Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. Let me go down the list of little frustrations:
      • Eyes: because I like more realistic proportions for my more realistic sculpts, finding eyes for their weird scaled sockets that don't gap or have irises that are too big makes for a frustrating search whenever I'm on the market for a new pair. It doesn't help that there aren't made options out there for small iris eyes that aren't limited in color or variety.
      • Wigs: some of my OCs have weird custom styles and color combos that are near impossible to find when searching through shops for wigs. I'm getting better with wig-making, but I like to have them in nicer ones until I get better with the process. So I often have to order custom made ones from wig-makers.
      • SD17/70cm+ scaled furniture that doesn't cost a fortune. I swear it's much easier to find stuff for MSD, YOSD, et over my SD scaled crew. I have a couple MSDs, sure, but the majority are SD and above. I've had to be creative and think outside the box for options (wood crates/baskets that are often sold at Joann's and Michael's can be made into makeshift chairs :XD:)
      • Specific clothing pieces that fit the type of garb I imagine my OCs would wear. Most stuff on the market is casual wear or modern styles, and my OCs are from an semi fantasy/steampunk-esque world with different styles/aesthetics than what I can find. So I've either had to pick up individual pieces that will work when put together as an ensemble, or get them custom made. Once I get better with sewing, I hope to make this a non-issue. (currently still a bit of a novice :3nodding:)
      • Hand warmers/fingerless gloves. I've been trying to find a pair of Mako for a while, and--although I managed to stitch a pair up for the time being, I'd love to find a better pair. I swear it's a pain trying to find something this simple. I'd think some shop would carry something like this at least, but---no luck. And believe me---I've looked everywhere.
    2. Everything because I'm ridiculously picky and I decided years ago that buying an Iplehouse SID male was a good idea and I definitely wouldn't have trouble finding things for him. :roll: Tbh it's him that gives me the most trouble though so this list is mostly about him.

      But if you wanna get specific, I'll go ahead and echo the common sentiment of shoes because his feet are an awkward size. Pants because he has a bubble butt, which is all well and good until you remember resin doesn't squish into clothes like human skin does. Clothing in general for him because he has a contemporary "farmer's market dad chic" look going on and that's just not really available for an SID sized man doll. Wigs for all my dolls because I desire that nice "growing from the scalp" rooted look that only a lacefront seems to truly be able to provide. And furniture because quality 1/3 scale furniture seems to be stupidly hard to find without asking my bank for a loan.

      Basically I'm just being picky and hard to please... which explains a lot actually.

      I wanted to toss in a quick edit to this post because it might come off sounding like I hate my Iplehouse dude, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I love him with all my dumb heart, and honestly owning him has been a journey and a half of learning experiences and I wouldn't trade him for any other doll in the world.
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    3. I always avoid buying eyes... The few I have are bought second hand, and they're a very random assortment! I generally end up just swapping around the few that I have, even though they're not ideal. I really should just bite the bullet, and buy some nice ones that actually suit my characters!
    4. Not to just blindly echo everyone else, but lordie finding any sort of stylistically interesting AND well-fitting shoe is like trying to win the lottery.

      Especially now that I've got a 63cm Senior Delf. I bought him before I realized what an odd size it was, and now I'm definitely paying the price.
    5. I hate that I can only buy flat shoes, since my dolly doesn’t have heeled feet since she’s a discontinued doll. >_<
    6. Shoes. Its hard to find more shoes that fit Iplehouse EID male and SID female (flat feminine heels and clunky ankle boots) . My Obitsu 50 can wear some MSD shoes but everybody ends up bare footed 90% of the time.

      Anything leather/pleather of the pants and coat variety. No matter how much I like it and the precautions I take, it will flake.
    7. Shoes +1
      Recently the styles of shoes are not my types. Right now I really want to flnd a high heels shoes without any decoration, but there must be some lace , ribbons or whatever on it......I just want a normal shoes!!!
    8. I have such a pain with shoes. Not only am I picky, but they are all so expensive! I look at the prices and think "Damn, mine aren't even that much!" xD
    9. So far, it's wigs! I have a very, very specific style in mind that I can't seem to find, and if I do find the perfect one it's in the wrong color or for SD sized dolls. I'm pulling my own hair out trying to find hair for this dang doll.

      One day...
    10. Wig caps...I can't tell you how many I've purchased and they're too big or too small or just the wrong shape entirely. :sigh
    11. Shoes also! My dolls stand up better in shoes, but when I take pictures of them, their feet are hardly ever in the frame. Seems like a waste of $ to me :doh :3nodding:
    12. Wigs and shoes. Are the ones I don't want to buy. I seem to have problem with every wig I have owned nothing is just what I wanted. Shoes are the other one on the same category. Usually shoes tend to be too big and because of that they look silly on the feet. And some of them cost as much as my own shoes. Because of that I have this thought that *why I'm buying dolls shoes when I could buy myself one pair of shoes?".
    13. Shoes for sure. I hate shoes (not in a literal sense but still). It’s hard to find the perfect size for each doll for I own dolls from 15cm all the way to 73cm. Also it’s expensive to try to match outfits and shoes every time. I just hate shoes ughhhh
    14. Anything that’s not clothing pretty much haha... I try to get versatile shoes so I don’t have to buy many. I typically accept what I get with the eyes but I should really try to diversify... wigs I find sort of fun to buy but wig caps are a nightmare!!
    15. Shoes! Most of my dolls are photographed without shoes...and I just crop out the bottom. [​IMG]
    16. Shoes:鼻血
    17. Wigs and eyes.
    18. Shoes, for sure.
    19. Shoes I keep messing up even with measurements the tiniest bit to small atm