Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. I was going to point that out too! I'm actually very fond of cute freckles, but some people should not be allowed to do them :lol: Sometimes it looks like someone's airbrush is just sputtering out bursts of paint on the doll, and then saying it's freckles. No, that's not freckles xD Those are hives :sweat
    2. I have few things that annoy me in the hobby. The Most Irritating Thing is, that when I sell things, and have clearly said that I'll offer free domestic shipping, there is always people, who ask that "could we meet/where do you live/could you bring it to [insert town here]". I can undertansd these question, when there is shipping fees involved, but for one - I live on small town middle of nowhere and I don't have a car so I really cannot bring those items to anywhere, and secondly: it's already free shipping??

      Sorry for the rant. ^^;
    3. One of my pet peeves is when you ask someone about an item, they get back to you with shipping and the next day you agree only for them to say "nope, sorry sold/split part/etc. given to someone else!"

      Like, I wasn't even 24 hours in replying, what gives? There was nothing stating you were in a rush to order/get money. :< Just seems unkind to not ask before going with someone else. I know it happens often that you never hear back from someone but give them more than 10 hours! :O
    4. Mostly I'm annoyed with myself whenever my projects don't progress with the speed I'd like them to. So I really try to put my own house in order first...
    5. Threads like these are dangerous because they can quickly get out of hand. I would say I have a problem with anything in the hobby that fosters negativity.
    6. When my doll's hands are too big to fit into clothing. I had a serious battle with my DiM Alpon the other day because even though he has lovely hands, the thumb on one of them sticks out SO FAR. It absolutely refused to fit into the long sleeve of a shirt I wanted him in and I wound up having to remove it (which was another huge pain in the butt in itself) just to get the dang thing on.
    7. That is a huge one for one of my dolls, a Dollmore Banji. She is a pain to sew for because not only is she tiny her lovely expressive hands do not fit through shoulder seams. Not ones I sew anyway.

      I collect mature tinies about 30cm or smaller, and there are so few dolls in that size, and except for fairies next to nothing in terms of fantasy. I wish Soom would make some of their amazing Super Gem ideas smaller!
    8. 1) Always finding the perfect thing, but in the wrong size!
      2) When ppl ask you to pay paypal fees (against their rules, so I feel they should just be factored into the cost. even though I will buy those items sometimes. Obvious exceptions for GOs)
      3) My faceups. I'm new, but want to get them perfectly right so bad! Ugh.
      4) Orangey tans

      That's about it so far. The vast majority of frustrations I have with this hobby involve minor things, and not collectors (or their habits) at all.
    9. I cannot find ANY medieval clothing for my minifee boy. He's an elf and he's supposed to live in a medieval world and finding him clothing is nigh impossible. I'm almost ready to give up and revamp his character, I'm so frustrated. Also, finding him shoes?????? Holy crap nothing that looks good fits, nothing that fits looks good. @[email protected]

      My JID girl is beautiful but can hardly stand and I'm too lame to even try to fix her. I think she might need tighter strings and/or sueding, but I don't want to bother.

      And then there's just SHOPPING FOR IPLEHOUSE DOLLS. Oh my god it is the biggest pain in the world. I love my iples so much, but they are impossible to shop for.

      And then there's the fact that i cannot for the life of me find a meet up group. :( I wanna hang out with doll people and their dolls irl! But I only get to once a year at Katsucon.

      Oh and last but CERTAINLY not least: people not leaving feedback after a purchase!!! I did my best to be a fabulous seller and make that transaction easy and painless. I shipped the day after payment was complete, and wrapped that doll up like it was the holy grail. But still, not a peep from the buyer, even after I left them good feedback on their thread. :L
    10. I just really wish Iplehouse sold 70cm male bodies with no silly eight pack tummies, in fact no visible bulgy muscles at all. I wish they made ultra wide shouldered but very slim hipped doll bodies to go with those gorgeous male faces. Or that anyone made such a body that was compatible with Iplehouse heads.... and if it actually POSED!!!!! I should be overjoyed.

