find the x rated side of doll ownership on some of the custom parts forums. (If you want to know what I mean then PM because it's not appropriate for this forum).

      What's my solution? Walk away and ignore heavily. It's so blinding easy, I'm confident that anyone can do it.
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      1. I don't sell often, but people offering obviously disproportionate trades. Sorry, a poorly made dress isn't worth a pair of Enchanted Doll eyes. This happens more on Facebook than DOA, though, I'd say.
      2. My doll's engineering/stringing. This body looks like it should be a good poser, but she can't even sit properly. I need to suede her and see if it helps. Luckily she stands like a rock.
      3. When hybriding, trying to find the perfect body that fits aesthetically, is proportionate, and matches. Usually you just have to pick 2 and hope for the best.
    18. 1) Joining the hobby late and discovering all of theses beautiful sculpts.. only for them to be sold out *tears*

      2) When people position the wigs really far back. Idk this is obviously just a preference thing, but whenever I see it I just kind of sigh haha.