Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Eyes. Can't find eyes that look good on my doll...
    2. Eyes. The sellers' measurements are often inaccurate, the colors are different from the photos and the irises are almost always too big.
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    3. Clothes for my 70cm guys. I don’t like very thin bodies and most of my guys can’t wear off the shelf clothing. What is available is often too stylised. I just want normal, casual clothes and not jeans with tears & zips & chains, or leather trousers, or revealing tops. Or they’re really tight. I hate skinny jeans, in real life and on dolls.
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    4. Shoes for my MSD boy, they are often too big and make his feet look gigantic compared to his stick legs :sweat
      I have shoe problems with my 70cm boy too, his feet are 9,5cm while most shoes are around 9cm. I got lucky with Luts selling simple flats in that size though~
      Pants are also a struggle, they are either too short, gap at the butt or are unflattering on the lower legs. I would sew my own, but because pants are difficult to make I am stuck having to buy them anyway :sigh
    5. And the winner is...SHOES.

      No, really, I hate buying them too. I think of my 40-odd dolls, maybe a handful or two have proper footwear. Come to think of it, I also hate buying shoes in real life too so I'm not surprised this translated over to my hobby.
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    6. Shoes, pants, and wigs for some dolls. Doll Chateau have in-between wig sizes. Luckily, I can order wigs their custom head size through Etsy. :D
    7. I don't like shopping for my xagadoll Lara,a 27cm mature tiny. That is just the worst size to buy for because Barbie clothes don't quite fit,and anything that does fit isn't really my style. Most things available for that size are meant to be for child dolls. It's hard to find shoes and eyes for that doll too,but thankfully Dollmore has pretty wigs in that size. I love wig shopping!
    8. Clothes for msd dolls. They're either really childish (why?! These bodies aren't child proportions!), or they're just ultra casual and not to my style at all. Please, I just want adult clothing that looks nice... :...(

      Hmm I guess also buying clothes for teeny tinies... everyone uses Fairyland as their fit guides, but I have no friggin idea how big or small a Pukipuki or a Realpuki or a Pukifee is... just post the measurements for the doll it fits!
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    9. I don't like to buy clothes, they never fit.
      I prefer sew outfits myself.
    10. Shoes. Nothing ever seems quite right.
    11. It has to be wigs for me. They look so good in the company pics, but when they arrive, they don’t fit right, the style looks totally different, or you can’t get the color you want in a particular size. Shoes used to frustrate me, but after eight years my dolls all have well fitting shoes. Yes, the struggle is real!
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    12. Wigs. I like to shell a bunch of my characters, and hair has always been a big part of their design/silhouette...but getting a wig that matches said characters’ designs are next to impossible! Maybe I shouldn’t have made their looks so specific *_*
    13. Shoes, for every single reason already used in this thread.

      A close second would be wigs and eyes (it's a tie). I usually have a good idea of what kind of hair a character has before I start shelling them, which sometimes makes finding a wig near impossible. I've started making my own and that has remedied the problem some. With eyes, while I have acrylics that will work in almost every single doll head I have, I want better eyes for them all. Glass is fickle about what fits where and how good it looks, and it's compounded by the fact that many of my dolls need small iris eyes. Then there's finding the right color... They never show in photographs the same way they look when they're in a doll. I'm getting to the point where I've started gathering supplies to make my own eyes too.
    14. Well geuss I'll join the shoe hate club.
      Can never find the right size for my dolls. Or atleast not in the design I want. Only got lucky 3 times. So sad I also forgot the company where I bought the perfect size shoe for my minifee -. -
      Another thing I hate to buy are wigs for my souldoll clay. His head is just a weird size. SD wigs are to big for him and msd are to small.
    15. I also agree that shoes are a pain. There seems to be like a 50% chance that they'll fit.
    16. I can make clothing.

      Literally everything else is a major pain. Eyes, shoes, wigs, all of it. Heck, I've even had a bad time ordering elastic to try and restring one of my girls once!
    17. Pretty much everything that's not frilly/girly dresses for Cordelia. Mostly because I'd have to have most of the clothes I want for my dolls custom made.
    18. Eyes. I tend to dress my dolls in clothing that covers most of their shoes, so finding the perfect shoes isn't an issue for me, but finding the perfect eyes that look the same in my dolls' eye wells as they do in the seller's demonstration dolls' eye wells is a challenge.
    19. I kind of hate buying everything because I get nervous that the things I'm buying aren't going to fit or that they aren't going to be the same color and/or fabric as the picture. That's happened already actually, so I'm really iffy about what I choose.
    20. Clothes in general since a) Most of the good looking ones are expensive and my sewing sucks b) the sizing differences cause me a lot of grief c)I have a two headed doll that will probably be forever naked because I don't even want to imagine having to deal with that mess.