Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Same as @Madda, wigs colours are so hard... Ordering anything online is hard because you'll never know how it looks until you get it, and so I never know what colour will suit the character!
    2. I think shoes are the bane of every doll owners existence haha, myself included of course. why is it so hard to find a pair of shoes that fit!! Ahhhhh
    3. Shoes and faceups... The shoes never look as good as I expect them to, always seem too big. With faceups I know I have no ability to explain how I want it done so I'm sure it only irritates the artist (I'm so sorry to the artists I've irritated...). Finding the artists is kinda fun though...
    4. Like so many others, shoes all the way. I can't find them in styles I like. And if I do find them in styles I like, they're for an entirely different sized body. And if I like them and they're for the right sized body, they still don't fit when they arrive! (Or if they do fit, they're overly large and look silly.) For some of my dolls, I think I'm going to end up just making shoes for them, but for others I just don't think handmade is going to look right so I need to buy them... if I could just find them!
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    5. My least favorite thing to shop for is wigs. I usually have a really specific vision of what I want, and often the exact colors and styles I'm looking for don't exist and it's a matter of finding the closest thing to settle for. Wigs from EBay sellers have been disappointing every single time...they never seem to fit or lay like the sales pics. I've had much, much better luck with Monique as far as quality, but again, it tends to be a matter of finding the Monique wig that's "close enough". I've started making my own wigs recently, and I'm much happier with the results as well as with the process...learning and improving in a new crafting skill is a lot more fun than frustrating shopping.

      Shoes I don't mind as much, at least not when I'm buying random pairs of SD girl shoes just because I think they're cool...there's always at least one girl in my collection that can wear any pair I happen to find. Shoe shopping for my Souldoll Zenith guy, however, is obnoxious. It seems like there's like...5 styles in existence in that size, and they're either ugly or heinously expensive and just generally not what I want for his style.

      I used to hate eye shopping, but there are more urethane eye makers taking custom orders for really specific eye designs now, so finding exactly what I want is a lot less frustrating than it was when I started! I went through so many pairs of eyes trying to get it right with my first doll...she is supposed to have 12mm eyes and the first pair I bought for her were 16mm acrylics. :doh
    6. buying shoes for sure! as people have said already, finding the right fit is hard and if it doesn't fit there's no real way to re-purpose some doll shoes so they just ... sit around and exist, not on my doll's feet. finding a good variety of styles can be hard too unless you go handmade and custom!
    7. *raises hand* Another shoe-hater here!! I have two issues with shoes - either I can't find a good style in a modern-looking non-goth or loli shoe, or the shoe I do find is not even close to the size I need for my doll. And everyone's feet are different sizes and shapes so they can't even share anymore?

      Also they're SO expensive. I feel stupid even saying that in this hobby where I buy $200 suits for my multiple hundreds-of-dollars dolls, but I bought a pair of sneakers for one guy (with feet so large I have little choice in where I buy him shoes) and they were as much as I pay for my own chucks.... That hurt. Same with some boots. I have shoes that don't cost that much. Clothes I have no issue with, but shoes? It's so hard for me to hit that buy button.

      Eyes are my other problem. It's kind of the same with shoes, they cost a lot. At least the ones I like do. Then you add on shipping and nope. can't do it. And size is an issue again - the ones I want don't EVER EVER come in the size I need. Dear eye companies: Doll eyes are tiny now, I need sizes smaller than 14mm please. On the other hand I've started making my own eyes and tiny sizes are so freaking hard!! No wonder they aren't offered everywhere XD

