Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Elastic for restringing...
    2. Socks, underwear and pants. Socks and underwear are quite too expensive for dolls. Pants on the other hand are very hard to find a perfect fit for my dolls.
    3. I'm seeing a bit of a trend here haha.

      My personal issues with shoes is that I prefer MSD sized dolls, but the majority of shoes designed for them seem to be on the chunky side and look kind of silly on what's intended to be an adolescent rather than a child. Overall, I have trouble finding what I'd personally call "decent" clothing for MSDs. Everything I like is only meant for SD and it's a little disheartening. I figure it's because it's easier to make things like denim jackets for larger dolls, but I'd really like my boy to be able to have one of the mainstays of his intended wardrobe.
    4. Hmm, I'd say probably shoes.
      I've got one doll that's really picky about them, one that doesn't really care but has small feet and kind of needs shoes that make her taller. ...And the doll that I'm waiting on a body for tries to pick ridiculous options, solely because I dislike them.
    5. I also hate buying shoes the most! It's not so much a fear of them not fitting, it's just that they cost more than most of my people shoes! I know they take some skill to create, but I still can't help but feel like they are one of the most over-priced things in the hobby. I'm willing to pay a lot of money for someone to make an alpaca wig or something like that because I know how much time goes into it... But is a pair of shoes from a giant factory really worth $40-$60?!
    6. Eyes. I want small iris and glass or urethane, and boy is that hard when you live in a country where shipping from the states will easily cost 30 USD for a pair of eyes that have no guarantee of pleasing you.

      I have also never found a good wig ready-made, not even when my "price range" is set up at 150 usd if the wig looks professional and the colour pleases me. Plastic fiber is definitely a nope for me. I think all wigs I own are made by me. But that's the trick; I can't make eyes, but I sure can dye angora and alpaca hair and make wigs out of it, no trouble. Having only male dolls and a male spouse (although long-haired, but for some reason not into having braids and curls), I have never mastered the art of hairdos, but I am on it.
    7. Shoes! The fear of them not fitting is there alright...
    8. Eyes, they never turn out to be the right color or size!
    9. I feel like care/maintenance items are probably the worst for me, mostly because it's just not as exciting as getting a new clothing item to dress my doll up with.
    10. Definately wigs! its so hard to get the perfect one unless you try them on since every doll is different, but im mostly buying everything thru online so there is no chance for any try out. I can't even count how much i have waste on buying wig and ended up not looks good on my doll lol.
    11. It's always annoying for me to find out in the last moment before confirming the purchasing that most of the clothes that I'd like to buy for my JID girl are wayyyy too small for her. :doh
    12. Wigs.
      The reason is that I am terrified of damaging the faceup when I put a wig on. And I never really now if they would fit or if I am doing something wrong :blush
    13. Shoes are so troublesome. Because I have a doll that is not typical sizing i have no ideas what to do for shoes. I've tried making my own but that was a lost cause :nowords:. My baby just goes barefoot.
    14. Eyes, wigs and shoes. I can't try them out, so I have decide from the picture if it will suit my doll, which I'm not good at. I'm quite picky when it comes to iris-size, and the color of the items. Both things you can't really get a good feel for when you're watching the item on a monitor.

      The items themselves aren't terribly expensive (although certainly not cheap), but combined with shipping and custom fees, the cost ramps up pretty quickly. So yeah... I hate receiving a package like that only to realize that nothing works for the intended doll.
    15. Everything, really. Im very crafty and know my way around a sewing machine, so it makes it hard to justify buying anything for my doll. It sucks, cause all my stuff ends up mediocre, but I cant justify paying 30$+ for a wig when I can order wefts and finish it for less than 10$. Shoes are the one thing I can buy though, they seem so hard to make. I may try to make some in the future though.
    16. It is very difficult to find good shoes for non-standart feets.
    17. I struggle to find good eyes for my dolls. I either seem to get the wrong size or the actual shape of the eye doesn't work, like the dome being too high or something. I also have a problem with wigs because I like natural fibers--mohair, alpaca, ect--but natural fiber wigs are so expensive. :sweat
    18. Underwear and shoes.
    19. Elastic String
    20. Proper teenaged type clothing for my teenaged MSD boys, and YoSD sized teens of both genders.:eusa_pray
      The majority of the MSD sized ‘boy’s’ outfits seem to tend to be goth-Lolita baby doll looking, with short pants or Gods forbid... FRILLY BLOOMERS!:doh
      Most of my 1/4 guys are Volks SDCs and MSD/SDMs, and they are all tweens or teens. Volks is notorious for the goth-Lolita frilly baby doll 1/4 boy stuff, which I suspect is because even though it’s technically made for a boy, it’s still geared to a certain extent to mainly appeal to customers with girl dolls. Probably because customers with girl dolls are the majority.
      Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the goth-Lolita boy’s look, and several of my BJD guys do too.:thumbup However, not as clothes to wear 24/7, 365 days a year!:roll: Lol, and most of them swap out the bloomers for long pants as well, when they do wear their goth-Loli threads.;)
      Unfortunately, the outfits that aren’t the ‘little Lord Fauntleroy’ type seem to be few and far between, made in limited quantities, and sell out fast! Especially anything with jeans or long fashionable trousers!:horror:
      Also, even most of the ‘modern’ or what I guess you could call ‘average people’ type clothes for 1/4 boys, usually seem to be geared towards what a 1950’s grandmother might buy for a five or six year old!:doh
      Lol, while my 15 year old Lue might occasionally wear a t-shirt with a picture of a cute puppy on it, particularly if said shirt is purple... he draws the line at shirts with toy trains and lil’ ducky’s on them.:roll::lol:

      Oh, and finding teenaged clothing for YoSD sized... that’s like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack!:sweat Actually finding the needle would probably be easier.;)
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