Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Number one for me is shoes, for sure. It's so hard to find the right style, and if I do, I can't find the right size. 11/16 of my dolls are barefoot or only in socks.

      Number two is trousers, particularly for my big 70 cm boys.
    2. I’ll add another “shoes” post to the growing list ;). I run into sizing issues unless buying directly from the company that manufacturers the doll. Besides that, a pair of my doll’s shoes cost more than a pair of mine :XD:.
    3. Definitely shoes. Most of my dolls are barefoot.
    4. Clothes and shoes are an absolute crapshoot. Most of my crew are odd sizes or proportions, so finding things that will fit, much less suit the character, is horribly frustrating. My FID and Lumedoll mini are wearing clothes I ham-handedly made myself, and my DC Kid is currently stuck with a "toga" made from a scrap of white cotton so he wouldn't be nude and some Minifee-sized sandals that aren't quite too big to slip off his feet. I'm clearly going to have to get better at sewing.

      It doesn't help that an outfit for one doll can cost as much or more than an outfit for me! I think the main reason most of my dolls aren't "finished" is because I'm leery of dropping money on something I won't be able to use.
    5. Shoes, definitely. They are the only things that are a pain to make and so far I've only made sandals.
    6. Depends on the doll.

      NYID girl: shoes that are actually wide enough without being boy shoes.

      Boys: short wigs that aren’t bowl cuts or babyish and aren’t too puffy

      1/3 girls: bras. They almost never fit. Either cups are too big or too small or the band is too big.

      All: eye putty, sealant, magic eraser, elastic, etc. I hate spending money on things that won’t even be visible, but are unavoidable.
    7. I've been struggling to come up with a pattern for bottoms that doesn't end up getting stuck in the thigh joint
    8. Undergarments and socks. The styling always feels better with them, but half the time I can’t even find anything I like or that will fit my dolls and the other half of the time the price point is just too much.
    9. Eyes. I have to buy about 5 pairs per doll just to get ones that look right. You can't know which are going to work best until you actually put them in the doll. The worst thing is when I've bought a doll and I discover the eyes I bought for it don't look how I wanted. Then I have to wait for ages for new ones, and I can't take photos of a doll that doesn't have the right eyes in!!!
      Honestly, eyes make or break a doll for me and it's very frustrating trying to find the right ones.
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    10. I'm going to jump on the band wagon here and say shoes for all of the reasons others have said, but wigs are also annoying. I've never had a whole lot of luck with them. They never look as good in person as they do in the photo! Of the wigs I've gotten, they're either just a tad too poofy or too tight/loose by mere millimeters.
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    11. Shoes! They are so expensive and I don't have the disposable dolly money I used to. AND on top of that I have a tone of WEIRD size dolls now! My Nefer Kane Iracebeth I just gave up on... But I have others that are just weird in between sizes and nothing works for them. I feel lucky I found a pair of small shoes for my Dust of Dolls girl which fit her great.
    12. Shoes!! It's so hard to find a nice style and then they end up costing $40 :( I also have a difficult time getting furniture and props for my Minifees because while they're about as tall as American Girl, their proportions are completely different so they often can't share beds or chairs.
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    13. Shoes for me also. I have a hard time finding the right size, but am hoping to get better at it. Also they are so expensive, it's harder to shrug off a mistake.

      I had to figure out the wig thing also, because I bought one that is gorgeous, but too big. I'm going to try to take it in, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I have two coming from Ali Express sometime this week and am sweating bullets because I can't remember what size I ordered! I hope they are not too big as well.
    14. Trousers for my boys - they're always too low-slung at the waist and so many are made of nasty synthetic fibres. Also the sales photos for them are posed to look artistic instead of give a good view of where the waist of the torusers sits on the doll (often with a shirt worn over the top, and/or only posed shots from "interestign" camera angles instead of straight form the front, side, and back shot with the arms down a the the side.

      So irritating

      Similar problems with dresses and skirts, however - sales photos taken with the camera angled down from above my look very pretty and artistic, do nothing to illustrate how long the skirt is (above the knee, below the knee, mid-thigh, mid-calf....?), especially if it's a full skirt, whereas a plain shot from the front would illustrate such details perfectly.

    15. Eyes! It’s so hard to find the perfect pair and it’s tough to decide whether to order one set or more to save on shipping. Either way, I have more eyes than I need and not the ones that I was looking for.
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    16. Shoes, especially for MNF Moe feet :sigh
    17. Shoes! Shoes are the worst. :roll:
    18. Shoes... some of my dolls are still shoeless right now!
    19. For my tiny, definitely shoes. For my SD with a smaller than usual head (I guess???), wigs. The only problem I had with my MSD was the first wig I bought him fit his head but not his face...
    20. what i hate is buying new hands outside of fairyland. many a lot of doll companies have extra hands for sale however many also don't ans it's such a pain finding resin matches as well as making sure the hand doesn't look so large or small.i also hate hate hate buying clothes for boys i can never peg a suspicious style for boys.