Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. I hate buying wigs. They might eventually not fit or match my doll's image. Additionally, I have great difficulties finding a wig which is suitable or masculine enough for my only boy . The girls are fine as they could share the purchased wig if it doesn't fit or match the doll that it's originally meant for. Another major problem for me would be eyes. lol I have difficulties finding eyes with small iris for one of my sculpts. It took me almost 10 months before I stumbled upon a pair of eyes that suits/ fits her :mwahaha
    2. @aomidori - From what I can tell, high-dome eyes became common back when most popular dolls were highly stylized with large eyes that the domes could actually fit in. They don't work so well in a lot of the more recent smaller-eyed sculpts. Unfortunately for some of us, high-dome are still common (especially when it comes to glass eyes), so if the seller doesn't show, specify, or give a choice, I suggest you assume they're high-dome.

      To answer the OP - I've probably had the most frustration with eyes myself. I've recently had to reject several that turned out looking far darker or lighter than they appeared in the sales photos. If the eyes are supposed to be deep blue and they just appear black in most lighting conditions, well... that's a problem.
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    3. @aomidori , if you're getting a lot of gapping, you might try looking for low dome eyes; there's also a couple of guides in the workshop about buying eyes (or at least for realistic ones), though in general, if you take the recommended size for your sculpt you can usually go up or down one size. The discussion threads for your dolls are great resources!
    4. Shoes!! My doll is 1/3 sized, but his feet are the size of a 1/4 doll, so finding boots that fit both feet and legs is hard. I can’t afford new feet, but even if I could... I just love Rin’s feet. They’re so cute!
    5. I really don't like buying shoes, there's never the style I want, or need, anywhere. If I should go and be lucky enough to find some then it's either the wrong size, colour, or sold out. Doll shoes man, bane of my existence.
    6. Wig caps. I used a balloon for forever on my first doll, but after buying a silicone cap and realizing how much better she looked with her wig locked in place like that I promised myself I'd never go back. But with every new doll, I stare at those darn little things with such disdain. Buying wig caps feels like an unnecessary splurge.
    7. Wigs have become the thing I just. Do not want to buy. Ever. They never fit right no matter what. Too small or too big. I have had... one? Two? wigs that have properly fit my dolls, and that's... not much. I have had maaaany dolls (now down to 1 and waiting on 3) and no wigs!! Ever!! Worked!! MSD sizes don't fit MSD, SD don't fit SD, like??? Boy I hate buying wigs ajfklwj
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    8. Trying to find anything within the UK can be a nightmare, I don't want to pay import fees on a coat for a doll, like £60 for a coat, then £20 maybe on import fees nooooo.

      Also Dollshe sized boys are a pain in the butt to buy anything for I think, especially if you're on the skinnier bodies and I'm not generally a fan of the really buff bodies so it's a pain to get them to not look like they borrowed clothes from someone else. Also if you're not looking for anything super elaborate or modern, it seems to be easy to find like really ornate military style stuff, or really cool modern stuff, but if you want stuff that is toned down and not modern that gets tricky, especially when you consider the above where I'm buying like a shirt or something and after import fees etc I literally can't afford it. I need to get my sewing machine set up and learn to sew better because I just want my boys to look right.

      Also sealant for face-ups! MSC on Amazon is literally £60 after shipping, a lot of other options are just straight up not available and the ones that are are known for having issues sometimes which is scary because if it ruins my doll's head I will literally cry.
    9. Finding the perfect pair of eyes for a doll is such a pain and usually there's a lot of trial and error involved in the process. But once I've found the perfect size and color, I usually never change the eyes again so my suffering at least can end after some time of searching :XD:
    10. Wigs, wigs, wigs! It’s hard to find the right size.
    11. Patterns. I never know if i'll end up liking them as much irl or if I can even successfully execute them
    12. Over the last couple of weeks I did a couple of orders from Volks to get the more necessary stuff: head-puller, restringer, elastic, etc. It's really made a difference with maintenance. The thing I hate most though is buying bodies and clothes. I can really, REALLY have to dig to find what I'm looking for second hand, and I hate buying from the company, because it just takes so long to get anything.
    13. "Unconventional" props. Or props in general. There's such a wide range in sizes of both dolls and props. My incoming FID Bichun will require a mystical marble [he's the human form for a mythological creature that uses a bead as a power anchor/drain]. I found some gorgeous beads sized 6mm. His eyes are 6mm. Normally, I'd take that. But this marble needs to be of a size that's comfortable to pass through a kiss. Don't ask. Really, don't ask. :|

      Wigs is another one, because not all heads that are 7-8 take a generic 7-8 wig. They run on the small side. Or they might run a little large, so more an 8-9 than a 7-8. And it's not always easy to find a certain style in a particular size because it's a fit associated with dolls of a certain aesthetic.
    14. buying wigs and shoes seems to be the most annoying for me. Wigs are so hit or miss! Often I'll find the perfect style in the wrong color, or the perfect color in the wrong style, or the perfect wig but it's out of stock. Most of my wigs don't fit the bjd they're for despite being the "right" size, and a lot of them have black wig caps that stain the doll's heads if I'm not careful. :'( I should get silicone caps for them but I haven't yet.
    15. Shoes... they are absolutely the last item I buy for my dolls. It's hard to find a style that I like, and won't break the bank. I never really liked the look of dolls without a wig/ eyes/ or clothes, but if they're barefoot? that's fine with me lol.
    16. I am the exact opposite. Shoes is probably the first thing I get them. You bald? I can whip you up a hat you can use for weeks until I can be arsed to get you some hair. You nakid? here, I'll wrap you in this fabric, or you can borrow this for a while although it's a tad too big/small, not your style. Naked feet? Nope that won't do. :doh All my dolls have had at least one pair of shoes that if not fit perfectly, then at least were big enough for them to wear when they arrived.

      I usually have clothes for them too, or will acquire it for them fairly quickly too, but I hate purchasing wigs unless I know for a fact that it will fit the intended doll. Especially one of my dolls is a nightmare when it comes to wigs. She's between sizes and has big ears that are always in the way. Wigs and eyes. I love having the right eyes, but I have a hard time figuring out what I want for them and what will actually suit them. None of them have their perfect eyes yet. I guess I just have to keep trying. :doh
    17. Wigs, shoes and eyes. I have wasted so much money on items that didn't fit, and trying to find what I am looking for has proven to be very difficult. For each of these items it doesn't matter what the description says as far as measurements go, I find most things to be off. It is frustrating!
    18. Clothes and shoes. My Fayette is a really odd size. She's basically the same size as dollmore model F, and finding clothes that fit her can be a pain. And finding shoes I like that work for me is just annoying
    19. Pants for Doll Chateau boys lol hard to find ones that fit those long skinny legs :)
      So now opting to make my own when I have time.
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    20. Definitely wigs and eyes. It is so hard to choose which to try and often it does not fit the way I thought. Shoes are also hard to get nice ones.