Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. This. 1000x this. I absolutely hate it when I get a wig that looks nothing at all like its sales photo. Also eyes. I really get annoyed when I receive eyes that bear very little resemblance to their sales' photo (here's lookin' at you, Safrin and Eyeco).
    2. Oh another thing, Mohair... I mean both Clover and Lakumi's wigs (Prudence's too but hers is fine) are perfect for their look/character but are a pain!
      I've long given up on Clover's, it's insane forever.
    3. Waiting two months to get my first doll shipped...
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    4. Ok, newish person here with absolutely NO pet peeves yet.....but I just want to thank the person that made the migrating penis comment. I sat here laughing so hard I was crying....but I *did* read the rest of the thread before just going 'lolpenis'. Here's hoping my pet peeves are few and my joys are many as I spend more time in this hobby - you folks are great. :-D

      *edit for still chuckling and correcting spelling*
    5. My biggest annoyance is when I pose my dolls in some difficult to balance pose. They stand, I wait a bit with my hands floating around them to see if they topple. They don't. I pick up my camera and they fall over. :nowords: And I have to be so quick to catch them, which fortunately I have always managed for now.
    6. Buying an outfit, or even just a particular piece of clothing, for a specific doll...

      ... and then, when it arrives, said doll ends up looking horrible in it, and...

      ... no other doll in the house wants anything to do with it either! *_*

      (And, yes. I wholeheartedly agree with wanting to tear my own hair out when I can't get a wig to look anything like it did online.)
    7. Getting a wig in a FULLSET that doesn't fit the doll. (my mind boggles...)

      ...that's about my only peeve really XD everything else I'm sorta; "Eh I can live with that"
    9. -Confession blogs on tumblr > > ;
      There's too much un-needed drama in the whole BJD over there anyway

      -Crossed-eyed/crooked eyes on dolls. It really bothers me when they don't seem to be looking in any particular direction.

      -Poorly posed doll photography. It's difficult, but please try to make it look not so awkward!

      -Poor fitting wigs. > >
    10. Finding the perfect eyes/wig/shoes... only to find out that they are out of stock, and the company just hadn't marked it yet.

      Poor fitting wigs is up there too (*cough* Leekeworld *cough*)
    11. -- In the vein of 'stuff that doesn't look like the photo': when COLORS don't show up the same way they do on the monitor! (This seems to be an especially egregious offense for shades of red. It's way, way, WAY too easy for what looks like true cherry red to show up as orange or pink.)

      -- Cloying, passive-aggressive "niceness". The hobby doesn't have to be marshmallows and unicorns all the time and I'd rather have my dolls served up with a side of honesty than too much kumbaya around the campfire.

      -- Restringing. Forever.

      -- Lack of display space. I need to put up some shelves or something, my dolls live in their carriers because lolnospace.

      I am also annoyed by the current lack of fudge in my life but that has nothing to do with dolls, and I believe I shall solve this problem by making a pan tomorrow.
    12. This! Especially when you're making sales pictures and you want the colours to be true to the product, but then, when you've taken a gazillion pictures, none of them even come close.
    13. Thiiiis.... I'll compose an order all centered around obtaining one very special item, and then get a notice that it's out of stock ;__;
    14. Dust. Just... no. Can you not?

      Eyelashes - the longer you stare at your doll's face, the more you realise how one set is different than the other. Grr!
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    15. people that say they shipped your item but dont have proof of shipping and then like magic the item doesnt arrive...
      that only happens with the people that say they shipped your item but didnt get a reciept ..or they lost it..
      how strange is that...
    16. Or you take a set of photos at a great place/time of day/setup that you only have access to for that time -- and later you discover that all the closeups show either one eyelash starting to detach, or one eye that's moved back/to the side/up/down, and you never noticed beforehand....
    17. Things that drive me crazy:

      ~ People saying things like "you paid how much for that doll?" or "there are so many better uses of your time/money!"
      ~ Kicky joints, or getting your doll into just the right pose only to have them snap back to something awkward the moment you pull away
      ~ Sewing an outfit only to realize it doesn't quite fit how you expected it to
      ~ Taking like 50 photos in a photoshoot, and none of them turning out any good after all that
      ~ Not having enough space to keep my dolls as comfortably as I would like
      ~ Eye putty showing through the eyewells (argh!)

      I'm sure there's more (I could get awful nitpicky if I felt like it), but this'll do for the time being, haha...
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    18. I've got a solution for color not showing up right, at least if you are making a sales thread.

      Get a paint chip from a well known paint brand that matches perfectly, and either show it with the item, or say in the text, "And this matches Dutch Boy "Amber Glow" #XXX"

      Of course if you are an artist and you have a Pantone Wheel around you can say what Pantone color it matches, but most of us don't have that accessible!
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    19. ..............................that's genius.
    20. Long waiting times are annoying but understandable. What bothers me is if I am told it is 27-40 weeks for my doll to be made and shipped, and then for it to delayed. Especially, if my basic doll is being delayed because a special promotion that happened after I ordered.

      Now, I understand delays for things like natural disasters, or national holidays. I do get annoyed when the reason is simply, "It was delayed because we got more orders then we were expecting."