Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Pants. Buying pants suck
    2. I hate buying doll shoes. They cost more than my people shoes, and even when I'm religiously checking the size, sometimes they don't fit the doll I bought them for. Haaaate it.
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    3. I'll join all the people above saying "shoes". I just don't understand who standard shoes are made for. Me and my close friend have dolls from several different companies, most of them are 65-72 cm boys, and even if one of us finds nice realistic shoes, they usually are:
      - too narrow for Iplehouse and Soom Idealian
      - ridiculously large on top for Doll Chateau
      - looking like daddy shoes on Soom Supergem
      - looking good but half empty inside so the doll cannot stand properly and falls (hello IOS class 80)
      And so on. Not even mentioning the prices and lack of models and colors. Oh my.
    4. I own maybe two pairs of shoes and always look but never end up making the purchases. I also hate wig buying . (I make most of my own these days). I really just have issues bonding with wigs and they seem pricey for the good ones,which stinks.
    5. Shoes are the worst. I have one pair from a porcelain doll that fits one of my msd boys and that’s it. I know I need to buy more but I’m afraid of getting some that will end up not fitting who they are supposed to.
    6. Real buttons on shirts!
      I have big fingets snd hate trying to open the very small buttons. I like the look of them but hate taking them off and on. Lol
      Shoes can also be traumatic also.
      Especially boots
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    7. Shoes. It seems to be impossible to find shoes that look good and are right size.
    8. Shoes! With wigs as a close second. Shoes almost always look clunky, and some are way more than I want to spend on a doll's shoes (though definitely less than I spend on my shoes.)
    9. My top two: wigs and shoes. Wigs so much so that I got fiber and everything to make wigs... I just gotta motivate myself to dive in. I hate buying them. They’re so tedious and can fit so poorly. I figured I’d save much more money making my own and trying to make my own vision. Shoes on the other hand.. I just hate their prices LOL! I gotta do it tho.
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    10. My biggest problem overall are wigs for my dolls, but I also have trouble with clothes sometimes for certain dolls. I just can never find the right wigs for what I have in mind for my dolls!
    11. eyes maybe? Because even if I like the color or anything I can tell if they really fit my doll xD
    12. Shoes, definitely. I simply give up and let them run in bare feet.
    13. definitely wigs since i tend to have very specific plans for all my dolls hair
    14. I am an artist who has been painting and sewing for yeah, almost 40 years, so faceups, clothes, and wigs I can make. I am willing to spend a whole lot of time on the internet hunting for shoes, and I always contact the seller and ask ,"W
      ill your shoes fit a doll with feet in X length and Y width? " In eleven years in the hobby I have only gotten one pair of doll shoes that don't fit.

      Eyes are my problem, I own 30 or 40 surplus pairs of doll eyes that work for no one. You just can't tell if they will work until you put them in your dolls head, and 90% of the time...NOPE!!!!!!!
    15. WIGS i hate styling them i hate cutting them, they’re usually never the right size despite the company measurements provided to me and good lord doll hair gets EVERYWHERE
    16. I'm repeating but... WIGS.
      Why are most female (kids or adults) wigs so ridiculously long? I just can't cut them properly even if my life depends on it.
      I started learning how to make my own wigs just to not have to struggle with that again.

      Also shoes for my Souldoll Vito boy, but he is in fact a total pain to dress in general so... it's not the shoes' fault.
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    17. Shoes( nobody (except SartoriaJ) makes shoes for dollshe girls((( so I have to buy men’s shoes and never know would they fit or not(((
    18. I don't really hate buying anything for my dolls at this point, but getting pants for my boys has proved a little annoying. Two of the three pairs I've gotten do not fit around the waist. If I keep running into this pants could become the 'hate to buy it' thing.
    19. Shoes...the bane of my existence! You never know if they’ll actually fit...and c’mon now, I’d never pay that much $$$ for my own shoes!:chomp:
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    20. Clothes! It’s just so hard to find someone to commission for doll clothes and most everyone I’ve contacted about commissioning either wasn’t open or just didn’t want to. And it doesn’t help that I don’t have super popular body sculpts so that makes it even harder to find anything to fit over them. At this rate I’m thinking I might just have to start sewing in order to finally get some clothes for my dolls