Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Shoes. My girls feet are 8.7 cm so I have to buy what's made for boys :( If anyone knows of some loafers around that size let me know!
    2. Shoes!! So hard to get just the right size one
    3. I hate to but wigs for my dolls. I can never find a perfect wig and the good one always needs a long waiting time。
      I hope I can make wigs for dolls by myself one day.
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    4. Wigs for me too. I can usually manage clothes and shoes, but finding wigs that feel right for the doll or character is such a pain!
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    5. Shoes for my Feeple girl. It nearly about always ends in tears. It's the worst when the shoes are listed as being good for feeple feeties, but in fact they just scrunch up around them, or end up looking like Minnie Mouse feet.

      Wigs are also a big leap of faith.
    6. Clothes are the one that I hate. Mostly because I know if I sat down I could make it. I'm just to busy right now:(
    7. I hate to buy shoes and wigs for my dolls, cause the shoes does not fit often and I am really picky with wigs for my dolls.... and clothes... cause 70cm boys and so different sizes of shoulders and waists...
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    8. WIGS! Its taken me forever just to find the right wigs for my minifee's. Sometimes they're crooked or the wig cap is too big ugh..
    9. Wigs!!. I want to learn about wig making because mostly time wigs doesn't look like the picture or looks really bad in person. :( (And head size issues)
    10. Haha it's funny reading all the comments about shoes! The only BJD shoes I have came with my first BJD, a tender creation doll. Other than these, all my other dolls have zero shoes. I'm honestly scared of buying them and that they won't fit. But also they're expensive. I wish I knew how to make my own! Because for clothes I'm covered, I'm just super lazy for doing them =P
      I also have buying wigs and eyes, but mostly because I find it hard to find suppliers that carry fashion doll sized without taking an arm and a leg -_-
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    11. shoes and wigs! shoes are always the wrong size no matter how many times a check and wigs just look different on every doll so you never know until you get it!
    12. Dollhouse stuff for their rooms. It's all so expensive and their rooms are going to end up costing as much as a doll by the time they're done.
    13. Eyes are my biggest issue because I can never perfectly envision what they will look like on my doll.
    14. It's funny how so many people mention wigs, when I absolutely *love* wig shopping xD

      I second the dollhouse and diorama building stuff though! Kinda have a love-hate relationship with that. A beautiful diorama is truly amazing but gathering all the materials, props and decoration is soo tough sometimes, especially for particular scales >.<
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    15. So far, the worst offenders had been eyes and shoes (or socks) :vein ...especially if you have a slightly odd sized head and body, it can be a real pain! And of course I always do my measurements very loosely, so I am partly to blame. :sweat
    16. Definitely shoes. If I could become a doll shoe cobbler I swear I would just so I could never buy a pair of shoes that are slightly too small ever again!
    17. Everything! I spend hours looking at what's available from Etsy to Legend Doll and often don't find what I'm looking for. Sometimes I have something very specific I'm looking for, sometimes I know what I want in my minds eye, but can't find anything like it anywhere. And I like quite simple pieces, so you think it would be easy.
    18. Shoes!! I've been procrastinating on buying my new baby some shoes because I don't know if they'll even look right on his tiny feet
    19. Honestly seeing everyone say shoes makes me feel so much better :lol: I'm happy it's not just me. My poor boy still doesn't have any shoes!
    20. Lol I agree with so many others and say shoes. I know my doll needs a few different pairs but the price for tiny doll shoes is just crazy.. I could get like 2 dresses and a hoodie for her with that money :doh