Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Shoes and wigs. I can't justify spending more on doll shoes than I do my own shoes. I know sizing is also an issue, and I don't want trial and error if I'm spending that much money. The second part is I want only a few pairs of shoes that can be versatile, but I've yet to find many that wouldn't only work for a specific outfit. I guess my third gripe is also I don't have heel feet yet and am trying to find some magnetic ankles first because I don't want to have to completely break down my girl just so she can wear a single pair of shoes or something.

      My beef with wigs is simply the texture; I have learned that yarn based wigs give me the jeebies when I touch them, and I'm also reluctant to spend $$$ on higher quality wigs should they give me the same issue. The second part is I've been having trouble finding black wigs that would fit my girl. Many artists have lovely wigs but black isn't in their portfolio, lol!
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    2. Socks. The money adds up quick, and it feels like a waste of money, but they really tie an outfit together. Ugh!
    3. EYES! because just one pair comes at a very hefty price:sigh
      Wigs too because it's so hard to find THE PERFECT ONE. Very rarely do I find something that matches what I'm looking for, in length, color, and style: curl intensity, bangs, side swept bangs, no bangs, etc.

      I actually really enjoy shopping for all my dolls. Only stressor would be when I can't find what I have in mind, which is more often than I would like:pout: but even when I do, the price of it + pricey shipping fees :...(

      Only if I was gifted like some people who make their own beautiful wigs, do their own face up, and/or sew the perfect outfit:|
      Wonder what that's like LOL
    4. Shoes & clothes!

      I have a house full of tiny boys that I think of as pint sized teens into rock/punk style clothes, so the Mickey Mouse rompers & ruffled bloomer shorts that make up 90% of what’s out there just don’t cut it.

      Also tiny boys in general always have the smallest clothing section & 3 shoe designs (all converse sneaker types) at best. :yawn
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    5. You shouldn't need to fully restring her just to switch her feet; removing the feet is the first step for unstringing, and adding them is the last for restringing. All you need to do is skip everything in the middle. :)

      I feel you on this. I've thankfully managed a few more mature styles from some Taobao shops that sell clothes in multiple size ranges (so the tinies get the same style as the big boys), but there's still a severe lack of shoes among the group of tinies I have as "chibi" adults and teens.
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    6. Right now: wigs. I'd like to move on to super flowy, realistic and more stylable wigs and those are more expensive of course. One of my doll's character is giving me a hard time by requiring a pretty spesific hair colour to look for. I feel like all the pink wigs I find are either really bubblegummy or super pink or just too light in colour. She (I? I don't know who's in charge here anyway xD) wants a darker, dusty pink that's not too red. I've come across some pretty spot-on alpaca fiber on Etsy so I might want to look into making the wig myself even though right now I'd like to get my dolly stuff complete and ready with a limited amount of hassle. BUT OH WELL, I'm here to serve you, my pretty elf gurl.
    7. Shoes for sure! Poor Silas has no shoes right now because the ones I bought him are too narrow in the toes DX I might need to get a hairdryer on them to see if it'll help expand them a bit, but I'm not gonna hold my breath
    8. All clothes are hard for me honestly :| I have specific tastes and very little of what is made for BJDs appeals to me. I feel like I have to search for hours to find even a few things I like :...( I should really just learn to sew lol.....
    9. Wigs and shoes. Wigs never seem to work when I buy them, and shoes are just a hassle. XP
    10. So far, eyes. You'd think with standard sizes, the sizes would be standard. I know they're supposed to be, and I'm willing to accept that I might just have bad luck-- but it really seems that a plain "14mm" can mean all kinds of things.
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    11. Eyes! My DF-A ShuShu is impossible to find eyes for, I have a box of eyes because of him. One half of his face is tree bark and the eye opening is bigger than the human half so his eyes always look wonky. I've tried just about every size shape and color and yet I still buy eyes >.<
    12. pants and shoes... even if I get the measurements, it seems to be a jackpot if something actually fits xD
    13. Shoes.
      Just when I think they are all put together, I see their bare feet and die little.
    14. Wigs. It's a raffle. I mean, with shoes it's simple: I'm addicted to dolly shoes and I've tried from nearly all major companies out there, so whenever I shop I know what to expect. I know what to expect in terms of colour, quality and I know I don't need to 'style" them.

      With the wigs it's totally opposite: the wigs hardly ever look like on the photos. I often look at the pictures and wonder whether they're close to the truth or not at all. I mean, I get it, a wig needs to be styled. I've done it. But if I am getting something COMPLETELY unstyled, like a monstrous "before" version of that's what's on the photo with a litte 'the colours might vary depending on the screen" note, then I'm super angry. I can trim the fringe a little or the tips... but anything else?! It's super annoying and what is more: the price is never a quarantee. I've had some wonderful 15 usd wigs and some awful 30+ one. Now I know: I can only rely on my luck.
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    15. Clothes! Every once in a while I'll be in the mood to buy clothes for my girls, but I only end up getting like two pieces because BJD clothes are so damn expensive lmao, I can't spend 100$ on a full outfit without my insides getting all knotted up. I don't have a massive clothing collection for that reason, and I mostly buy single, versatile pieces instead of full outfits- which enables me to pick out everything instead of getting a full outfit, knowing that there will be pieces in the set that I don't like. Shoes are the worst, I always pick shoes last and when I buy a pair, they're usually really versatile pieces as well. Thankfully my girls all have very similar styles.

      Wigs are my fave part because I love styling doll hair! The other parts (like eyes, wig caps, string, hair accessories etc) aren't exactly fun to buy because I classify them as essentials like I would with, say buying toiletries for myself, but they're not a drag like clothing can be sometimes lol
    16. I dunno why, but buying doll shoes seems very complicated and annoying. ;c
    17. Eye and Wigs....because of the size things and the color sometimes don't match what you see on the screen.

      So much better to make them yourself.
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      All my male dolls (MSD and SD) have weird feet! Nothing fits nicely!
    19. Eyes, wigs, and shoes. I don’t think I’ve gotten any of those things right on the first try with any doll I own.
    20. clothes. i WANT clothes, but who is paying $30 for a pair of doll jeans?! i only shop alice's collections or people reselling stuff second hand, the others are just priced ridiculously. i understand that they're handmade, but did it take $30 worth of time and material to create a pair of tiny doll jeans?