Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. I'm surprised to see so many people say shoes because I have an obsession with shoes and buy so many. even for the smallest dolls (puki puki) I never had a problem finding shoes and they have so many.

      I was able to find the perfect eyes and wigs for my dolls but it took a lot of trial and error that left me with so many eyes and wigs I don't need and a lot of money wasted on them. So I'm always wary when I buy eyes and wigs, it's not something I really enjoy to buy.
    2. Shoes. Definitely that.
    3. As a minifee owner, I love buying shoes that fit them cause it's really gratifying finally finding ones that fit, on the other hand, I hate buying pants cause unless they are specific to minifee, even most slim msd size clothes never fit. The struggle is real.
    4. heads, i always have so much problems matching up neck holes, i can just mod them but its extra work i dont always want to do, finding the head for my april story body was hard it was either too small or too big never just right
    5. My boy is an uncommon size (50cm-ish) so buying clothes, especially pants, is really difficult! He has such long legs! I’m probably just going to buy a sewing machine and make all of his clothes :’)))

      He doesn’t actually own any shoes at the moment (for a while I really wasn’t motivated to work on him and buy him things, and now I’m broke after having to make emergency dolly purchases) but I have a feeling that shoes are going to be awkward for him too once I get round to buying him some :’)
    6. Shoes, shoes and again, shoes. It's difficult to find shoes which would fit, look good, werent't too cute or too plain, didn't look giant when dolls wear them and so on. And price, of cours., that's also a problem.
    7. I have the hardest time buying pants or leggings for my Doll Chateau girl. She's got wide hips and long legs so finding pants that reach her ankles is so difficult. SD pants are too large on her and MSD stuff is a crapshoot, I found one pair of shorts that fit her so I barely take them off her.
    8. Eyes! Gah! I'm one of those people who likes my dolls to have one pair of eyes that they wear all the time, and finding that One Perfect Pair is just. GAH.

      Even if I know what size everything is - the height of the dome, the width of the iris, etc - I'm still terrible at gauging what they'll look like in the doll itself.
    9. Wig caps, underwear and socks. I honestly wish that doll companies would send their dolls with those 3 things. As a lot of members have posted, it's a real pain to order them separate and not exactly easy either for these little tidbits.
    10. Eyes! I don’t know why it’s so hard to choose the right color but it is... But I still love shopping them :D
    11. Elastic. Specially for the tee-tinies and the huge ones.. for it means re-stringing jobs are coming. And those jobs are tedious on the tinies, and very tough (unless you are with two people) on the SD ones.

      So, therefor: string is what I hate buying :)
    12. Shoes. Feet are different on basically every doll and finding perfect fitting shoes is a nightmare.
    13. i hate having to buy eye putty it's just seems like a nuisance to me but it's either that or go eyeless Sooo.........
    14. Buying shoes just makes me so nervous.
    15. It took me almost 3 months to finally get shoes for one of my boys. I never could find any I liked and his feet are quite small and many of the ones I liked were in the 9-10cm range. And wigs are another one.

      Eyes I don’t have such a problem with but I have piles of spares. The only problem is finding small iris eyes which are my favorites.
    16. I ended up deciding to buy the shoes that were with his maker default outfit because I was just so afraid of getting the wrong shoe size, only to realize that they really don't go with the style I'm going for for him and now he's just barefoot while I try to hype myself up to go dolly shoe shopping, lol.
    17. I'll not be original shoes. It is difficult to find something for a female flat foot of 8 cm. And when I find a pair that are appropriate in size and I like enough, it turns out that these shoes can’t be worn with socks.
    18. Anything I don't get to see, haha. Sizing is a tiny bit of a pain and I know it's for protection and such but it's mostly because it feels less rewarding if it doesn't contribute to the look. I guess it does in the long run--I love gothic clothes so gotta keep them safe from color bleeding.
    19. stain prevention clothes,long white tights and th long white long sleeves even socks and boxers. not cus its hard BUT I ALWAYS FORGET. most their clothes is dark and i wash it for safety but dear god it seems i but huge hauls and right after check out it clicks in i forgot to buy any 4 of those things
    20. Shoes, they never really fit, they look too big for the dolls, and never look like they do in stock photos. I also hate wearing shoes in real like and I think I pass that onto my dolls haha