    11. Off topic, but Nova is LOVELY!

      My biggest pet peeve is people who are very pervy with their dolls. Not like a little implied, but full on pornographic doll smexy time. Do not like. Plsno.
    12. Hmmmmm...a few things....
      * people who do not respond to pms about dolls or other things for sale or do not graveyard a doll that is already sold
      * doll artists who promise to make certain dolls available, take names for a waiting list, then never ever make the dolls but keep the waiting list people hanging on with false promises for years
      * not being able to find shoes that fit my boy's big feet right

      Oh and people who act like the only dolls worth talking about are Asian bjds. I ran into this more when I first joined and at a couple of cons where dolls were present. I mean not everybody likes the Volks look.
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    13. Oh, I got another one! Seeing a pic of a beautiful doll and no information about the sculpt (or even just the company) anywhere drives me right up the wall. I all but stopped browsing BJD pics on deviantArt for that reason, most people don't bother adding info, even in their profiles or doll pics folders. I get why you don't want to post the same bunch of stats in every description, but a journal post with a bit of background stuff would be nice for research purposes.
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    14. I assume that they ask this question because they don't trust the mail / are too impatient to WAIT for the mail. try to think of it this way : if it was possible for you to meet them instead of using postal service, it would mean more money in your pocket ;) when people ask you this they are envisaging a win/win situation for both parties. ^_^

      ugh same
      often those people can't be bothered to reply to your question about the doll either.
      I remember when I was new to the hobby and looking into migidoll, who at the time didn't sell bodies, and everytime I looked up pics the owners would only write "migidoll ryu hybrid" "migidoll jina hybrid". that's super helpful. :thumbup -__-;
    15. I feel ya!

      And freshly discovered: Companies (I'm looking at you, Iple!) that sell wigs with colour choice options but no freaking colour chart anywhere so you can't find out which colour it is that the doll in the promo pics is wearing. *hisssss* Sometimes guessing helps, but if I'm about to dump $30 on a wig I want to know which colour I'm getting.
    16. I hope most people here are adults who realize that everyone has different opinions that may differ from their own. I think that most problems result from people not being able to consider that it is likely that someone else might not like something they agree with/do themselves. If people see something they do that someone else is ranting about, we're good so long as they realize this.

      On topic: When something I like is not offered in the scale that I need. I am able to look for something similar that is offered in my doll's scale, but it just is not the same. ;A;

      Those private bjd confessions that are just cruel and attack others. Honestly, if you are not brave enough to say something straight out and need to hide yourself to do it, then is it really something you should say at all? There are peeves people have that everyone should be perfectly alright with mentioning, but I understand that some people are deeply afraid of being disliked and might feel the need to privately vent. If it's something like, "I don't like dolls with freckles or I don't like dolls with blue hair," then whatever. But when it is used in order to attack specific people with scathing comments because they are doing something you disagree with, that's totally uncool. Grow up and learn how to disagree with things in a civil manner. If the other party throws a fit after you have civilly stated your disagreement, then be the bigger person.
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    17. When the doll you've been waiting for 4 months finally ships right at the time you are leaving for Vacation lol ughhh
    18. The fact that my imagination is about a bazillion times better than my lousy photography skills. I'm working on it, but still - sometimes it's a minor miracle if I manage to stage a photo that comes out anything like what I'm imagining.
    19. - Fairyland not selling faceplates separately
      - When stores keep listings for props or clothing they will never stock again, and they're not only on the last pages (Tata's Paradise >>;; )
      - Poorly packaged breakable items
      - region-restricted sales
      - having all these different prop possibilities except for the one thing you /really/ need


      There are also so many amazing things I could gush about like:

      - free eyes for your new doll
      - any other gifts that come with a new doll (I don't expect gifts, and I am not sad if I don't get one, but when a seller or company includes a little something extra, even a note, it really brightens up my day!)
      - talented new artists
      - the general helpfulness of the community
      - the lovely people who make tutorials so we can all have new experiences with our dolls and with each other
      - the camaraderie of being in a waiting room thread and talking about the new dolls everyone is getting
      - the amazing modifications
      - the dedicated newbies
      - the unshakeable veterans
      - the community's solidarity and helpfulness when faced with things like stolen dolls, recasts (speaking of just DoA here), dishonest business, and other awful things.

      I could go on, but for everything I'm annoyed about, I like to think of something I love or feel good about to keep myself grounded. It's hard not to be grumpy about annoying things otherwise, haha.

      Anyway, keep on keepin' on, everyone :aheartbea
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