Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. OT but Granado has high heel feets for their men ;) but sadly no shoes xD
    2. Evoi: I did not know that O_O That makes me kind of happy xD I wish I could buy them for my little hybrid >_>
    3. I don't have a lot of issues, but I mostly enjoy the hobby by myself. That doesn't mean I have nothing though. ^_^

      +The Company putting up pictures with full outfits and wigs, but no pictures of just the head by itself. I understand you're trying to show off the doll, but one direct picture of the face without a wig blocking half of it will not kill you.
      +When there is a doll I really love, but no owner pictures. It's hard to be figure out from just the company photo if the doll will always look just as perfect to me.
      +Wait times. Nothing I can do, but they still hurt.
      +Scared to join my local group because I don't know anyone there, but my "main" group being about 4 hours away.
      +My cat eating my wigs. (Not about the hobby per say, but still annoying.)

      I'm sure I have a few more little gripes in me, but for now these are all I have.
    4. The biggest pet peeve that I have is when you're in the middle of a layaway and you have a day set with the seller where you'll pay some of the doll off, but then out of nowhere they tell you that they're selling it to someone who's willing to buy it in full. It happened once, but it really hurt when the seller went under me like that. I was looking forward to buying that doll.

      But I had learnt right there and then that I'll never buy anything from that person; they had shown to me that they were dishonest and willing to go under current buyers just so they can get the largest bucks.

      Other, smaller, things that get under my skin are when the eyes are not positioned right, blurry pictures, and when I can't find owner pictures of dolls I'm thinking of buying.
    5. The only things that really bother me in the hobby are,

      - The hateful comments floating around tumblr under anonymous.
      - When I ask a question here in a discussion area and it gets ignored and bumped into oblivion by everyone's pictures... (this one to most) It mostly makes me sad.. especially when looking into getting a new doll and your question is looked over.

      This is pretty much it for me though! Not a big list or anything~ I am very grateful for all the wonderful people I've met so far this year. I'm looking forward to many more years in the hobby! ^_^
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    6. I fully agree with that.
    7. Trying posting in as many different threads as possible. Someone is bound to see them. Like..waiting threads, discussion threads, and pic spam threads. But I find that questions in pic spam threads tend to get ignored more since everyone goes in there with the mentality of looking at pictures and not reading words.

      Also, the Buying and Shipping Questions forum is a lot of help.
    8. Eyes. I'm terrible at finding ones I like and worse at putting them in.
      If I'm not squishing the putty out the front, I'm installing them cross eyed.
      I think I will finally have them right...take a pic and his left eye is looking at his nose.
      Restringing. I hate doing it. I will...but I would rather pay someone else.
      Sales threads that say they have tons of clothes for sale only to find the only thing left is a pair of socks.
    9. UUrgh! my pet peeve is feedback. If I can take the time to leave it for someone good or bad then I expect the same. Its just plain Lazy! Come on people you know who you are, Pull your finger out!
    10. The thing that annoys me the most is tumblr confessions and any dolly drama. It's just a complete waste of everyones time and the anonymous posts on tumblr are just... well I'll not get started on that! I am quite happy in the hobby and feel that the name-calling and shaming of how other people enjoy their own dolls is completely misplaced and inappropriate.
    11. Don't forget, companies that sell heads separately will often have pics of the blank heads on their "option parts" page. :-)

      Linda S.
    12. Pet peeve at the top of my list? Shoes without proper measurements. Considering the size of the items we're dealing with, 0.5cm can be a deal breaker in the shoe department. I've bought 5 pairs of boots from various companies in order to shoe 1 doll and none of them worked (#6 thankfully did though). It wasn't a complete loss though as the boots did fit another doll who also wears that style.

      Non-standard wig sizes. I'd ordered a DZ 8/9 wig and while I loved the style, it was a fight to get it on the doll and utterly refused to stay on the head of the doll I bought it for (BBD Valentine). I actually tried the wig on 2 other SD's I have (both from different companies as well) and the wig was still a struggle to get on and stay on the other 2 dolls, too, so I'm pretty sure it was the wig sizing and not an issue with a slightly larger head of a particular sculpt. I've also bought an 8/9 wig that was huge and could've fit a 9/10 easily.

