Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. For me eyes with small iris. because I want more color but it hard to find
    2. I'm very new to the hobby and even I can say with 100% certainty that buying shoes is the worst thing ever XD also, buying custom clothing! It so expensive! :( But it's unavoidable sometimes!
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    3. @Poppyfleaur they seriously are. And even the ones through the dealers. I can bite the bullet on getting shoes (Just bought some from MarbleMoonShop on Etsy that were decently priced! And it helped that I could see them first hand from a friend who bought them too) that have a higher price tag if I know they fit. When I got my doll, Nordeena a body last spring, I ordered her a pair of shoes too. But they fall right off her feet! Almost $40 for a pair of shoes for that company's doll that doesn't fit? I even tried the shoe on an older body type and it fell off. Luckily stuffing some Tissue paper in the toe helps a little, but if they didn't have ankle straps, they'd probably still fall off even with the tissue paper inserts.
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    4. Great idea about tissue, but you are right, it is not easy task for sure. I am kinda figure out shops for MSD shoes for now, but I have dollstown elf body, that is another nightmare, nothing fits it, SD clothes and shoes are too big :frownyblush:
    5. wigs and shoes are always the hardest. Shoes never fit right and they usually cost more than I'd pay for my own! And the wigs always look strange to me after putting them on, so I'm super picky about which ones I buy now.
    6. Wigs. They're never exactly what I want, so I've ended up with about three times as many wigs as I have dolls. :sweat It's so irksome that a few days ago I finally decided to bite the bullet and order supplies for my first venture into wig making.
    7. Shoes. my first bjd was an Iplehouse EID, he had got too big feets, I can't find him proper shoes cheaper than Iple shoes. Only one pair was in his size on Alice's collections what I like. After I sold him, many boots start to appaer in his size in many bjd sites...*_*Now I have got Universe doll hybrid and his feets are 8*3cm...Most boots I like now are 9-9,5cm, or what I like best: Iple EID size.. No I am not nervous...:sweat I can find shoes in his size, it's an avarage foot size, but I am picky with shoes.(who doesn't) Finally a few weeks ago I find shoes I like. Ordered them. Now waiting them to arrive. I hope they will fit.:abambi:
    8. Eyes, wigs, stands. I love the result but hate the idea of taking time to pick them out. Maybe it’s the prices...
    9. Shoes!! It's so hard to find the shoes to fit the style..
    10. Ive been trying to find items for the dolls I’m currently waiting for. So far all I know is it’s hard to find a decent wig. I’ve gotten 2 different wigs..they aren’t rlly good in my opinion...and then i know someone that’s into Bjd’s and even he says it’s hard for him as well.
    11. Eyes for my Granado Udell - his eyes are ridiculously small for such a big doll, and so far no eyes looked good on him, apart from the pair of free eyes I got from the company - those look great.
      How I wish that I could find suitable eyes for the more realistic dolls that I own, rather than those huge, sparkly, colourful eyes that seemed to be floating around the market everywhere! (I had nothing against them - just wanted to be fair that my big boys are getting their share of accessories as well :3nodding:)
    12. Shoes and wigs!!!! My dolls feet's are so odd I can't find the right shoes for anything! And if I did they would be too expensive fir my taste. And the wigs, omg I cannot find the right style ever. I always draw my doll characters then kinda base them off my drawing. Their hair is so difficult to find. I can't style wigs too well either.
    13. I love buying shoes for my dolls. Since they are slim minis, they fit into tonner 22 shoes and there are so many options on ebay! Especially this one seller. As for what i hate buying is wigs, i can't really afford alpaca wig, so I go for synthetic..And everytime i feel bad about it, since i have alpaca hair laying around and i just need to make a wig myself, but i never do.
    14. WIGS. They are not cheap , hard to find the right color and style, and even if you make an artist custom make you one, there is no guarantee it will look on the doll's head as good as intended.
    15. Wigs and outfits :x I'm so indecisive in a concept etc. and then omg the costs of clothes and wigs are like equal to my own personal expenses. Like I could go shopping at sephora and it would only cost a shirt and pants for my ID75 boy :...(
    16. Eyes and wigs!
    17. Definitely shoes. None of my dolls have shoes apart from my Smart Doll, who came with shoes in the fullset.

      Not only do I have trouble finding shoes that I like, it's hard to justify buying them when they cost as much as human shoes! Plus I'm afraid they will fall off and get lost.
    18. definitely doll house,hard to find a one that is match to my housesd size doll
    19. Everything except for wigs and eyes.
      Large dolls (80+) are ridiculously hard to find clothes.:(
    20. I hate buying shoes