      EDIT: forgot to add that doll shoes have a terrible tendency to fall apart on me as that makes me very apprehensive about paying the prices for some of them when I fully expect they won't last more than a couple wears without getting damaged just from taking them off and on a few times.
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    8. Definitely wigs! What I buy is never match what I tthought Seller's pictures always look good, but not mine. I have no idea with wigs.
    9. Shoes. I hate shoes. It is so hard to find them that actually fit, in proper scale, that aren't either too small or look like clown shoes.
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    10. For me it's wigs. Doll heads vary so much in size and shape that there's no guarantee a wig will fit even if it is the "right" size. And then I've also had trouble with the quality of wigs I got off I no longer buy wigs from there no matter how tempting the prices may seem. :|
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    11. I guess I'm the weird one!
      I actually hate buying clothes! It's not that I don't WANT clothes for my dolls. But the clothes that I want are like four times as much as the clothes I'd buy for myself.
      Between my two kids, husband and myself It's sooo hard justifying spending even $50 on an outfit. Then when I think about spending that much I convince myself to just save a *little* more to make another down payment on a doll. :XD:
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    12. Clothes. I hate buying clothes for any of my dolls. Unless I'm buying a full outfit the clothing pieces never end up combining well together like I had originally imagined or hoped...and then it's back to buying more clothes and repeat the process of it not fitting as much as I had planned.
    13. Shoes and Eyes. Shoes are a pain if for no other reason than the price alone. I recently paid almost 40 USD for a pair of msd loafers, and while very delicate and detailed, they don't look very good on the doll.:|

      Eyes are just plain misleading. You could buy 3 pairs labeled the same size from different companies and one will be massive while the other is itty bitty. The colors in photos are so misleading I often order one to two shades lighter than the photo itself. Sometimes that's great, other times it totally backfires on me, but it's better than getting them too dark like I had in the past.
    14. Freaking everything... for Iplehouse SID. His shoes are huge! His clothes are huge, but not that huge! His wigs and eyes are smaller than anything you have on hand. Good luck!

      That said, I really really hate buying wigs. I can find the style I want, or the color, but not both. I'm really sad Leeke seems to have fallen off because they were my go-to with their limited colors.
    15. Shoes! Oh my GOD, it's the shoes! At least now I learned how to make wigs for myself (wigs were right up there with shoes), but I'm starting to think I'll have to learn how to make shoes, too! :evil:
      The inside is almost never the size stated, the doll's foot shape is mad wack, the shoe throws off the doll's balance (dark shoutout to dollshe 18m pure with its balance in the heel of the foot), sometimes it's fugly hot garbage-- either I have to learn how to make my own shoes or perform plastic surgery on some dolls' feets!

      (I could rant for decades about the dreaded shoe hunt! Sorry if I sound so heated! :XD:)
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    16. Yep. Mark me as one more sad wanderer grumbling her way down Shoes-Are-the-Devil Lane...

      Luckily, I have a diverse enough crew these days that the shoes that don't fit one might possibly work on someone else, but it's still annoying. Finding the right shoes to match a particular outfit for a particular doll is just a gamble anymore. If it's not the length that's off, it's the detail scaling. If it's not the scale, it's the pitch of the insole. If it's not the angle, it's the width. It's just a flippin' pain in the rump. >_<
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    17. I have such a frustrating time with wigs. I like having all my dolls brunette but it's really difficult to find the right shade of medium to dark brown in the few hairstyles I like. For my two favorite SD heads, their old age yellowing makes a lot of wig colors clash. And finding wigs that actually fit properly is difficult: wigs that are big enough to stretch onto their 9"+ heads usually have to much volume in the hair and look silly despite my best efforts to style them. I don't have the puffy hair problem with mohair but mohair truly an evil in itself, tangling so easily and being impossible to get those perfect curls back to looking like it did when it was new...I have a love/hate relationship with mohair and could easily rant for an hour about wig disappointment
    18. Wigs, hands down. I always seem to buy wigs that look nothing like the sale photos, or that are not even close to the advertised color. Out of all the wigs I've bought, I lucked out on two: a red fur one for my Angel Philia and a blonde fur for my Bermann. I have, like 5 that were bought for my Husky and NONE of them work for him.
    19. Wigs are mine. Trying to find the right style for a character based on a picture when they either come unstyled or they just fit differently on a head other than the model’s... half the time they just end up in the pile of temporaries while I keep looking and it’s so annoying.
    20. Face-ups. Such a pain to get a nice one and for a reasonable the shipping and riskiness.


      I have no problems with outfits, shoes, and wigs. I used to struggle with wigs but now have a surplus after folks started to make more mixed color wigs. I used to hate buying eyes but then more folks started to make the jeweled ones.