Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. -I think what annoys me the most is people that tell me what I should be doing with my dolls and how.
      -People that think they are better than others because they buy more expensive dolls.
      -Pretty much everything already mentioned about the MP
      -Trying to find clothes for my Doll Chateau Charles (he hasn't arrived yet but I want to have some clothes ready)

      I'm pretty new to this hobby so I don't really have any other annoyances other than those.
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    2. What annoys me the most is falling in love with a sculpt but their awkward size makes me not get the beautiful doll. For example, Iplehouse JID dolls are not the same size as a regular MSD, so getting a JID means getting a new wardrobe and shoes >_< and my current MSD boys have A LOT of clothes and shoes so I don't want to spend more money. Same thing with normal MSDs like Soom and slim MSDs like minifees...the shoes and some clothes can't be shared and that annoys me so much >___< due to this I will never get a JID or Minifee since all my MSDs are the regular size.

      Another thing I don't like is SD dolls. My favorite size is MSD and under but I have more SDs just because I fall in love with the sculpts. I wish my SDs were smaller. I don't understand why companies can't make MSDs look like the SDs? Soom has the faery legend line, they are mature sculpts in small sizes (like fashion doll). I have Metato which is a mini version of Dia/Sard and I love the size!! there's the Chicline from Fairyland too...*sighs*
    3. * People who drop off the face of the Earth after asking you a question. I don't mind if you have lost interest, just tell me.
      * People who charge pp fees.
      * People who refuse to sell items seperately, only in lot form. I understand the choice, but annoys me.
      * Lack of measurements.
      * Not being able to hide items that are sold out / out of stock.
      * Finding the perfect something, in the wrong size.
      * Buying a doll, only to see an event released later on / have a body updated.
      * Color charts that are useless. Looking at you Mako Eyes.
      * When things arrive damaged / broken.
      * When a company or seller doesn't reply, but already has your money.
      * People using the wrong darn prefixes!!!! Don't use FS/WTT if your listing says no trades and change it to Finished when it has sold...
      * Hit and miss wigs. Looking at you Leekeworld.
      * Sellers who don't sell outside of their country, but don't bother to put that in the title.
      * Too tightly strung dolls.
      * Environmental / French resin. Creeps me out. xD

      And there's more, I'm good at complaining. Mind you, these things annoy me, doesn't mean I hate you If you have done this. ;)
    4. -Confession blogs and everything they promote, like talking crap about other people's dolls because they're not to your taste, talking crap about people just because they own dolls and you don't like them, dragging political stuff into doll discussions/turning doll conversation into heated political debate. In short, dolly drama. NO PATIENCE FOR IT WHATSOEVER. None. Not even a little.
      -Excusing/accepting/supporting recasts. Just NO.
      -Sellers asking their buyers to add PayPal fees to the price of whatever they're selling. Do your OWN math and add the fees into the price BEFORE you quote me a number or post a sales thread.

      Those are my big/serious ones. Of course there are plenty of trivial things I could mention, like wig shopping (hate it with a passion) or when shoes don't have inner measurements listed on a company sales page, or my favorite-- when a doll gets discontinued before I can get it. (That has happened to me several times before and I will probably always have a special affection for my April Story Adrienne because of the total triumph I felt at FINALLY managing to snag a doll that was being discontinued at the last minute!) None of those are anything major though. On the whole, the actual BJD hobby is a lot of fun for me and not really a source of annoyance at all--- any unpleasantness or stress involved generally comes from the bad behavior of humans. Which, ever so fortunately, are not necessary to the enjoyment of one's dolls.
    5. Something that annoys me is when I see an awesome outfit on a BJD shop, with amazing shoes that work perfectly with the outfit... but the shoes are not sold anywhere on the site.
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    6. I don't have problems with sizes, paypal fees(this change every day) or limited dolls this is natural, i think, and I sew my clothes doll's.
      I don't accept recasts this is an disaster for creators and artists and yes it is annoying.
      More things...the resin matches I hate the difficult at match a different company skins. And the people in world sell pags who don't ship internationally.
      Another teme that annoys me are the expensive price in a basic dolls in some companies, don't have diference with fullsets...

