Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. I really hate buying shoes. They're all very expensive and I can never find any I like. Also I find pants hard to find too. I usually just buy leggings because bjd jeans are suuuper expensive, and I can just make them myself.
    2. Shoes are terrible and evil. I hate buying them. My boy went shoeless for almost a year, and now he has one single pair of cheap canvas shoes. A physical bjd shop just opened up, so I'm going to head over there and pick up some shoes that actually fit him properly.

      I also just really hate buying random accessories, like tiny brushes and wigcaps. It's hard to find a seller that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping something that weighs less than a quarter. Also, UV resin is expensive and takes one million years to ship.
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    3. I hate buying shoes. There's so many cool shoes but it's so hard to find the sizes I need.
      Wigs too. I bought a wig not long ago and it is WAY too big for my doll - sizing is hard :sigh
      Eyes are also hard. The two pairs of eyes I've bought are too big for my current doll and I have no clue what to do with them.
      Pants are hard. I stick with leggings so far.
      I don't want to buy like, furniture or props. I bought a couple drinks from lemonjelly, but they just kinda take up space (they're still cute tho)
      I probably won't buy accessories or carriers. Carriers are so cute but I just don't go anywhere with my dolls to need it.
    4. Eye putty and shoes.
      Eye putty because it's boring and shoes because their expensive.
    5. gosh i have the SAME exact problem!
    6. Clothes in general!! I am extra picky when it comes to bjd clothes, so when I see pictures from companies I pay attention to the quality and design. I can tell when they are made of cheaper materials and the quality of stitching says a lot. I gravitate to more expensive clothes, but never have the funds to buy them when I find something, so I often miss out on them.

      Somehow I am lucky when it comes to buying shoes, as in the style tends to match my ideal look and Im usually good with guessing the sizes LOL
    7. Socks and underwear. I say to heck with it most of the time and don't order them at all. But that doesn't mean I don't feel bad for NOT having them.

      Oh, and faceprotectors. Ever since Mintoncard closed I can't seem to find somewhere that sells faceprotectors. And it drives me nuts.
    8. Shoes and wigs, I've bought 1/4 shoes and I recieve them in the mail and the size is like... 1/6 LOL
    9. Shoes and wigs. They're always hard to find the right ones. *_*
    10. Thus far, definitely shoes! So hard to find what I want and once I tackle that battle, I can’t find ones to fit! Always a battle. My poor boy has 1 pair of shoes and a million clothe!
    11. I have an MSD, so I have trouble with buying clothes because they are either too big or too small! Or wigs, sometimes they are labeled as 1/4 but it does not specify the size (in inches? cms?). And I don't know how to style them.
    12. Things like underwear. I don't like having to buy them when I am entirely aware that they're probably the most simple and cheap BJD clothing items one can make (I just need to find the motivation to learn!) I also kinda dread buying wigs because well... theres so much variety in quality and size out there, you're bound to be disappointed at some point.
    13. I hate to buy shoes. There's actually not so many options what kind of shoes you can buy. And if you find a good pair it's wrong size. I like to do everything myself but I can't do shoes so it's annoying when you have a very specific idea in your mind but you just.. can't find the suitable pair.

      Accessories and props are more like treasure hunt but it too can sometimes be annoying.
    14. Eyes... I dont know that my doll will "Like" it or not. And good eyes are expensive... when it dosent fit.. it's pain.

      I usually sew cloths (and might extent to make some wig in the future) so I only worry about eyes and shoes.
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    15. Shoes and eyes. I only like urethane realistic eyes without sparkles and stuff, and they're really hard to get. And if you do, a pair of good shoes/nice eyes for your doll will cost you so much as if you were buying designer clothes for yourself.
    16. Parroting a lot of others: Shoes and eyes.

      Eyes are hard to get right in pictures and are almost always different. There's too many different shapes or dome and doll eye cavities and I always seem to screw up and get gaps in my dolls eyes. I also like clean realistic eyes like Mystics or Dollflower and those are.... impossible to get.

      Shoes because shoes. They're way too expensive for what they are. I don't mind paying a lot for an outfit because of the size, materials and craftsmanship. Not to mention there's a lot of other options if you don't want to pay that much. I understand shoes are hard to make etc etc but they are way too expensive. $50 for a pair of doll shoes when I need a billion of them is no bueno.

      Solution? Anthros and make all your dolls shoeless fairies! Yay! xD

      The more I think about it... I want to add wigs to the list. And faceups. Everything. I just want to buy my doll good clothes and have that be the end of it xD
    17. Wigs! I have some awkward sized dolls who (for example) have heads larger than a Yo-SD but smaller than MSD, and in other cases the wig simply doesn't suit the doll I bought it for. Shoes are often an issue in terms of fitting correctly.
    18. Pants, shoes, and wigs! Most of dolls have kind of funky proportions so finding pants and shoes is difficult. Wigs I always have such a hard time finding the right size and style for what i have in mind
    19. Shoes. They're an annoying necessity that I can't really make myself.
      Also wigs. Currently dealing with the most beautiful but biggest pain in the neck wig in existence on one of my SmD girls. And getting a custom one is gonna be ~$200.....
    20. Still pretty new to the doll hobby, so I've been doing most of my buying all at the same time (as I can't sew or do... well, anything, by hand without feeling like it's not good enough). So far, like many of you stated, I have trouble with eyes and wigs.
      -Does anyone have a guide to how to buy eyes? Are the gaps created from the domes normal?!
      -As for wigs... I have OCs with specific hair colours and styles. Dyeing has long since failed me (many, many times, because I am dumb) and cutting the wigs to length myself has sometimes worked but oftentimes not (....) so yeah....
      -But the biggest problem I have right now is.... Furniture. There are a lot of decent looking furniture out there, but I am just not as willing to fork money out for that than what actually goes on the doll (clothes, wig, eyes, etc...) And backdrops are virtually impossible to find for me aside from at LegendDoll xD