Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Synthetic Wigs! My problem is that I already don’t like them that much and it’s hard for me to change much about them to re-style.
      My poor Saint needs something that doesn’t make his face look odd and with his realism and elegant manliness, every synthetic wig I’ve even held up to him looks so...wiggy. :eusa_naug My Kun has a Volks wig made for SD and I think it’s probably the only synthetic wig I have that I really like out of a whole drawer-full of fails.

      Second would be feminine shoes for UNOSS or Souldoll Zenith Girl flat feet.
    2. Not going to lie...shoe shopping is fun, but when you have expensive taste like me I always end up spending absurd amounts to cover my dolls' feet. Hence I dread buying shoes. (I just spent $74 on a pair of Crobi shoes for my incoming boy :barf)
    3. Clothing and shoes, I have several dolls (around 5, not sure they have been packed up) and not enough clothing for all of them.
    4. SHOES. When I first got my boy I went through 3 pairs. 3 sets of wasted money - they were too small, despite my dimensions being right. I eventually got him a pair slightly too big n yknow wat? It's hard to tell first glance so it can just stay that way. B|

      I love looking for eyes and wigs though. XD My fav part is def eyes.
    5. PANTS!!!! My boy has MASSIVE shins in comparison to his body so no pants can fit nicely....... it’s so annoying
    6. Shoes.... Putty.... WIG CAPS... They are all less about the aesthetics (shoes aside, those are just hard to find) and more about practicality and necessity.. It's annoying. Also I have purchased shoes the wrong size before :(
    7. Wigs. For some reason wigs are just a royal pain. I lucked out with my recent doll and his wig being perfect right from the word go but oh my STARS was it hard finding wigs for one of my dolls in particular. Most of the wigs my other dolls wear were meant for my boy Avalon but either didn't fit him or I had to stash them away because OH MY GODDESS THEY WERE HIDEOUS. (The purple monster I have hanging around my doll trunk comes to mind. It's evil. I swear it's evil. And shoddily made.) When I finally found a wig for Avalon it was because I was at a big meet with a mini market set up I could try stuff on him with.

      Also, underwear for under there. I can't make it to save my life and have it fit in the clothes I make. I haven't actively bought doll undies since my first doll back in 2010 where it was a definite need for her to have panties cause it was awkward.
    8. Shoes are a pain! I can never find something that I like, and if I do they don't have the right size.....
    9. Yup, it’s shoes for me too. Usually they’re the most expensive part of my dolls planned outfit so I put off buying them for so long.

      I like having a centaur doll because no shoes = no problem for her
    10. I can't find any shoes I like, which makes me feel like a hassle. I spend a lot of time looking for the right shoes but I can't find them.
    11. Furniture.
      I can make own wigs and clothes, I can make basic cardboard furniture, shoes are quite easy for me to find for most of them, but... true nice furniture like beds and sofas? In the style I want for them? So expensive my wallet runs away from me and I can't find it for days. And basically any props that are scaled to SD. For tinies, I can get miniature food. Easy peasy. But SD? ANYTHING for SD? I think will sooner learn how to sculpt lifesize sculptures than find nice and affordable things for SD.
    12. For me its shoes since it's hard to fine the "perfect" ones and they're usually expensive. Plus the fear that they won't fit or don't fit quite right. Similar fear with wigs, but I love buying wigs anyway.
    13. SHOES! I've been searching for the right pair for a few days now and I just can't make up my mind. I have etsy gift cards so I know I should order from there, but I'm just not finding a style I like in the right size
    14. EYES! They're always so complicated because you don't know how they'll really look like until they're in your doll. >__<
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    15. BODY for hybrid! It's a nightmare! Theory is good all (height, neck size, resin colour) but when arrived....I had to mod the neck size twice. Pfff
      Oh, and the duty cost! It's horrible high! :...(

      SHOES! I always have trouble them! I don't like the big shoes on the doll, hard to find a good size.
    16. I always find it a bit bleh to buy bodies for floating heads... not only can it be difficult to find bodies that will fit in colour/proportion + bodies are quite expensive and to me, just a bit boring to buy -____-
    17. The correct wigs! Hard time finding a perfect wig for 1 of my boy cos his head extremely small!
    18. Clothes for me, I thought it would be really fun to buy clothing for my doll ... yeah, not so much. Why is everything so pink and frilly?
    19. Wigs, they always look better on the model doll =_=
    20. At first I always thought that it was the shoes due to the price and the right size. But then the eyes have always caught me. I find one that I think will work, but either the fact that they don't look as real as I want or the fact that they look to fake when I want something for my elf or fantasy characters.