      None it's important for me and I love the hobby.
    7. Thought of one more.....seeing an awesome doll that I really really want only to find I have to buy an expensive product from the company to get the doll I really want sold only as an"event" doll. (Are you listening Doll Chateau?)

      Then find out later after I have ordered a $550 doll I did not really want to get the thing I really DID want (Russell) that they WILL be selling the doll I really wanted in the first place by itself. So I sold the doll I really did not want in the first place that did not fit my plans for $411 less than I paid for it ($736 with faceup options and shipping, sold for $325 and I paid the shipping to Europe from the US which was an extra $68 USD).

      Once again this same company (ahem, Doll Chateau) is offering these awesome little Beatrice and Nehemi dolls but only if one orders yet again a $550 doll. Not falling for it this time. If the Beatrice and Nehemi are released later by themselves then I will purchase them. Otherwise I will do without.
    8. I don't have any real complaints about anything, but I was looking at some pics a person took of her dolls in her home. The pics of beautiful dolls were spoiled by a view of the person's dirty bedroom in the background - I didn't need to see their dirty undies on the floor.
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    9. LOL! I have seen some cringe-worthy photos too of folks' messy homes and dirty laundry strewn about. I know it is their business but eww!
    10. [MENTION=68795]ParlourGoddess[/MENTION] - Sorry you had to see my dirty undies! J/king!!!
    11. lostkitten- that annoys me too. Cute quirky tiny only available if you spend $500 or more. Part of the reason I like tinies is them NOT costing at least $500!
    12. Oooo... are we ranting? My rant is loving the stock on a doll, but not the doll itself and the stock isn't sold separately.
    13. Fairyland Chicline boys....almost NO clothes! The girls fit a ton of offtopic stuff...but not the boys. Nope. not a thing...

      Fairyland again - not offering a faceup service on the gift heads. I'd gladly pay!
    14. @lostkitten Yikes! That sounds like an insane ordeal. Event dolls are indeed as annoying as they are elusive.

      Speaking of which, if you move quickly, you might be able to snag yourself some nice DC event resin without repeating this unfortunate story, thanks to Jeeryama.


      Since I'm here, I suppose I'm obligated to complain, so frump I shall. I hate it when people refuse layaway on expensive/non-lower-priced dolls. I mean, when it's something like an $80- $100 head, or a $200-$300ish doll, I can understand. Not all of us can be patient,and you just want to get paid. But honestly, you charge $600-$1000 or more, and you expect someone to just be able to whip out their checkbook and pay that up front? Only a favored few can do that, and usually they spend that money on a new doll they've been preparing for as opposed to the secondhand market. The very idea that you have not the slightest intention of even considering layaway will drive away people who might have gladly purchased from you otherwise.

      I agree with Galatia. One of my favorite things at meetups is seeing the collections of people who can afford dolls that are out of my financial league. It lets me get a feel for those sculpts up close that I wouldn't get otherwise, and to see what they have chosen to do with them, as opposed to what I would do if I could afford them, is always interesting. Everyone has such differnet concepts for the same face. And really now, who does that? Scrutinizing the budgets and affairs of others, especially while they're standing right there? Manners are truly a lost art in this era. Some of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of encountering in the hobby own vast collections of expensive dolls. Some only own one or two lower-priced ones. It doesn't matter what the pricetag is- why can't we just appreciate the creativity of our fellow enthusiasts? :doh