      Commissioning something and fully paying for the service after agreeing on a timeline and what was to be done and then having the person go into radio silence mode when the deadline passes. When there is finally word on where the project is in relation to completion, it's excuse after excuse about why they're still not done and promises of being done by X date yet that time comes and goes without further words. I know life happens and I'm not talking about a few days beyond the expected date. When 1.5 months pass beyond when the project was supposed to be done with sketchy communication, you tend to get a little nervous that a stranger has your doll and a nice bit of your money without any guarantee that you'll get either back. This is especially true when you can see that the person has been online just hours ago yet hasn't replied to a PM you sent them a week ago.

      Companies that are experiencing a serious production delay but don't bother saying anything anywhere and don't respond to questions posted to their Q&A section about the delays.

      Like so many here, blurry, out of focus photos in sales threads. This applies to items as well as dolls. I'm not gonna wanna fork over my hard-earned cash if I can't even tell what I'm looking at.
    13. Just a couple:

      I severely dislike it when non-BJD people are actively dismissive of the hobby, going so far as to call my doll "stupid" and "creepy". It makes me very sad. :(

      Another kind of odd one is when I am looking at a doll to purchase and they have lots of nice and dressed up photos of the full dolls, but no picture of the head itself with no faceup and no wig.
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    14. A pet peeve of mine: buyers not paying and going into radio silence. Because especially when it's a layaway program and they've already paid a few terms, I don't know if I should keep trying to contact them, or cancel the deal.

      This is something that isn't currently happening, but I've had it happen before and I don't like the insecurity.

      This is not just a pet peeve, for me this is reason to give them negative feedback, because you both already sealed the deal. If a seller would rather not deal with a layaway program, they shouldn't have offered it.
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    15. It's really annoying when a buyer doesn't even say 'thanks' or 'I got it' after receiving a package from me. This is why I only leave feedback for buyers who leave me feedback first...when I buy something I always let the seller know and leave feedback immediately so I expect the same thing.
    16. When in a swap you put in what your allergies are and then someone pairs you up with someone who has ALL of your allergen triggers.

      Like dude... Are you trying to give me an asthma attack!?
    17. Not much bothers me other than seeing a lack of basic ettiquette. Rudeness, snide remarks, rant threads, passive aggressive emoticons, and other actions just make me feel exhausted looking at them. It takes all the fun out of sharing my dolls. I suppose this kind of stuff happens in all hobbies but it really is a kill joy. I'd much rather gush over pretty things and have a good time...and spam pictures. I like picture spam a lot.
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    18. When companies don't have photos of their doll's head without a face up and wig. It gets frustrating looking for a sculpt with tiny elf ears or tear ducts with everything in the way.
    19. Thisthisthis!

      Handy information - my thanks! Although, I always feel bad for spamming people with questions, lol.

      My biggest pet peeve is how expensive things are and how long they take to arrive! Not that I think either of those two things should necessarily change, shipping and manufacturing takes a while that's just how it is, and price is relivent to expensive materials and things being produced by hand. As someone currently unable to work though, its tough looking at all the expensive dollies! ;w; One day!
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    20. I echo SatcheRabbit's feelings on the matter, which is really more of an internet condition I think when it comes to any hobby, but I could live without the passive aggressive, demanding, and ... hmm... overly assertive people? I've seen on here! I just want to enjoy all the dolls and share mine, but I'm too wary anymore lol

      On a more light-hearted note:

      Heel legs. Why yes, how did you know I wanted to restring my doll just to change her shoes??? : DDD awesomesauce!
      Dolls that can't sit or stand on their own *eyes IH Luo* ... >_> *sigh*
      "option parts" that don't stay on >___________>;;; aka: CMPS (chronic migrating penis syndrome)
      Finding the perfect body, then finding it only has a 1 or 2 part torso
      Doll chairs that are about an inch too short
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