Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. Staining. It's my pet peeve and also my only fear.
    2. Whaaaaat? lol! :XD:
    3. Getting worked up over "dolly issues" just takes more energy than I'm willing to spare anymore, so I try very hard to ignore the parts of the hobby that I know annoy me... That means avoiding the Tumblr community like the proverbial plague, selling dolls on the Marketplace as infrequently as possible, and making use of the Ignore list function here on the forums. Just doing those few things makes the hobby so much more pleasant than it would be otherwise...

      There are still annoying things that just CAN'T be solved by ignoring them, though... Companies with inconsistent item quality (Leeke, I'm looking at you. Sending out wigs that are great one time and utter rats' nests the next is NOT a Good Thing. <_<), sculpts that are well-nigh-impossible to obtain, the fact that some things simply don't exist in the size you need... That kind of thing.

      I'm still working on how not to be annoyed by things like that. :lol:
    4. Waaaat? OAO
    5. I hate it when I totally love a doll, but I'm scared to buy it because my likes may change before I get it. :doh I also hate it when I see a beautiful doll that I love and I see the price is something crazy like $1000. :...( Really, I can't find anything else that irks me in this hobby (other than the fact noone wants to make a Dr. Black Jack or Pinoko inspired doll. :pout:)
    6. Finding this doll, and save up for it for awhile, and when you have enough, the doll is sold out.
    7. OT but it might help - I found out that my IH Akando can stand almost like a rock when I restrung him with two shorter loops of elastic (one for each leg) instead of one long loop (for both legs) and also a little hot-glue sueding. Not kidding here - restrung him this way several years ago and he still stands pretty well on his own. Not as steady as he used to but when the stringing and sueding was fresh you could actually just stand him here (like, straighten the legs, put him on the floor, eh voilá!) and he stood - even when you lightly poked him. My friend repeated the procedure on her IH Luo and was successful, too.

      As for the CMPS - yah, I don't know how often I've been muttering to my DragonDoll Uncle body "I swear if you dislodge it ONE MORE TIME, I'll GLUE IT ON with superglue!!!" XD
    8. CHeck DeviantART for Black Jack BJD's, there's actually a LOT of them. Pinoko, not so much but I've seen some AMAZING Black Jack's on there.... Hm... a Pukifee could make a cute Pinoko.
    9. Putting in tiny zippers! Especially when they meet elastic fabric. Eff that effing effery! :roar Each and every time I swear to myself I'll never EVER go near those damn things again. :vein
    10. I second the rant about shoes with no measurements. Saying your shoes will fit MSD is useless (unless you specify Volks, of course) since MSD is often used as a generic term. Same thing with saying SD size, tiny, etc. I don't understand why people do this. Even some online shops do this.
    11. Head Caps that aren't attached with magnets but resin hooks. Because it makes turning the dolls head without destroying the styled fur wig impossible
    12. I have a DragonDoll Uncle too, and I dislike that he can't even sit down without migrating unless his legs are spread wide apart! I don't want to superglue him, but I really don't want him to go without! I may try hot glue...

      Linda S.
    13. My pet peeves currently are:
      * Sales posts with no pictures of the doll / items for sale
      * Sales posts in which it appears the seller doesn't quite know what they're selling (misspelled company/sculpt names, wrong company/sculpt names etc.)

      little things, I know, but still annoying to me ^^
    14. 1) waiting forever and forever - beyond initially promised/reasonable time - for a doll (8 mos for a DC Elizabeth). it's great the company is so popular and orders are so plenty - that means you can afford to hire more ppl, no?
      2) brand new elastic stretching out in a matter of days;
      3) fickle muses;
      4) looking and looking and still haven't found that money tree... ;)
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    15. 1: People at meet-ups looking up female BJDs' skirts/dresses to see their private parts. Double whammy if they pull down their underwear. Like, it's not your doll. Don't do that.
      2: Being unable to find a lot of clothes for your tinies/minies ><;;
      3: Getting a wig that either doesn't fit or won't stay on. Or getting a wig that looks nothing like it does in the photo.
    16. Cousin and her husband held my Resinsoul Song and pulled down his pants to see his pecker.... And then picked up my Resinsoul Bei and flipped her skirt up. I changed her into pants not five minutes later. XD;
    17. It's universal. I have a little cloth OT travel doll and I swear the first thing anyone who wants to look at her does is look up her skirt. And my mother was wondering why I was bothering to make such an elaborate set of undies for her. It happens with the Pukifees, too. So far I haven't had anyone get pantsed yet, though.
    18. Seeing that (custom) doll I thought I would never have a second chance on the MP for, appearing on said MP, and being flat broke with no way to gather money any time soon, GAH>.<
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    19. That BJD clothes are so expensive :(
      And that I'm so horrible at making it myself
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    20. All my brownies have head magnets, it makes for easy putting on of clothes and such.
      Shura is from dollzone (she's a momo) and her head is on there via s-hook, despite being the same size.
      Her feet are also wider so she doesn't fit into kelly shoes like bronies and pukies do.