      ....Obligatory mumbling about the particular brand of trolls on Tumblr is obligatory. I comment on those confession blogs because I enjoy the concept behind them. But I am always very selective about what I voice opinions on, and more often than not choose positive ones, such as a design idea or praise for a collector or company, or information-seeking ones, suggesting sculpts, companies, resource sites, etc. I don't want to get swept up into all of this apparent fussing and elitism that exists out there. It seems like most of those ghastly posts of the insulting breed create their own drama. Oh, Confession Submitter, you are upset because X<Y? We understand your viewpoint on the issue is strong, and seeing opposition upsets you, but if you're so insistent upon outting the 'drama' in the hobby, why not submit a confession about something unrelated, instead of fanning the flames?
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    15. I shouldn't be annoyed about this but I just am. Someone said they got a doll because they thought the line was going to die and now they regret it coz they don't like his nose. I tried to convince them saying that the line is doing well so no fear of it being axed and that the sculpt is quite popular so if they did want to sell him, they would have not problem. To which they reply, "I'm surprised to hear that this doll is a popular sculpt." Um...hello? Just because he's not to your taste, do you have to go and insult everyone else who got him? I have him. And I know some people who got 2 or 3 versions of him. Man! :sigh
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    16. Oh man I have a list a mile long lol

      -People who think their opinions on doll aesthetics qualify as vital information to the rest of the hobby and post them publicly as a 'confession'
      -The fact that the only thing confessed on most confession blogs is how wretched the confesse themselves are.
      -People who judge others based on doll choices
      -People who care about others financial situations when it's none of their business
      -People who try to control how others enjoy the hobby
      -People who think their 7 year old yellowed damaged standard edition doll is worth more than one new straight from the company
      -People who put bjd's on a pedestal above all other collectables as some form of ultimate art
      -People who can only enjoy bjds by constantly putting down Barbie, monster high and any other dolls out there as "mass produced garbage'
      -Companies who refuse to list measurements for the clothing they sell
      -Companies who won't show un-photoshopped images of their dolls
      -Bjd company apologists/fanboys who refuse to acknowledge when a company screws up and will side against the consumer no matter what
      -The fact that there are hardly any actual reviews of bjds out there and people are never honest when it comes to listing a dolls engineering flaws.

      I could keep going for days but I won't at the risk of making it seem like I don't like the hobby which I really do.
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    17. The drama! I hardly ever sees it but "everyone" talks about it and that makes me so sad! We all love this hobby why be rude to each other? :(
      the yellowing, shipping and that I want so much dolls! haha <3
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    18. Pics from owner pictures say so much more than the manufacturer ones, and I really love seeing how other people do their dolls. For me, it's finding the Parabox Sheba head. There's only me and one other person who has it!

      This is a grief for me. My camera broke, then I had to replace my smart phone with a cheap one, and I haven't been able to take nice pictures since. But I really want to share all the hard work I do on my doll!

      I confess some creep me out a lot, but I try to keep that to myself because I know the people who have those dolls love them very much.

      Kudos for putting a positive spin on this thread.
    19. Heheh rant thread...:wiggle
      Yup I gathered many things to rant about in all those years

      # sales threads that are not updated in any way. Just remove it when you sold it!
      # sales threads that have lack of information on almost everything (costs, shipping, location....everything) + crappy pictures
      # people who send a wtb PM and never get back at you
      # people who rant about paypal fees.
      # ridiculous shipping costs
      # realising that most of the awesome stuff only comes in SD size
      # eyes that do not turn out as shown on the picture of the seller (ersa flora, twice now)
      # ridiculous prices for clothes and shoes
      # not wanting to sell seperate heads (souldoll...)
      # copycats
      # seeing a current face up as extra value when selling a doll
      # people not grasping the meaning of the words "tons, massive..." and having 2 items on their sales page
      # people who do business with you but never leave feedback. And don't get a clue when you did leave them feedback
      # discovering that this awsome doll is a limited and from a few years back
      # custom fees
      # replying to a thread with a totally irrelevant answer
      # people who give random advice on a doll's look if it's not asked for, just don't
      # too much photoshop (or whatever) editing in photo's, it does show people...
      # ill fitting shoes
    20. Here are some things I find annoying at the moment~

      -I want high-heel feet and high-heel shoes for a manly doll....It's impossible o_o
      -That none my favorite companies sell heads/bodies separately, all the beautiful hybrids I wish to make T_T
      -That all my dolls have such weird sizes for wigs, eyes and shoes, my MSD has 8mm eyes which is super hard to find :c